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Well lately i've gotten into the Akatsuki! Zetsu is awesome in my opinion, so yeah. And for a happy note... I don't care if the Akatsuki members die in the manga.. THEY WILL NOT DIE IN MY STORY!!!! they're just too cool to die. So yeah. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto the Akatsuki members would pwn people and never die... or be blown to bits (coughHidancough)


Kina had just finished her mission in Suna. She was traveling back to Konoha, but strayed a bit from her path. Kina's blue eyes scanned her surroundings.

She could swear that she saw that tree staring at her.

With bright golden eyes.

She stopped suddenly. Her braids whipped by her face as she clung to the branch. She saw the eyes again. Then the next thing she knew, roots held her feet firmly to the tree.

Trusting her instincts Kina bent backwards, avoiding a death blow to the back of her neck. She looked up from her position and saw a black and white face looking down at her. Plant-like jaws came up from his shoulders.

"May I ask why you're trying to kill me?"

"You're trespassing," She straightened up so she could look him in the eye... er, chest. Kina was a head shorter than him.

"Can we eat her?" This time his mouth didn't move and the voice was deeper.

"...Eat... m-me?" She swallowed hard, trying to free her feet of the foots that bind them.

"No," he was talking to himself. This time his lips moved.

"I-I didn't know I was trespassing. I-If you could j-just point me in the r-right direction. I'll l-leave." She had never stuttered before in her life. His presence was having quite an affect on her.

"I'll take you back." He didn't offer, whether she wanted him to or not, he was going with her.

"Where are you headed?" It was the deeper voice again.

"Konoha," Kina managed to choke out. Her vision go fuzzy. She was ready to black out from the stress. She shook her head and straighted up. "May I ask your name?"

He blinked a few times, surprised at the question. "Zetsu," he smirked, "yours?"

"Kina," She followed his path through the forest. She eventually caught up to him. Kina grasped all the courage she had and asked, "Is that venous fly trap thing attached to you?"

Zetsu regarded the girl he was traveling with. "Kinda, I can take it off though." The fact that he answered her question surprised him. He was also surprised with the fact that he offered to take her back.

He found his eyes examining her body. She had a medium build and dark brown hair fluttered behind her in long pigtail braids. She had small curves, but they were all in the right places. Her side bangs were hanging at the left side of her face, not quite covering her eye.

"How old are you?" Kina's eyes caught his for a moment but she quickly returned her attention in front of her.

What the heck? Zetsu was glad she didn't notice the look he gave her, "19."

"I'm 17," she faltered, the mission had taken a lot out of her. She jumped to the next branch and stopped. Kina swayed and finally collapsed, slipping off the branch. Kina felt strong arms catch her before she blacked out.

Zetsu placed her down on the ground gently. It was getting dark anyway, they might as well sleep here.


Kina awoke later that night. She opened her eyes to Zetsu's face as he was prodding her awake.

"Food's ready," He helped her sit up as he handed her different kinds of fruits.

"Thank you Zetsu-san," Kina took the food he offered her, "May I ask you a question?"

"Never hesitated to before." The deep voice spoke fist, the humor in his voice mad her flush in embarrassment.

"Sure." His lips moved and he was annoyed with his other side for being so rude.

"Why are you helping me?" She searched his eyes. She wasn't used to gestures of kindness.

"Because I find you amusing," his answer was simple and true in his mind.

"Amuse you eh?" Kina took a bite out of the apple he gave her, "I can deal with that."

After finishing the fruit, Kina streched back and yawned.

"You can sleep right here." Zetsu pointed to the leaves and brush he made for her.

"Oh! You didn't have to," her face turned light pink and she looked away, "...thanks." Kina took a deep breath and looked at him. "I can hear a lake nearby so I'm going to wash up."

"The hot spring you mean? Sounds like a good idea..." he smirked, "mind if I join you?"

Kina's blush was so deep it was almost purple, but she meerly nodded. Zetsu gestured for her to begin walking there.

They arrived there rather quickly and Kina proceeded to stare at the water.

"Are you going in?" Kina turned to look at him but quickly looked away. Zetsu was pushing apart the venous fly trap and climbing out.

You can go in first... I'll wait." She tried to calm down, being bright as a tomato can not be good for one's health.

Zetsu smirked wider and once all his clothes were off he slipped into the spring. "okay."

Kina glanced in his direction before removing her jounin vest. She then proceeded to take off her tight green shirt. Before she removed her pants she looked in Zetsu's direction, he was looking away from her. After successfully discarding all her clothing she slipped into the hot water.

After Kina was satisfied with being mostly covered by the water she turned to Zetsu.

Who was inches away from her.

She jumped back in surprise and immediately tensed.

"Just relax," the deep voic said as Zetsu gently turned Kina around. He proceeded to kneed her shoulders with his black and white hands.

Kina let out a throaty moan and inwardly slapped herself. Damn him for making it feel so damn good.

She didn't want the situation to get out of hand so she activated her bloodline. Zetsu's thoughts came swarming into her mind.

'The leader isn't pleased by taking the girl back.'

I haven't seen her fighting abilities yet, maybe she could meet the leader.'

'all ninjas from Konoha are loyal little guard dogs.'

'What about Itachi?'

'Now that you mention it... there is a chance.'

'We'll speed her to Konoha, get her there in the morning and consult with the leader about this.'

'But first we'll have her battle Kisame to test her skills. I know he'll be in the area.'

'And we'll see how long she lasts...'

Kina deactivated her bloodline and stretched for her feet... and came across a huge water spider.

Causing her to jump back onto Zetsu.

Damn these awkward situations.


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