Chapter One: Go Away Sesshomaru

Kagome started off as an ordinary girl. Well not exactly ordinary... She had a home. She had everything she would ever need and just about everything she wanted. Kagome had all the stats at school. She had the highest test scores in the state. She was not only MVP of her basketball team, but of her city. Kags had the coolest and most trustworthy friends and it would see as if everyone in town had her back. She happened to have that kind of affect on people. A classic overachiever- that one girl, boys and sometimes men couldn't help but fall in love with. And the same one girls [who didn't even try to know her despised.

2nd Day Back: After coming from a cross-country basketball state tournament.

"Now class I would like you all to congratulate the girls basketball team for placing number one in the cross country basketball tour." Ms. Suki announced. The class applauded for a full minute before she was able to continue. "I would also like to personally congratulate Kagome for once again becoming the MVP of another competition. The class burst with even louder applauds, the sound almost deafening. "Go Kags." Many classmates shouted. "That's my girl." Someone else said. Kagome blushed then personally thanked the class. Although she was a killer at basketball she preferred to stay modest about it. Besides her favorite sport was archery and she had recently entered a scholarship contest that nothing to do with either of the two. Once Kagome won the prize, if she won the prize her future was as good as secured. As of now her fingers were crossed.

"Look at that bitch Kagome." Kagura stated to her sister Kanna. "She thinks she's all that. I hate her. Let's take Miss High and Mighty down a few notches." "Well," Kanna appeared to be thinking about it. "Sister if that is your wish I am happy to help." If anyone were to look at the stoic youth they would see no signs of happiness or any other emotion for that fact. The bell announcing the end of the day rang. "Let's go congratulate her, Kanna."

Kagura marched over to Kagome and 'accidentally' bumped into her.

"Oh sorry Kagome! I'm so clumsy."

"Its okay Kagura." She is so fake. She ran into me on purpose. I'll play her game for now.

"By the way I would like to let you know you did a terrific job during basketball." Like hell you did.

"Well we wouldn't have done so well without the school support and the cheerleaders. Thank you. " I would rather gauge out my eyes than submit to this stupid game she's playing.

"Why thank me Kagome? I'm not on the cheer squad anymore. You did an effective job of getting me kicked off." She's trying to be funny I know it. Well's it's about time to put her in her place.

"I forgot about you being dropped from the squad, but you can't blame this on me." Oh god she's paranoid. I might need to watch out for her.

"Of course I can. You are a ball hog, a slut who took Houjo, and a back-stabbing friend who got me kicked of the Varsity. A little something for you to chew on: Sesshoumaru doesn't want you." Take that you evil man-stealing whore.

"What are you talking about?" None of that stuff is true. I don't even care for Sesshoumaru.

"Get her Kanna."

Before Kagome knew it the two girls had jumped on her. She fought them tooth and nail but there was something strange about these girls. One was as strong as a man and the other completely zapped her strength. Before Kagome could take another breath she saw a bluish light and the two sisters were on the floor completely dazed, covered with minor burns.

The two looked afraid. "Kagome you are such a freak." "Stay away from us. Kanna let's go." "We are reporting you. Witch. Freak. Demon." She looked from her hands to them, then took off running down the hallway. Kagome had to escape she was tired of all life's daily drama.

While she was running she collided into Sesshomaru. He was solid so he pulled her up effortlessly.

"Woman. What is your problem?"

"Sorry Sesshomaru."

"I'm quite sure you are but that does not answer my question. This Sesshomaru does not repeat himself."

"There's nothing wrong and why must you talk like that."

"Well it seems as though there is something wrong. If you insist on being stubborn about it I will allow you to continue. But this Sesshomaru…I'm not fooled that easy. While I don't normally bother myself answering questions for the likes of you I will make an exception. I speak this way because I am royalty. It would be better for you if could remember that."

"Royal my…"

"A proper lady shouldn't speak that way. Or run into people."

"I am a proper lady but certain people shouldn't be standing in the halls."

"If you wish to kid yourself about that go ahead."

"…Yeah well I'm going now."

"Kagome. Stop. I saw the fight between you & Kagura and Kanna. How could you let those weaklings overtake you?"

"Oh that argument. It was nothing. FYI I never said anything about liking you."

"Of course not," he smirked. "You are already intended for someone else."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't be worried the truth shall reveal itself eventually."

"Again what are you talking about?"

"I saw what you did to those two girls Kagome. It wasn't humanlike."

"I…uh. Go away."

She was about to dash when Sesshomaru reached out and grabbed her arm. "Embrace it. Don't fight it. Trust your instincts." He handed her a card.

"Use this to reach me if you're ever in need of my services."

"Which would be? Ashton Kutcher where are you? I know I'm being punked Tokyo style."

"This is no joke Kagome. I can help you in many, many ways. I can help you learn things about yourself you would never know otherwise. I can help you develop your inner strength."

"NO thanks. I'm too much of a freak right now for me to handle." She balled up the little card without reading it.

"You're not a freak Kags. You're dare I say blessed." Kags he hasn't called me that since he came back from America and started talking and acting weirdly.

"Whatever Sesshy."

"Lady Kagome you have royal blood I hope you discover the truth before someone or yourself destroys you."

"This isn't amusing." Kagome eyes held water. "I just want my old life back." She felt so tired she had to clear her head or who knows what might happen. She took off again but Sesshomaru did nothing to stop her.

Suddenly a black cloaked figure appeared in front of Sesshomaru.

"Well did you convince her?" The deeply voiced figure asked.

"No she proves to be even more stubborn than the legend says."

"Could it be your people skills young lord?"


"Well you do know what will happen if you continue to return empty handed?"


"Good." The cloaked figure disappeared within an instant. Kagome, why are you making my life so difficult? The young lord left the school only to go home. There he began to scheme as to how he would get Kagome. "Lady my fate depends on yours."

At Kagome's Home

Kagome walked into the house determined not make a noise. This would give her as much time as necessary to clear her head. "What am I?" She thought aloud. "Am I some kind of freak? Do I belong in hell?" She stared at her hands intently.

"To answer you last two questions I don't think so." Kagome looked into the glassy eyes of her mother. "Mom!" She embraced her mother tightly.

"Kagome could you be a good little daughter and go get your mom some sake and maybe a little bit of American whiskey?"

"Mom you know what the doctor said. You are slowly killing yourself. That stuff is bad for you."

"Are you going to lecture me all day or are you going to the damn store like I asked you?"

"Mom. Please don't make me choose."

"I'll just go ask Souta. He was always the good kid."

"You know that Souta's …passed on."

"Yeah that's right he's dead because you and your good for nothing bastard of a father killed him."

"Stop it."

"You know what Kagome? Souta was my life and… You are nothing. You are a freak Kagome no one wants you. Hell I don't want you. You're just here out of pity. And by the way I do think you belong in hell." Kagome's mother's eyes were blazing out of hate as she looked at her daughter. She turned on her heel to exit.

"Mom, I'm sorry just let me go get the sake. Where's the money?"

"I spent the last of it on food. Sorry dear. Cold you just loan your mother a little bit of money? You know for old times sake. You know I will give it back."

Kagome knew nothing of that. Once her mother got money she never paid it back especially if it was for her booze, whether it was the liquor that stole the grown woman's memory or the fact she saved what she owed for more drinks. The lender never saw his or her money again. Kagome slightly grimaced at the thought she would have to spend more of her hard earned money on her mother's addiction.

"Okay mom. I'll get it but only a small amount of sake."

"That a girl. Don't forget the whiskey either."

"Mom you know I love you right?" Her mother only laughed in return.

"Well be on your way daughter. The sooner you go to buy it the sooner I can drink and be happy again."

Kags went to the store to buy the requested items. (a/n lets just say in Japan she can buy liquor at a younger age.) She didn't like helping her mother kill herself but it was the only way to appease her. Besides Kagome knew trying help anyone quit an addiction that strong cold turkey was cruel. Her reasoning was 'if my mother won't love me then at least I can bring her what she does love. Her drinks.'

On her way home Kagome had a creepy feeling. She chose to ignore it. She was a reject enough as it already was. Just for safety she turned around to glimpse a familiar face.

"Sesshoumaru. Are you following me?"

"No. But I wanted to know if you considered…"

"No. No. and No."



"Be reasonable wench."

"Watch it you lowlife bastard."

Kagome mentally gasped at her own choice of words. Sesshomaru's eyes appeared to turn red. Surely Kagome was imagining this. When it appeared as if the man before her would attack she instinctively put her arm out in front of her. This was something new to her too.

His eyes reverted back to normal as he noticed a bruise on her arm and around her wrist. Certainly he couldn't have done that earlier himself. Kagome noticed him staring at her arm. She rushed to put it behind her back. He noticed another slight ring around her neck.

"Did those girls really work you over like this?"

"I fell?"

"No you liar. These marks appear to be from a male. Who have you allowed to treat you so?"

"It's nothing. Go away now."

Sesseshomaru took two steps forward only to be flung backs several yards. "Kagome I want to help." He stood up, his clothes were slightly singed some parts revealing skin. From what she could tell he was perfectly fine. The purple barrier disappeared. Kagome closed her eyes and thought of home when she opened them she was there. How did I get here? Sesseshomaru on the other hand thought. When they find out that Kagome is injured they'll have my head. Trying to get her back makes me as good as dead she will never cooperate.

"Kagomee," her mother sang, "Did you get it huh?"

"Here mom." She tossed the bag to her mom then prepared to go to her room.

"Thanks honey. Oh, your father's coming home soon. Try to be a good little girl and stay out of trouble."

"Why is he coming home early?" The drink had noticeably mellowed her mother out. "I don't know. Maybe you should ask him that. Although I don't think that would be a bright idea."

Kagome continued her ascent to her room. If she was lucky she would be sleep before he made it.


Sesshomaru: I don't talk like that anymore. Thank you very much author.

Kagome: Stop being such a sour puss Sesshy.

Sesshomaru: Call me that again and I'll kill you.

Kagome: Doesn't seem like it in the story. I'm untouchable.

Sesshomaru: Tell that to Kagura and….

Kagome fries Sesshomaru then revives him. Kagome: Now what were you saying?

Sesshomaru: Nothing my lady.

Kagome: Good, now I have a secret.

Sesshomaru: Uh this can't be good.

Kagome: I'm a freak.

Sesshomaru blushes and looks around for Inu Yasha. Sesshomaru: Inu Yasha wouldn't like this Kagome.

Kagome looks confused. Kagome: Hn? Oi You hentai baka. I mean I'm a fanfiction freak well a fiction freak to put it simply.

Sesshomaru looks sheepish. Sesshomaru: Yes of course that's what you meant. Now what is a fiction freak? Do they do kinky things to the anime characters[Sesshomaru stares at the author hopefully.

Kagome: No they're just crazy about fiction.

Sesshomaru: I care because?

Kagome shakes her head sighs.

Author: You care because I say you will Sesshomaru. Its my site and its coming soon. Now read the lines or else. [I hold up a strong sutra as a threat.

Sesshomaru: Check out the authors crummy site http://