The last time the Predators had visited Earth for their hunt and right of passage was years ago, now in the year 1300 AD, the land is still unknown. As Predator ships land outside the great city, the worshipers, observers and those who just wanted to see a Predator came to greet them. As the elder and his guards, four blooded warriors and one young Predator traveled to the temple and hunting grounds, they heard a commotion coming from the temple. Three boys of multiple ages came running over to the high priests who stood on the ledges overlooking the city.

"They are escaping the temple!" one of the young boys shouted, face pale and contorted with panic. In near perfect sync the Predators looked back at their Elder, awaiting the command to begin. He gave a curt nod and three of the warriors took lead towards the temple, leaving the unblooded Yautja and the second in command to stand guard next to the massive Predator as he fell in step with them. As they arrived, six xenomorphs (Aliens) were already outside killing whoever got close, the temple guards were trying to hold them back. A xenomorph jumps toward another guard but was impaled by a spear, not a Predator spear, but a human spear. The spear blended in with the xenomroph. The guard who was saved looks behind him.

"Outsider!" The guard backs away as someone came out of the jungle, her blond hair and lightly tanned skin told that she wasn't from the area. All the Predators stop and watch as she came close. The xenomorphs knew who she was, they back away as she drew closer, even the guards backed away. They shiver as she drew her two black swords from her back, they glisten in the sun light. The Predators scan her as the xenomorphs mock her and threaten her with their hissing and roars.

The Predators scanners told that she was a female, at the age of twenty, five foot ten inches, one hundred ten pounds, and that she was deadly with swords and spears. They thought she would he good challenge but the elder shook his head.

She did not move, she positioned herself ready to fight, her lips moving, like she was saying something to herself. One xenomorph charged her, she dodges and cuts off the xenomorphs tail in one swing. It screams in pain, another attacks, losing its head. It acid blood sprays everywhere, her swords didn't show any signs of the acid melting. A young Predator looks at the elder and speaks in their native tongue.

"Who is this? This Ooman is taking all of our prey, what do we do?" The elder placed his hand on the young Predator's shoulder.

"I know her, just watch. You might learn something from her." All the Predators look at him then the human. She impales another xenomorph against the temple wall, near the xenomorphs exit. Five were dead, the last one jumps at her and uses his tail, she grabs the tail. She then uses one of her swords to impale the tail into the ground. The xenomorph pulls trying to free its tail as she circled him, tapping her other sword on her leg. The Predators who didn't know her, are bewildered as how this human could take out six xenomorphs without being harmed or even being tired. She sliced off one of the xenomorphs arms, then a leg. She was taking her time. A teenage boy ran over to the Predators to watch too, in fact a crowd was gathering. She took her time alright, letting the xenomorph to partly bleed to death, then she cut off another limb, then she finished it off. The Predators never seen a female human this brutal. She removes her sword and gathered her spears.

The elder smiles at her as she passed, dragging behind her a xenomroph carcass. The young Predator was really interested in this human, he wanted to know her. That teenage boy and a few children run over to her talking to her and poking at the dead xenomorph. The crowd parted as she walked through murmuring to themselves, some adults grab the children and scolds them for talking to her and touching a sacred creature that the Predators were suppose to hunt. The Predators watched as an adult man smacks her. She hands the carcass to the boy and she round kicks the man sending him at least three feet behind him, the boy hands the carcass back to her as the crowd really backs away.

"Who is she Fon'ki?" asked an adult Predator to the elder.

"She has no name, the Oomans call her 'Outsider' for she is not from around here. I known her for a long time. Since she was small, now look at her, a strong Ooman warrior."

"Why do the other Oomans treat her like that?" said that young Predator as he watched her disappear in the crowd.

"She has killed more hard-meats than you have Jhil'lo. She has been doing this for years, every year. They hate the fact that she does this. She doesn't talk much, she is a good teacher. You could learn a thing or two from her. I'm telling you all this, for I know that one day she will join our ranks as warriors."