Title: The Fall
Author: fbi-woman
Rating: K / PG or whatever
Type: Interpreter
Spoilers: Don't read if you haven't seen the movie lol.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and I'm not claiming to. This is just an original work inspired by a movie.
Summary: Just kind of a general poem about Silvia's journey from the sound booth at night to the scene after the bus explosion.
A/N: I still really hate not having my poems rhyme lol. This is for a contest on one of my forums, so please let me know what you think. And please, try to be constructive, even if you hate it. Flaming isn't going to help.


A flash of light

Her heart stood still

The defining moment

That changed her life

The voice in the shadows

Haunting her mind

Blurring the lines

Of present and past

The faceless beauty

Of quiet resolve

A master of language

Imprisoned by words

Her history frames her

In an ominous glow

No one will hear her

She's left all alone

Danger is lurking

She feels its cold breath

Through the cracks in the walls

Of what had been her life

One man holds the key

To breaking her fall

But he masks it with pain

Staying just out of reach

The water is rising

On the river between them

Her cries for help

Swallowed by waves

He sits in the silence

Just watching her break

And above all the lies

He now hears her call

Fighting the current

He reaches the shore

The tortured soul

Now safe in his arms