Chapter Two: 'Bout Time I Get My Powers.

Kagome laid on her bed trying to will herself to sleep. Just as her eyes had finally closed sending her into a light slumber, she heard a bump. No. No. The noise got louder when footsteps added in to it. Oh God. The racket was just outside her door.

As soon as her door swung open she shut her eyes tight feigning sleep. "Get up damn it! I know you're not sleep!" She kept up the charade. He stood over her. "Wake up bitch." Slap. Kagome's eyes flew open as she glared at her father.

"Not anymore in this lifetime father." She pushed him away.

"What? You insolent brat. You don't know how much I'd give to get rid of you." He punched her in the mouth.

"Well you don't know how much I'd give to replace you as a father." She wiped the blood from her mouth and kicked him in the crotch. He doubled over in pain groaning. A smile graced his attacker's face. This was her first time ever fighting back at least for a prolonged period. All she could think was: Why didn't I do this sooner?.

Kagome darted out the room closing its entrance. She tried to hold the door to no avail. Her father busted the wooden door down with little effort. It shattered into a million pieces.

"Now what were you saying whore?"

Kags twisted her head around wildly for a weapon. She found herself lunging for a lamp but he got her leg. The man dragged her from the floor and slammed her against the wall.

"Do you know exactly how much I hate you?" He head butted her then used his fists to give blows all over her body. He picked her up by the arm and threw her across the passageway. He grabbed that same arm and preceded to throw her up and down the hall. The father heard her arm crack as soon as Kagome felt it.

Where are my powers when I really, really need them? Kagome's body began to glow. She looked around again. To her amazement she found a bow and a full quiver of arrows. "May the lord have mercy on your soul because I'm sending you to hell." She strung the bow and aimed at her father. The first shot pinned him against the wall. Kagome took this chance to issue so well deserved blows with her powers.

Then she walked back, re-strung the bow, and said, "I know you're not my father." She let the arrow fly. Before the body completely disintegrated she saw a giant spider like creature. Then the body disappeared. Kagome's mother rushed to the scene.

"What happened?"

"I killed him mom. I'm not sorry nor do I have any regrets. By the way are you really my mom too? Or do I need to kill you also?"

"Thank you Kagome for riding me of that tyrant. You must understand I did not intend for your life to be like this."

"You didn't mom? Well I sure couldn't tell. Everything happened because you allowed. Never did you stand up for me. You probably knew he wasn't my father. He wasn't even human."

"You're correct Kagome. I did all that for a reason. I couldn't do anything because he said if I ever interfered he would kill me and you."

"I don't want to hear it you think that was better than death?"

"Listen Kagome that man was a demon. I wanted you to fully develop your powers and putting you through that was the only way. The fate of the world is in your hands."

"I don't want the fate of the world. I just want a normal life of a normal teenager."

"Oh but you are not normal. You can't choose. The future is ready for you to save it."

"I'm so tired of this. I'm so very tired…"

Kagome passed out into the darkness. When she woke up all her wounds were healed. Her mother was at her side. "Mom why am I healed?"

"I used some of my powers to help but it was mostly your powers. You are a very powerful half demon miko."

"Half demon miko?"

"Yes you get the miko from me and the demon half of your blood from your father."

"Who is my real father? I have to know."

"Shush now. All will be revealed in the future. Go back to sleep."

"I'm not tired." Her mother touched her head and she was out again. When she woke up she could sense two powerful beings going at it.

"Give me the girl miko."

"No she's my daughter." Kagome watched as her mom battled the ferocious neko demon. With one large fatal blast the demon was obliterated. Go mom! After the blast the woman slumped down alarmingly drained.

"Mom. Thanks for saving me."

"Listen Kagome. I am sorry I deceived you for so long. I want you to know that I really love you."

"Save your energy. Don't talk."

"No you listen. I won't survive this battle. I am going to die soon enough because that was the last of my spiritual power. You must go into hiding for now."

"But mom…" Kagome's eyes were tearing up. These were the first tears that threatened to drop in so long.

"You have to correct the past and the future. Kagome you must save the dark king. It's the only way to protect the world."

"The dark king. Who is he? He sounds evil. How will I know him if I ever saw him?"

"Everyday his heart grows darker. He controls this country politically. But he controls this dimension through an unknown power. Its your job to purify him and set things right."

"I can't fight him he seems to strong."

"Don't worry. I will be with you until you are safe."


"In three ways. 1. I will be deep in your subconscious. If you need help with your powers summon me and I'll try to help as best as I can. 2. I am going to give you what powers I have left. 3. Take this chopstick. I know it may not seem like much but it's actually a bow."


"Don't cry it will drain your energy unnecessarily."

"But…" Her mother's eyes closed for the last time. A blue orb of energy flew into Kagome. She grabbed the chopstick/ bow some clothes then stepped outside. I've got to hide myself. After a few blocks she knew where she would stay.

"What did you say was wrong with her?" A red eyes dark voice barked. Sesshomaru was bowed low in front of the figure. "It wasn't me who did it but I know it was some male. I could faintly smell him."

"And why didn't you hunt this bastard down?"

"I had no leads, besides the wench isn't exactly the easiest person to work with."

"Watch your mouth. I have the power to rip it off your face. You understand?"

"Yes lord. It's too hard…"

"I don't want any damned excuses. If you value your life then you would do as I say."

Sesshomaru raised up refusing to take anymore of this treatment. "I have royal blood the same as you, don't you talk to this Sesshomaru that way."

The demon's eyebrow rose up. Sesshomaru took out his claws and launched at the demon's throat. He merely moved out of the way. He held Sesshomaru by his throat tightly crushing his windpipe.

"I gave you life. I can take it as easily. Don't ever raise your hand to me again. Don't you ever disobey me again either. After all you're just a lord and I'm the dark king." He laughed evilly as he dropped the lord then went to sit back on his throne.

Sesshomaru lifted himself up then bowed before the king. This is not the right flow of time. I have royal blood. I should be king. I am superior. I am supreme. Where is that miko? She has to be so stubborn. Kagome you bitch if only, I could get away from this self proclaimed king. I would kill you and set things right myself.

Kagome: I didn't really appreciate the bitch comment Sesshomaru. Maybe you're colder than I thought.

Sesshomaru: Of course I am. I am the icy lord of the western lands. Kagome: If you're so icy then why is Rin following you?

Sesshomaru: Leave her out of this. (Draws his poison claws.)

Kagome: You wouldn't kill me Inuyasha would get you for that. INUYASHA.

Inuyasha: Kagome what do you want now?

Kagome: Sesshomaru's bothering me. Could you please kill him?

Inuyasha: But were getting along now.

Kagome: I said please.

Inuyasha: Well that is true. (Draws his sword out half-heartedly.) Sorry brother.

Sesshomaru: (He looks ready for death.) I'm not surprised it would come to this.

Inuyasha: Just kidding bro. (Turns sword on Kagome) Blood's thicker than water. Besides I'm tired of you manipulating me. Wind…

Author: Stop! You can't kill your love.

All Inu characters: Good we've been looking for you.

Author: You have? (nervously)

Sesshomaru: You've been hiding because we were mad about our characters in this story so we came up with this plan to draw you out.

Author: Seems kind of elaborate for some anime characters.

Sesshomaru: I let that slide. What I'm pissed about, is how you made me obedient and a loser.

Inuyasha: And when will I be able to reveal myself? Can I tell them…

Author: No.

Kagome: Why did you try to make me so weak? Don't they do that enough in the series? Its always Miroku, Sango protect Kagome. Oh I need my smokes.

Author: That's a bad habit. Quit.

Sango: Am I in this story?

Author: Yes. Besides Kagome you got your powers.

Kagome: Oh boo.