A home. Optimus Prime PG Optimus had seen many things while traveling the worlds. Searching for the All Spark to save his world once more. Leaving behind an empty world, lifeless of all energy. What defined life in his world was no gone from it? Millions of sparks dimmed from the world, due to a useless war over power. He and a few of his trusted friends had taken in search of the All Spark. While the others had fled to the corners of the universe to leave the fighting behind or follow others that had speech out the fighting. Following the faint trail of energy, they had gone through solar systems. Stars just taking life while others dead. All following the trail left by the All Spark. Often they would sleep for long periods of time. Being through back into memoirs of the past. Ones of peace, being with friends, seeing their home whole and alive. Memories then of war, lost of friends, fighting for times and reasons why. Those were what they relived in those times of sleep. His sleep was awakening from the single from earth. Bumblebee had sent to scout the blue world shining below. He was sending a single to them, telling them he had found what they needed to come down to this world. Then as he had feared might happen, the Decepticons were on earth. As well was Megatron frozen by the humans? A battle had taken place, one more lost of a friend, the lost of a brother. The All-Spark was gone, with no hope to bringing life back home. His spark had cried out about that one lost after so long of traveling to find it. Yet also at the same time of so many things gone and friends. The autobots had found a new home, made new friends, found peace. He had sent out the message into the vast space. Prime knew the others were coming. A place to call home after so long of being lost In so long, he had never felt a peace deep in his spark. When looking out over the city of humans, the sky opening to a gate of stars. He felt that now. Watching the others enjoy there time and relearning what joy was. That was gift worth all they had done up to this point. Optimus would smile, his eyes on the young Bumble Bee relearning to use his voice once more. Using the radio to commotion and drive a few people up the wall for the hell of it. Seeing Sam grow up into a man, asking the leader of the auto bots for advice on what to do. Seeing him marry the women he loved and now having a set of twins. Each of the auto bots were finding something to protect on this world. Optimus had found a home to protect, and a new reason to live on. That was all he needed now.