Three Days

He kissed her on the forehead

To let her know everything would be all right

He kissed her on both cheeks

To show her he wouldn't leave her side

(I can't believe I'm doing this)

He kissed her on her nose

To let her know he cares

He kissed her on the mouth

To remind her of all that they will share

(I can't believe it's finally happening)

Then he moved down her neck

To the base of her throat

And there he let himself go

He opened his mouth

And sank his teeth in

Pinpricks on her pearly skin

First she was soaring

Nothing could go wrong at all

Bur then she began to fal

To fall into the fire

The pain consumes her

Felt in every tip of every finger

Kill me now she pleads

Every scream kills him

For 3 days their world is very dim

Her body is screaming

Her mind is reeling

72 hours pass

Every moment slows her heart beat

When it stops she gets to her feet

She sees him

He embraces her

Marble statues entangled together

She no longer fragile

He no longer stone

And now their love can be fully shown

They've endured the pain

Time to reap their reward

Bella can now, in all ways, love her Edward