Days later . . .

Outsider walked outside, the warm sunlight felt good on her skin. Being a Triple Breed pays, her skin was a mixture of Predator, human and xenomorph, she would not great burned by the sun that easily. The sun was high giving the hour of noon, she walked out into the city streets. People who saw her either waved or lowered their head, Outsider didn't like this at all so she placed one hand on Black Dawn that was strapped to her back. After days of Fon'ki visiting she was able to make him give Black Dawn back, she wanted her sword for it was part of her. When the people saw that she hand her hand on Black Dawn they quickly looked away not wanting to be her next victim. But they are forever in her debt, the Aztecs. When she reached the temple Mathis stood at the bottom of the steps with Sky Flower, they quickly greet her.

"Outsider, how you feeling?"

"Fine." Outsider bends down to Sky Flower. "How about you, Sky Flower?"

Sky Flower blushes and giggles, this made Outsider smile. "I'm ok."

Outsider pushes some of Sky Flowers dark hair behind her ear, she then whispers into the same ear.

"Don't be afraid." Saying those words Outsider stood up and walked up the temple steps. Mathis knew that the Serpents were still active in the temple, his and Sky Flowers pleas for Outsider to stop fell upon deaf ears. People began to gather at the temple steps they too plea for her to stop, she didn't stop but continued on. She never said a word to what she was going to do, as she enter the dark halls deaths ululations was heard echoing through out the temple, its shadow consumed her from the light. Outside many heard deaths ululations and its lullaby, they backed away from the temple for they knew that Outsider was doing something that she alone could do.

Many say that the Serpents got her, others say she's with the Queen Serpent, a few say that she went there to redeem herself to the Serpents, yet one believes that she hid herself away in the deepest and darkest part of the temple sleeping till they need her again.

Stories about Outsider have been passed down through generations till they were no more, but when one visits the temple they can feel her presence. Many also claim to have seen her shadow, yet there are stories saying that if your not careful she'll kill you... Could it be her shadow? Many think so, others say it's her ghost... but none are truly sure.

- - - - - -


Inside the Predator ship in space, leaving Earth...

The now Blooded young Predators walk over to their Elder, they wanted to hear more about Outsider.

"What happened then Elder?" Clicked one.

Fon'ki looks back at Earth, the blue planet was beautiful.

"No one knows for sure, she went into the temple and vanished. I heard that she might have died inside or joined forces with the hard-meat since she is part of their kind. As I said, no one knows."

Snake-Eater rubs the red spots on his left arm and he too stared out at the fading blue planet.

"She was a good teacher, that triple breed. She is different and I will never forget her as long as I live. Upon my honor I will remember her."

Fon'ki looked over at Snake-Eater and grins, another Blooded asked a question.

"Can you tell us about Silver Dream and Tujna? Outsider's parents."

Fonki looked at the young ones, he missed being that young. He motioned them to sit as he sat down in a chair, as they gathered around, Fon'ki knew this would give Tujna and Sliver Dream great honors in the afterlife.

"Listen now young ones, it all started about forty years ago..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Oracle Dragon's FINAL STORY NOTE:

I own it all, but AVP. I do own all the characters and Outsider! AVP belongs to their creator and FOX, Predator belongs to the brothers that created them, Aliens (hard-meat, xenomorph) belong to whoever made them (not sure who). The Mayans and Aztecs belong to themselves. I own Triple Breed ©, I created what she is thus I own what she is, a Triple Breed! She was created back in 1996, it just took me a long time to write the story and find something to do with it. I OWN IT ALL! ©