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"Daddy?" I asked.

"Yes, Isabella?"

"Will you tell me how you, Uncle Marky and Uncle Cai found me?" Daddy was tucking me into bed, and that was my favorite bedtime story.

"Of course, sweet heart. Five years ago, on a cold and rainy night in Volterra, Markus, Caius, and I were all taking a midnight stroll. On this stroll, we happened upon a babe, wrapped in an old tee shirt, laying in an alley. We found she little girl very special, for she did not fear us, she welcomed our icy touch, and I could not read her mind. While we were playing with the young child, her mother came up too us. She told us of her troubles. We offered to help her, by taking the child off her hands. At fist, she refused, but once we told her where we lived, and that her child would be very loved, she gave the babe to us. And the last words she said to us were 'please take care of Isabella Marie'. Do you know who the little girl was?" Daddy finished with a question. He said that he wants me to be very smart when I grow up, so that nobody can take advantage of me.


"Very Good. Now, it is time for my favorite human to get some sleep."

"Okay, Daddy. Night-night," Daddy kissed my forehead and walked out of the room.

Daddy, Uncle Marky, and Uncle Cai like to call me their favorite human. I was the only one they got along with; I think it's because they're raising me.

"Isabella, time to wake up, you have to eat and do your studies if you want to go to the park while it's still rainy," Uncle Cai called. He was taking me to the park today, because it was going to rain all day! I can hardly wait!

I jump out of bed and throw on my pink-overalls and a white shirt underneath. And I run to the kitchen, running wasn't such a good idea because it's so far away and I am clumsy. But, luck for me, Uncle Cai heard me running and was there to catch me when I trip over the rug.

"Isabella, what are we going to do with you?" Uncle Cai laughed.

"Feed me, teach me, take me to the park, and love me," I reply.

"Of course. Now, would you like me to carry you the rest of the way?" Uncle Cai asked. I nodded, it was much safer that way, and was scoped up into his arms.

"What's for breakfast today,?"

"Hmm, I was think about giving you pigs blood…"

"Ew, that didn't taste good the first time!" Uncle Cai laughed, remembering the day that they decided to switch from people blood to animal blood, for my sake because every time they would feed I would pass out. Blood smells nasty. They told me that if I took a sip, then they would start drinking it.

"Okay, then how about pancakes?"

"YUMMY!" Uncle Cai laughed again then placed me down at the head of the table. Daddy figured that since I was the only one to eat, then I should be at the head.

After Breakfast, Uncle Cai taught me algebra.. Algebra is hard. I like reading better.

"Uncle Cai, are we done yet?" I asked, I wanted to go to the park.

"Almost, Sweetheart, just do this last problem as I go get your coat," Uncle Cai vanished and I went to work.






I think that's right. Hmm… Uncle Cai should be back by now, unless he got lost in my closet… again. Heidi took it upon herself to take me shopping. Half the things she buys me I don't wear, but I don't want to ruin her fun, so I don't stop her. But she did buy my this really short skirt and a belly shirt that Daddy made me throw out. I was glad, but Heidi sulked for days.

"Very good, Sweetheart. Now, come. We must go if you wish to swing before the sun comes out."

"Okay," I said happily. We never get out, it's always too sunny for vampires.

"Do you want to stop and eat on the way?" I gave him a disbelieving stare, even after fiver years with me, he doesn't get that I don't constantly shove food in my face, "Or not."

Jane is always complaining about the way I talk. She say's that it's too grown-up. But I know what has really got to her, she doesn't like that she can't cause me any of her special pain, or that I get all the attention. I am happy about the no-pain part, but I don't like the attention .

"Come on, Uncle Cai, the Swings are singing a sweet song to me!"

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, they are singing 'came, Isabella, swinging is good for your spirit. Come, Isabella, swing with us.'"

"Well then, I guess we shouldn't keep the swing's waiting!'

"Of course not!"

after swinging and sliding for a few hours, the sun tried to brake through the clouds, so we started to head back when my tummy rumbled.

"I'm hungry."

"What would you like?"


"Isabella, that's not a good meal."

"Uh… corn dog and ice cream?"

"That's more like it," Uncle Cai smiled and lead me to the corn dog vender.

Uncle Cai and Uncle Marky only smile for me. They claim that it's because I am always smiling, and that if I smile everyone around me can't help but to do the same. I have tried that several times, they were right.

After we got home, I was whisked away by Uncle Marky. I was closer to him then to Uncle Cai.

"Uncle Marky, what are we doing today?"

"Hmm, movies or swimming?"


"How do you suppose we do that?"

"Put a TV in the poolroom. We just can splash."

"Sounds like a plan, I'll get the TV, you get changed."

"Okay!" I always do the craziest things with Uncle Marky. He sometimes gets in trouble for letting me do them, but it's still fun!

Uncle Marky dropped me off at my door and I changed into my pink one piece that has a little skirt, I was in a very pink mood today. I walked down the hall to the poolroom, Uncle Marky had everything set up and was in his pink swim trunks. When we do stuff together, we like to dress alike so Heidi got him pink swim trunks. This is the first time we wore them though.

"I go a tarp, so that if we want to splash, we can."

"YAY!" The rest of the afternoon I spent in the pool. Uncle Marky and I perfected my dives when we got bored of movies.

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