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Saito Hajime looked around at the students he would be stuck with for a whole year. The bell rang and he shut the door. Just as he was about to start the roll call the door opened and Gar along with Kazuki rushed into the room.

"You two fools just gave yourselves a detention after class. Welcome to English." He then started the roll but Gar interrupted him.

"Sir, I was just showing this student to his class, he just transferred to America."

"What's your name, boy?"

"Garfield Logan."

"Ah, another Logan eh? It seems you're just as defiant as your brother and as idiotic also. For that you get detention all week, any objections?"

"I'll serve it with him." Kazuki spoke up. Saito smirked.

"And you would be?"

"Kazuki Himura."

"Two fools in one class? What did I do to deserve this?" Saito then took out a pack of cigarettes and started smoking. Some students tried to speak up but he silenced them with a glare. "I'll just tell you this once as I hate to repeat myself. This is my class and I make the rules. Understand?" The class nodded. "Good. Now back to the roll." A few more moments passed but then two students names caught his attention. "Well class, it seems that we've been blessed with some more Seijuros, how nice." He glared at Raven and Tokiko. "Don't expect to be treated any differently then anyone else."

"We never expect that, sir." Tokiko said calmly.

"How did you get that disgusting scar, Ms. Seijuro? Did your father beat you or do you get off on self-mutilation?"

"That's enough you bastard!" Raven yelled.

"You have quite the temper, Raven. I think you should have been called Badger, because you're so easy to rile up. You can join the two morons in their detention."

"Sir let me take her place." Tokiko spoke up.

"Insubordination? Well I won't do that but you can join her. Any more interruptions?" The class stayed silent. Again Saito smirked. "Good, now open your books to page 40."

After English Raven called Tifa and told her what had happened.

"That bastard! It's alright girls I'll pick you up after detention."

"Thanks." Raven then ended the phone call. Tokiko was away in the corner, hiding her face from sight. Raven sat beside her. "Don't let him get to you, sis." At that Tokiko had tears falling down her face.

"Why did he say that? Why did he have to say those things? Maybe it would have been better if I hadn't survived that night." Raven hugged her fiercely.

"Don't think like that. We all love you and I'm thankful every day that you survived." Tokiko smiled at her sister's words and hugged her back.

"Thanks Rae."


"Tokiko-dono, you're an amazing young woman and if Hajime-san can't see that, then he truly is a fool so please don't cry." Kazuki spoke up from the other side of the room. Raven whirled around and glared at the boy.

"You don't know what my sister- but Raven was cut off by Tokiko's arm on her shoulder. Then she walked up to Kazuki and sat beside him.

"Thank you." Kazuki face was beet red.

"I'm just speaking the truth, Tokiko." Raven observed the two and allowed a small smile to grace her face.

"That guy is really awesome." Gar spoke up beside Raven. The pale young woman glared at his proximity to her.

"And just what do you think you're doing?"

"Admiring a very beautiful person, is that alright with you Raven?" Gar's eyes were locked with Raven's and now it was Raven's face that was beet red.

"That's fine."

"Say Raven would you like to come with me to a movie or dinner sometime?"

"I…don't know. Can I have your number?" Gar nodded and wrote his number down. Handing it to Raven he gave her a beaming smile.

"Don't lose it now because I wouldn't want any other girl calling me up."

"I won't." Then Saito appeared in the doorway, another cigarette hanging between his lips.

"Time's up, now get out of my sight." The four students didn't need any further instruction and bolted out of the room.

"Thanks for your help Gar." Kazuki said, extending his hand.

"No problem Kaz if you don't mind the nickname." Gar shook the proffered hand. "Well I'll see you guys around, it was nice meeting you."

"Gar wait a second. Don't you need a ride?" Raven asked.

"Nope, I just live a few blocks away. Thanks for thinking about me though Raven; I hope you call me soon." And with a last wave he walked away from his three new friends. Kazuki and the two sisters then headed for the parking lot. Kenshin was there in a blue Ford Taurus and smiled when he saw his brother.

"How was your detention?"

"It was bearable. Oni-chan, these are my classmate's Raven and Tokiko Seijuro." Kenshin bowed towards the two girls.

"I met your older sisters today and I can see that beauty runs in your family."

"Thank you. Your brother is very kind and I can see now where he got that kindness from." Raven remarked. Tokiko then hugged Kazuki and whispered something in his ear. Kazuki's face was beet red as was Tokiko's.

"We better get going Kazuki. Have a nice day girls." Then Kazuki got in the car and the two brothers drove off.

"Well that was out of character for you sis. Looks like you have a crush. What did you tell him anyway?"

"You're one to talk Rae. I heard you ask for Gar's number. I just gave Kazuki our number and thanked him."

"You've fallen for him pretty hard, haven't you?"

"If you tell Tifa I swear I'll- but Raven cut off her tirade with a raised hand.

"I won't if you won't tell her about Gar." Tokiko nodded her consent and then they heard Tifa's loud heavy metal music blasting their eardrums. Their oldest sister honked the horn on her car and the two got in.

"So how did your first day go besides Mr. Hajime's class?"

"It was alright." Both girls answered at the same time.

"Meet any cute boys?" At that question both girls' faces flushed. Tifa saw this in her rearview mirror and smiled mischievously. "What are their names?"

"Don't tease us or I will dye all your clothes pink!" Raven yelled.

"Alright I won't tease you now talk."

"Garfield Logan and Kazuki Himura." Tokiko mumbled out.

"Tomoe and I met Kazuki's older brother today and he was hot. I can see why you'd be attracted to anyone related to him. And Gar's cute. I met him a while ago. You girls remember Reno?" Oh yes they did. Reno loved nothing more than to play practical jokes on everyone he met. Somehow Tifa had been nurturing a strong crush for him over the years but had never got up the nerve to tell him. In matters of the heart she was just like her other siblings with emotions. "I'm so happy you girls found some boyfriends, it's so cute!"

"Tifa, we don't do cute now no more talking about them!" Tokiko yelled.