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Love and Care

Her smile grew as he took her in his arms and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. There was no mistaking the message that reflected in them- a message of hunger, of passion ready to explode. Cupping Juliet's face in his hands he kissed her gently, and then traced her mouth with the tip of his tongue. Juliet parted her lips to give him more access. His hands moved downwards to pull her against his aroused body.

Holding her with one arm, Jack reached out and yanked the covers down on her bed, then rolled with her onto it, his mouth clinging to hers in a kiss that filled him with passion. Jack had dreamt about running his hands over her body, and now he was actually doing it. Her skin felt wonderful against his. He eased her gently on top of him, she willingly kneeled over him, her hair falling around her flushed face and her smooth shoulders. He stroked the satin skin of her back, applying pressure to her lower back she cried out in pain.

"Jules I'm so sorry I forgot about the mark."

Juliet bent down and kissed Jack on the lips accepting his apology. She began trailing kisses down his throat and onto his chest. He felt the swell of her breasts against his palms and saw lust and love in her eyes. He touched his lips lightly to the bruise on her throat, feeling anger knife through him as he considered the savage hand that had marked her, Ben! Jack decided that he would seek revenge later.

"Slowly" she muttered as he entered her. "I want to do this slowly. I want it to last forever."

Forever his mind echoed. Forever.

There were no more words between them. There was only the experience of two bodies moving as one in harmony. Jack timed his movements to coincide with her own rocking motions. Jack thought that no woman had ever excited him like this, not even Sarah. Jack couldn't get enough of Juliet's mouth, her warm, willing mouth. Nobody existed in the universe except him and his Juliet.

"Jack" moaned Juliet as she came to her release.

Jack flipped them so Juliet was under him; he thrust himself into her two more times until he came to his on release. Jack pulled out of her slowly, and rolled over onto his back, Juliet snuggled up to Jack her head on his chest and fell silently asleep. Jack looked down to see if she was asleep he kissed her hair and whispered:

"I love you Juliet Burke"

Jack could have sworn he saw her smile.

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