Just a few random ideas' I feel like writing. No real chapters or anything to worry about.

How Did He Live?

Bee Centered with a bit of Sam and bee hints

Rating: PG

Bee was use not to talking after so long without his voice. Relaying long before his body to tell the others how he was feeling or talking. Earth's radio was a blessing to the bot when he had first landed on this planet. Taking the time to drive around this budding world at first, Learning about its people and their ways of living.

Humans were very confusing in his point. Teens even more then normal for his hardware to wrap around. Sam was bending that rule very much for the bot. Keeping as the humans might say, on his toes.

If it's not one thing that could kill the boy, it would be the other thing.

Not paying attention was he was walking, not seeing the lights change on the symbols to move along the road. Human flesh did fair well on speeding metal frames.

Tripping on his shoe laces and chewing gum at the same time.

Eating the school lunch meals.

How Sam had lived before Bee had shown up was a wonder to the Autobot. It seems the boy was a walking mark for death.

More then once, he watched the boy make it through one more day.

Alive and breathing.

Thanking Primus he saw Sam leave the school building. He was safe once he was in the Camaro. Bee then could protect the human better. Keeping out the world from Sam. Protecting the human from whatever might dare to harm Sam.

Now he just had to find a way to keep Sam inside always.