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"Andy, come on I know you are sick and that is why you canceled on our date. Now if you just let me in I can come in there and take care of you. The girls are downstairs watching a movie., so you don't need to worry about them. I brought over Pretty in Pink, Lizzy's favorite since Jesse got to pick last time. Now let me in."

Andy opened the door; she looked so sick. Her hair was tousled and the room was littered with tissues. "Milo, I really don't think that I am up to having someone else in the room with me. I just have a twenty-four hour thing I will be back on my feet in a day or so."

"Andy this is nonsense. I am already in this room, why not let me take care of you?"

"Fine." Andy gave up and walked back to the bed. As soon as she crawled back under the covers she felt a wave of nausea passed over her again. She rushed into the bathroom and started throwing up again. Milo walked into the bathroom and held her hair back while she heaving.

After she was finished she collapsed against his strong frame. "Thank you for making me let you in, Milo."

"Your welcome, sweetie. I will always be your night in shining amour." He picked up Andy and carried her back to her bed. He laid her back down and covered her up. "Now just go to sleep honey. You will feel better if you take a nap."

Andy nodded. "I am pretty tired."

Milo laid next to her for five minutes until she fell fast asleep; he crept quietly out of the room and down stairs. He walked into the living room to check on the girls.

"Are you girls doing ok?" Lizzy and Jesse nodded.

"Next we are going to watch my pick, Sweet Home Alabama." Jesse exclaimed.

Milo smiled. " I am glad that I brought over a bunch of different DVDs for you girls. I will be in the kitchen making your mom some chicken noodle soup, do you girls want some?"

The girls shook their head no, and Milo walked into the kitchen. He got everything out he needed for the soup: chicken broth, chicken, some noodles, salt and pepper. He worked steadily for about twenty minutes. He poured a bowl of soup, put it on a tray, along with a single red rose. He grabbed a big plastic bowl and went upstairs.

He walked into Andy's bedroom, and saw his beautiful angel still asleep. She was sprawled out across the bed. A smile played on his lips as he put the tray on the table. We walked across the room and slipped into bed with her. He carefully gathered her in his arms and fell asleep like that.

A few hours later Andy started to stir. She was a little disoriented until she realized that she was in Milo's arms. She loved the feeling of waking up next to Milo. She smiled when she saw the tray with soup and the rose. She crossed the room and sat on the love seat and ate the soup that Milo had made for her. He must have warmed it up while she was sleeping, because she knew she'd been asleep a few hours already, and it was still warm.

Milo woke up a few moments later. Andy smiled at him and said "I knew that there was a reason that I was falling more in love with you everyday."

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