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Rosalie POV

Ew ew ew EW!!! Mud! And my own plan too! This was beyond low, even for Jasper. What happened to the nice, quiet, good natured man? I won't lie, seeing a darker more devious side of Jasper got me excited though. I could see a future of many fun filled pranks. Sigh. Oh well now I had a decision to make. I could either make jasper absolutely miserable in incredibly satisfying ways or we could just leave and go home. I would have to consult Bella on this one. We were now a team devilish and ready to bring down the man. Even if that man was Jasper. I was surprised to see that Bella too was not as nice as she seemed. She played off that she didn't enjoy getting jasper but I could see the look of sheer excitement as she did. For me it made her more likable, for Edward though…oh well we'll just have to wait and see now won't we. I got up from the river, where I was washing my self and dried off. Bella was easily found drawing pictures in the sand out side the tent.

"Psst! Bella!" I motioned for her to come over to the forest edge.

"What is it?" She seemed to have seen a certain look on my face.

"Oh no no no! We are not doing anything again he got us back for what we did end of story. You know that if we do something else then he'll just do something else and we will go on like this for the rest of eternity! Not the way I want my forever!" She scolded me. I guess I could see her point. She was right we were even we would just pack up and go home.

"Oh all right let's go start packing." I suggested and we went off to the tent. We could hear Jasper packing his things in the other tent. Out of nowhere a huge BANG! Shook the earth. Both Bella and I looked at ach other and Jasper came out of his tent. Jasper took charge.

"Bella you stay here. If you need us scream. Rosalie you come with me let's go see what is going on." He ordered. A serious mask replaced the playful expression that was on his face just twenty minutes ago. Bella nodded quietly and wished us to be safe unnecessarily. There were very few things that could take down a force such as jasper and I.

We ran full speed out of the forest and down the road. It was very easy to see what cause all if the commotion. There was a seven car pileup taking up a good portion of the road. A large fire had spread through all the cars. As far as we could see there weren't any dead, which was good. Jasper didn't seem to be feeling any grief.

"Should we help?" he asked. I knew he wanted me to say no. this could not be easy for him. I could smell the blood that we couldn't when we were back at camp. It would be safer for all of us to just stay at camp.

"No, no they seem to have it covered can you hear any of what the cops are saying?"

"Yup all roads are closed until further notice." He said. Well that was just great! There was no way we were getting out of here any time soon.

"we're going to have to stay the night again we can't get the M3 out and I'm not leaving it here. Let's go back to camp before Bella gets worried. You know how she is." I whispered. He nodded in understanding. My little silver phone started vibrating in my pocket. It was Edward.

"Just perfect." I murmured to no one in particular. I picked up the phone to hear Edward's frantic voice.

"Rosalie? Where are you? Where's Bella? I swear Rosa-." I cut him off.

"Oh shush Edward! She is with us. Jasper and I have taken her out camping. We were supposed to arrive home later tonight but there seems to have been an accident, all the roads are closed. We will try and get home by tomorrow." I said using my best soothing voice. I hardly think it worked.

"Camping? And you couldn't tell me this why? I have been worried sick! So is Charlie for that matter! Didn't you even bother to think about him?" he reprimanded.

"Oh put a lid on it Edward. She is having a great time and jasper and I are getting to know her better. Isn't that what you wanted? For us all to get along?." I hit him in his weak spot.

'Well yes I guees. But you still should have told me. She's really having fun?" he asked clearly defeated. I took advantage of this break in his defense.

"Of course she is! Now please just hang up so we get back to all the fun having." I ordered. He complied and Jasper and I went back to the camp. We broke the news to Bella who was upset at the fact she would not be seeing Edward as planned tonight. I could feel waved of happiness filling the area via Jasper. Bella visibly perked up.

'So how's life with everyone?" We had been sitting by the fire while Bella ate her dinner.

"Just grand Bella and you?" I asked sarcastically. She made a hand gesture, not realizing she had a spoon full of sauce coated spaghetti in her hand. It flung at me and got all over my white shirt.

"Are you serious?" I screamed and flung a patch of dirt at Bella. She glared at me and made to fling more spaghetti at me but hit Jasper instead. A look of shock crossed his face. He no sooner picked up his own hand of dirt and flung it at Bella. We all glared at each other, a look of understanding passing though all of us. This was war. Simultaneously we all got up and in to our tents grabbing things that were messy and could be thrown. I darted quickly through all the stuff, throwing an open can of beans at Bella and running out into the woods. She hit me in the back with a cupcake. I ducked behind a large rock, not realizing I was sharing it with someone else. Jasper squirted shaving cream at me. I screamed and aimed shampoo right at his eye. That ought to teach him. He lay on the ground groaning and clutching his eye while I sprinted elsewhere. Bella hit me and Jasper quite a few times surprisingly and when this had been going on for about an hour, someone unexpected showed up. Bella and I stood armed with various perishable and liquid objects pointing at each other.

"Bella? Rosalie?" Our eyes both darted to the source of the voice.

On the outskirts of the river where we were standing stood none other then Edward Cullen.

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