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A/N -- I know that I hinted I would finish this story for you guys. I haven't exactly done that. I was seized with another inspiration. I created the Crusader AU over on the TV/ Terminator-Sarah Connor Chronicles board. That is some of the best work I have produced yet. Lots of angst and unrequited emotions. You guys will love it. Anyway, I putting my characters in final positions here in the Trust AU in case this place has to go into hibernation for a while.

Final Positions

The holograms powered down as the AI representations of Jor-El and Lara took their leave. Jason and Kal-El floated hand in hand down off the grey and sliver colored crystal dais in the center of the main chamber of the Fortress. Kal set his son down and floated back over to talk with Chloe, decked out in battle scared Amazon regalia. She looked a touch worse for wear following her near death experience at the hands of one of the Bizarro Clones. The lad on the other hand skipped excitedly across the floor to where his Mommy and Daddy stood.

Lois and Richard scooped him up together and passed him back and forth exchanging hugs. They ooh'd and aah'd excitedly over his silver Kryptonian cloak. "An' it has the crest of the House of El on it, too." He kicked his legs gently signaling that he wanted to be put back down.

"Like your father," said Lois.

"Yeah, but exactly like Grandfather Jor-El. Did you see Mommy? Did you see Daddy? Grandfather's image wore a cloak just like mine!!" Jason danced around excitedly reveling in his newly confirmed Kryptonian heritage.

Martha walked over to Richard as Jason filled his mother in on the evenings adventures. "We haven't been formally introduced, I'm Martha Kent. My late husband Jonathan and I raised Clark," she gestured over to Kal (still clad in his trench coat and space travel uniform, resembling Neo from the Matrix) "in Smallville, Kansas from the time he was about three."

"Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Kent. You must be extremely proud of your son."

"Well, of course, what mother wouldn't be proud of a son who grew up to help save America from the rampaging superpowered clones and killer asteroids, even if he did dress as Neo to do it. But, really, I'm more proud of his newspapering and bestselling books, than I am of anything he did with his powers. His writing is a testament to his humanity, and that he got from his dad and me."

Richard took stock of the group quickly in an effort to gauge how soon to try to leave. He saw the Amazon, whom he was ridiculously glad to have back among the living and on staff at the Planet, punch Kal in the shoulder with a dark look on her face. He saw his son Jason drooping on his mother's shoulder. The evening's excitement was catching up to Martha as well.

Recalling the damage to the Kent farmhouse, Richard knew that they all still had miles to go before they slept. Judging from the farmhouse damage and the disassembled road sign back in Kansas that looked like it had impaled someone, he decided that there was a publishable story back in Smallville. He could put a hotel room or two on his Planet expense account and justify it to the bean counters. He was about to call out to Lois, when a booming voice spoke first.

"Kal-El, my son" it was Jor-El's voice, "we have incoming. We must get the guests out through the Portal soonest."

"Alright, friends and family of the House of El," Kal spoke in a tone that was at once reassuring and commanding, "those of you without a full set of superpowers need to leave at once. Chloe, please help my mother to the portal. Richard, I will gather everyone's personal items, if you get the Lois and Jason out."

Kal immediately blurred around the Fortress gathering Jason's clothes, his mother's purse, Richard and Lois's go-bags, etc. Chloe got Martha through the portal and Richard followed with Lois and Jason. Everyone's items were neatly laid out on the cavern floor outside the portal when they stepped back though into the Kowachee Caves in Kansas.

The incoming turned out to be the Martian, the Bat, the Space Cop and Steel. Many of them appeared to have a bone to pick with Kal-El. Steel wanted to know why Superman wasn't on Earth to help when the airplanes hit the buildings in New York City and Washington, DC on September 11th 2001. The Bat wanted to know why Superman had allowed his blood sample to be stolen and used to grow the Bizarros. The Amazon demanded of all of them why they had sent her off to fight one of the Bizarros all by herself in Smallville. She ended up crying and pounding on Kal's chest, "You left me to die! That thing rammed a sign pole through my chest!! If Lantern-boy here hadn't given me the lapel pin from the gods, I would be dead. DEAD. FOR REAL THIS TIME!!"

While Kal wrapped his arms around Chloe and patted her on the back, somewhat awkwardly, Batman stepped away from the group. Pressing two fingers against his cowl about where his right ear should have been, he appeared to be listening and sub-vocalizing. When the call was over he declared firmly, "Alright, people, my forensic team has determined the location of the genetic engineering lab that created the Bizarros."

Then J'onn J'onzz spoke up, "All of us here are meant to be on Champions of Justice, so we must lay aside our differences for long enough to deal with the threat of the Bizarros."

Working off a time hack, the six heroes penetrated the lab at the same time. They found it empty, stripped back to the walls. Kal-El and the Amazing Amazon looked at each other and said, "Thirty-three point one."