The Silver Wolf: This occurred to me after I saw the fifth movie. I saw all of Fred and George's little toys and jokes and stuff that they made, and I was like... "Hmm...I could use that to make something pretty funny." so here it is. Summer At The Burrow.

Summary: Harry gets invited over to spend the summer at The Burrow...what? Dudley too? What happens when the twins pull out their stock of tricks? What happens when Dudley meets Harry's long term boyfriend of a year now?

That's a pretty simple summary, I'd say...on with story!

Prologue: The Invitation

Harry sat in his room, bored out of his mind. Waiting for Hedwig to get back was boring enough as it was, but add to the fact that no one was home made it even worse. He couldn't eavesdrop on his aunt's and uncle's stupid conversations and laugh at them behind their back. Dudley was out and about beating up ten year olds with his "posse" again, and he couldn't walk up to Dudley and make fun of him behind his back because he simply wasn't here.

An owl came to the window of Harry's bedroom, but it wasn't Hedwig. It was Razor, Draco's owl. Harry had been expecting an owl from Draco for a while, he just never knew when it would arrive.

Hey love,

Both of us have been invited over to The Burrow for the summer. Looks like your friends are finally starting to accept me as one of the "gang" now. Oh, and Arthur wants you to bring your muggle cousin...Dudley was his name? Anyway, he said he wanted to get a muggle's perspective of a few things. He already had it approved by Fudge, so no worries on your part, I made sure of that.

Arthur told me Dudley would be more than willing to come if you slip him the potion attached to Razor's leg. I don't exactly know what it is, but I'm sure Arthur knows what he's doing.

Oh, and the twins are in a tizzy about their successful selling items. I hear their Canary Creams can do quite the damage. Well, I'm already here, I'll be waiting for you love. Give Razor's regards to Hedwig, will you?


This letter from Draco just made his day. Harry took the vile of potion from Razor's leg, and carefully placed it into his pocket to slip to Dudley later. Dudley always had Harry make him coffee when he got home, he'd slip it in there then. Then he'd bring the subject up at diner that night. Dudley would convince Petunia and Vernon to let him go.

Harry wrote a quick reply note and gave it to Razor to bring back to Draco at The Burrow. He would not only be with his friends shortly, but with his boyfriend too. Dudley was in for a shock.


Later that night at diner, Harry brought up the subject of Dudley coming with him to The Burrow for the rest of the summer.

"Are you out of your mind boy? Dudley's staying here, he's not bouncing around with you and that ridiculous band of friends of yours." cried Vernon in outrage at even the thought.

"Dad...I actually want to go with Harry to see his friends." Dudley looked at his mother and father's shocked faces and kinda shrunk into his seat. The big bad boy was actually cowering in front of his parents. Harry couldn't get past that laugh until his aunt had something to say.

"Are...are you sure you want to spend a summer in a magic-using household sweety? I mean, Harry didn't cast a spell on you or anything...did he?" she shot him an evil glare and Harry had his defense all ready for the blame.

"Aunt Petunia, you know I'm not allowed to use magic outside school until I'm 17 or I get expelled. Certainly you remember this?" Harry sat in his seat with the straightest face he could muster. He was just over excited about seeing Draco. He wouldn't have to go a whole summer without his lover after all. It was going to prove to be an interesting summer indeed.


The Silver Wolf: oh I like where this is going. I did some research on Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, they're pretty cool. Sonce I haven't read the books in a while I figured I oughtta look a few things up just to be sure. Anyway, lemme know what you think.

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