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All he heard was a scream. That was all it took before he ran to where it came from, looking for the person who had produced such a shrill noise. "Hello?! Anyone?" He looked and looked, going up and down the street, before admitting failure. He began his trek home, not able to shake off the feeling that someone was following him. He would constantly turn around, to no avail. It's just my imagination, he would think. And before he knew it, he was at his house. "Oishi! Dinner's ready!" He went down to eat, mind still occupied.

Next Day At School

"Saa, Oishi, what's wrong?" Fuji looked over at the vice-captain. "Oh! Fuji! I heard this scream yesterday, and I looked for the owner, but I couldn't find her."


"Yes. It was clearly feminine."


Oishi just sighed and went back to practice, noticing that Fuji kept staring at him as if he were strange.

"Everyone, we have a match later today against Hyotei, practice purposes only." Tezuka had a manner that no one else could compete with. Arms crossed, voice stiff, he was perfect for the job of captain.

"Hai!" And everyone went to change their clothing and go to class.

"Ano…Oishi senpai, are you feeling okay?" He turned to see a curious, also blushing, Sakuno worry in her eyes. "I couldn't help to notice that you're not being yourself."

"Oh. Don't worry about it Ryuzaki san. I'm fine."

"Hai. But if you need anything, you can talk to me." Sakuno smiled and bounded off to her class.

Oishi sighed and went to his classes also, not being able to get his mind off of the scream that he had heard yesterday. Before he knew it, it was lunch and he went to the tennis courts for something to do. "Oishi senpai! Want to have a match?" Momo was grinning at him, racket at hand.

"Sure." Was all he could say as he took his racket out of his bag and got onto the courts. He lost, 5-6.

The bell rang right after that and he quickly put his things away and rushed to class.

After School

So Hyotei came to Seigaku's tennis courts, waiting for the team to get ready. Everyone played, and it was over all, a pretty good practice.

Everyone waved goodbye as Momo and Echizen went to eat burgers, Tezuka and Fuji went to the library, and Eiji went to the pet store.

So, he passed by the way where he had heard the scream, and looked around, hoping to see a sign of the girl (or woman for all he knew) but saw none. Then, a girl with raven black hair appeared out of nowhere, her back to Oishi. She was wearing an ordinary light blue dress with no designs on it. She turned and looked at him. Her skin was porcelain white and she had startling blue grey eyes. Like ice, he thought to himself. "Ano…what are you doing by yourself? It's dangerous for a girl to be around these parts alone." She smiled, though it was a sad one. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For looking for me yesterday. I appreciate your concern, even though I was a complete stranger, you still looked for me." She smiled again.

"So you're okay then? Because you look fine, and you sound fine…"

"I'm sorry that I caused you worry however. I heard your thoughts about my scream. You were distracted thinking about it. I apologize." She bowed slightly, then completely disappeared.

"How…could she have possibly known? And how did she do that?"

He walked away however, only to stumble upon her body. "Hey. Hey! Someone! Help! Call the police!"

A Few Hours Later

Oishi was at the police station, in for questioning. Once they were done, he was free to go home. That was when the girl came back. "Thank you. You found my body. I will not forget about this. Thank you." She turned and smiled over her shoulder at him, before disappearing for good. That was when it hit him. Hit him hard and good.

He had talked to a ghost.