They Howled Out For More

Adam took one final look at himself in the mirror. Oh God, what he wouldn't give for another sick day. But he'd used all his up, and if he asked for more time off, people would start to get suspicious. He sighed at his sickly, pale skin and sunken eyes and quickly scrubbed a hand over his face as he turned away from the mirror. He looked like hell. Appropriate… seeing as how he'd just spent the last four days going through hell.

As he moved out of his apartment, displaying far more grace and speed than a man who had been despicably ill for almost a week really should, Adam's thoughts inevitably turned to the night that had changed his life forever. Curiosity killed the cat. No… but it damn near killed this wolf. Adam sighed as he got into the elevator and lifted his head to press the button, catching sight of his reflection in the elevator's steel doors. A hissing gasp forced its way out as he scrunched his now-yellow eyes shut, willing them back to their normal blue. If he'd only stayed away from that club…

Adam moved through the club as best he could, trying hard to look like he belonged or at least like he wasn't a wide-eyed newbie. Which he was. The thumping beat of the music reverberated through his chest and his eyes widened as he belatedly realised that not all the glowing in the room was from the lights, that the majority of the fluttering lightshow was the lustrous yellow of werewolf eyes.

Moving to the side of the room, Adam eased himself onto an unoccupied barstool. The club, while being incredibly cool and way beyond his expectations, was starting to creep him out a little. So the question remained… Stay? Or go? Movement next to him made Adam look up. Straight into the nicest, most eye-popping cleavage he had ever seen. Whoa damn… stay… definitely stay…

The cleavage was talking to him, "Huh?" he replied intelligently, forcing his eyes up to the girl's face.

The redheaded werewolf grinned at him, eyes flashing yellow, "You're cute… I've always wondered what doin' a human would be like…"

"Uh…" Adam squeaked out, sliding off his stool.

"What the fuck are you doing?" a voice that was not the cleavage broke into Adam's reverie.

Adam looked up, and up, and up into the face of a very angry werewolf, "I… well… I was…" he looked pleadingly at the redhead, but no help was forthcoming, "…talking?" he offered.

"Oh? Talking?" the very large werewolf sneered down at him and Adam's heart sank.

"Mm-hmm…" Adam started to back up, but chose the wrong direction, flinching as his back came into sharp contact with the wall.

The huge werewolf snarled, teeth pulling back into a roar. Adam cringed and tried to duck to the side, but was pinned in place by an enormous meaty hand next to his head. The other plate-sized fist pulled back and came rushing towards Adam's face. Blue eyes widened and Adam reflexively ducked. The werewolf let out a howl as his fist smashed into the wall. Adam's face paled and he cringed again, trying to duck out the other way. He managed three rapid, stumbling steps before his shirt was yanked back and he stared up at the furious werewolf.

He blinked rapidly, twisting his head to the side as he felt something drip onto his face. He heard the werewolf growl, then snicker as he was set back on his feet. Adam doubled over, gagging and retching in pain, as the werewolf drove his fist into his stomach. Gasping, chest heaving, Adam moaned softly as he was hauled back to his feet. He blinked dazed blue eyes up at the werewolf, waiting for another blow. But it never came.

Instead, the werewolf held his bloodied fist up in front of Adam's face. Adam frowned blearily, not understanding. Then the werewolf unclenched his fist, a malicious smile crossing his face, and tipped his hand up, letting the freely flowing blood run down his fingers and drip onto Adam's face. It was then, blinking droplets of werewolf blood from his eyes, that Adam understood.

"No…" he whispered, eyes widening, blood rolling in tears down his face.

The werewolf simply let him go, "Run, little man," he shrugged, licking the blood off one knuckle, then holding his hand out to the redhead, who purred and began lapping at the bleeding wounds, "If you hurry, you might make it to a hospital before it really starts to get excruciating."

Adam stared at the grinning werewolves for a moment longer before breaking into a run and shoving his way through the crowd, ignoring the disgruntled growls and snarls that were thrown after him. Tears he didn't know he was crying mingled with the blood on his face. Sobbing harshly Adam threw himself headlong down the street heading for the closest hospital.

He didn't know how long he ran, all Adam could concentrate on was the next breath he took. When Adam finally looked up again, it was to partially blurred, red flashing lights. He let out a sob of relief as the Emergency Room doors came into view. The sob of relief turned into a hiss of pain as bolts of agony began to race up and down his spine. Adam staggered forward, towards the doors. He let out a strangled moan, leaning on the doors, then stumbling forward and hitting the floor as the doors slid open.

Adam's world was silent for a moment as fiery pain shot through him, making his back arch and his eyes scrunch shut. Then, as his back flopped down onto the ER floor and he reluctantly opened his eyes, the noise came back and Adam's world was filled with people.

"Sir? Sir, can you hear me?"

The lab-coated man reached for him, "No… stop… werewolf… infected…" Adam ground out as spasms of pain washed through him.

The world faded away again as Adam's body convulsed, pain-wracked spasms making his eyes bulge in their sockets and his mouth fall open in a silent scream. The ER personnel fell back, hands coming clear as they watched Adam's normally blue eyes flash dark yellow then bleed back to pain-filled blue. As this round of convulsions came to an end, Adam coughed weakly, tears rolling down his cheeks, and looked up into the nearest doctor's face.

"Please… I… he did it on purpose…" more tears rolled down his cheeks, "… he did…" the rest of Adam's sentence was broken off into an agonised screech as he convulsed in pain once more.

Adam whimpered and tried to curl onto his side, only to realise that somewhere in his last wave of all-encompassing pain, he'd been placed in a bed and restrained. He tugged weakly at the restraints covering his wrists and moaned hoarsely, every muscle in his body aching, throat scratchy from his constant screaming. He'd passed out at least twice, he knew that much, but damn, he wished he'd been unconscious for longer. A noise from the doorway caught his attention. Lifting his head up and wincing at the pain, Adam glanced at the doctor who entered his room.

"Ah, Mr Ross, you're awake…" the doctor said in a falsely cheerful voice.

Adam heaved a sigh through his nose and let his head fall back onto the pillow. He tensed abruptly, ignoring the screaming pain of his abused muscles, as a strangely familiar, yet still unknown scent floated past him. Trying not to hyperventilate, he forced himself to relax, eyes widening and slowly, unconsciously bleeding into a dark yellow.


Where did that come from?! Adam's eyes widened a little more and he forced himself to try and concentrate on what the doctor was saying to him. The doctor spoke quickly, checking Adam's vitals, a dubiously reassuring smile on his face, but never coming within three feet of Adam's bed.

Striking distance. Fear. He's afraid.

Adam shivered, shaking his head and forcing himself to concentrate on the doctor's words, "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" he asked hoarsely.

"I said…" the doctor looked even more nervous, "That there may be some residual side-effects from the turning for the next few days or so… If you'd like to make an appointment with one of the counsellors…"

"Thanks," Adam croaked out, looking everywhere but at the doctor, wanting to be rid of the man's fear and the distracting thoughts about striking distance, "I might just do that."

As the doctor turned away from him, obviously glad of the dismissal, he either missed or chose to ignore Adam's mumbled, "When Lucifer takes up figure skating."

A few hours and a stack of paperwork later, Adam was sitting in the back of a cab, wishing he could fall asleep and trying not to throw up as the cab driver seemed determined to hit every pothole the Big Apple had to offer. Throwing far too much money at the cabbie as he pulled up outside his apartment building, Adam hauled his aching frame into the building and up to his apartment.

As Adam's memories pushed open the door to his apartment, Adam's reality pushed open the doors to CSI. Shaking his morose thoughts off and trying to paste a less depressed look on his face, he headed to Mac's office to sign in and discuss his newfound werewolf status with his supervisor. A discussion he was not looking forward to, leading into a day he was not looking forward to.

"God hates me…" he mumbled to himself as he scrubbed a hand over his eyes and reluctantly raised his hand to knock on Mac's door.

"Come in," came the slightly distracted voice from the other side of the door.

Adam took a steadying breath and pushed open the door, carefully shutting it behind him. He waited for a few moments for Mac to speak, but the former Marine stayed silent, still absorbed in the case file in front of him. Adam took the few steps across the office and quietly lowered himself into the chair on the opposite side of Mac's desk. He waited a few more moments before quickly determining that Mac wasn't going to be starting the conversation anytime soon. He opened his mouth.

"Um… Mac?"

And did not expect the reaction he got. A startled string of curses, obviously learnt during his time in the military, flew from Mac's mouth. The former Marine shoved his chair back, half-standing, before he realised it was Adam. He sat back down with a sigh, shaking his head.

"Damn it, Adam, make some noise or something!"

Adam stared at him in shock, "I am so sorry. I thought I did. I mean, I opened and shut the door, I walked across the room, I pulled the chair out and sat down…" he would have continued but Mac held up a hand.

"Adam, it's fine…" Mac looked searchingly at the man in front of him, "I take it you're ready to come back to work?"

"Yes, I am," Adam replied, fidgeting slightly in his seat.

Mac noticed the slight movement, "You do realise we have other werewolves on staff that you can talk to about this if you want to? And my door is always open, though I don't know how much help I'd be…"

Adam nodded, keeping his eyes down, "I'd much rather just keep it quiet. I don't really want anyone to know."

Mac nodded as well, waiting for Adam to meet his eyes before he spoke, voice quiet but intense, "We will find them, Adam. They won't get away with what happened."

Adam swallowed hard around the lump that suddenly appeared in his throat and nodded again, getting to his feet, "Thank you, Mac."

"Take care, Adam. Don't overdo it."