Hi people. I'm here again. ANOTHER drabble from yours truly.


Thoughts dracp

Thoughts harry

"Go away Malfoy."

Damn you. Can you stop tormenting me with your presence?

"Why should I Potter?"

Do you really hate me that much?

"Because you are really really annoying"

Because I really like you and if you keep annoying me, I might apply my most creative way of shutting you up!


I just like staying in your presence. Problem?

"Is that the best you can come up with?"

Can't you say more? I like hearing your voice.

"I don't care"

I am stumped for words. Can't you tell? It only happens in your presence.

"Well then if you have nothing better to say, I'll leave."

Come on…Say something so I don't have to leave.

"Like what?"

You want me to tell you I really really like you?

"Bye Malfoy"

Yay. Now I can go and then MAYBE I won't think about you so much.


Shit. Shit. I screwed up again. His fault.


Say something nice.




Did he say what I THOUGHT he said?


Oh no..he's going to say no. I can tell.



"good. Meet me at greenhouse 3, 10 am"

All right!



"see you there Potter. Don't be late"



You ask me out on a date at least have the decency to address me by my name.

"Yes. Harry"