He cracked his eyes open to see Flack standing in the doorway, laughing, "Oh man, now that is something you don't see every day," the lanky detective said, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

Adam barely resisted the urge to growl at him, "Please, just help me get him to the car?" he grumbled at Flack, before turning to Marty, "Marty? We're going home now. Can you please, please keep your hands to yourself until we get to the car?"

Marty nodded, the picture of dubious innocence. Adam sighed and turned back to Flack. He got to his feet, pulling his now-unresisting mate with him. He kept hold of Marty's wrists for a second longer, eyes searching him for any trace of duplicity. Marty blinked wide, brown, doped up eyes back at him. Adam shook his head and reluctantly let go of Marty's wrists. The redheaded tech turned back to the detective, totally missing the sly grin that spread across the other werewolf's face.

"Okay, is there any secret passageway or anything that you cops know about that... SHIT!" Adam yelped, leaping about three feet in the air as he was thoroughly goosed by a happily giggling Marty.

That was the end of Donald Flack Jr. The lanky, blue-eyed detective howled with mirth, tears rolling down his face as he took in the stunned expression on Adam's face and the cheeky pride on the still sniggering Marty's. He leaned on the doorframe, gasping for air and looked over at the two werewolves. Adam had hold of Marty's wrists again and his face had turned almost the same shade of red as his hair.

"Sorry," Flack choked out, getting himself back under control.

Marty suddenly seemed to notice that Flack was in the room, "Flack! Hey, hey, hey..." he tugged on Adam's hands, manoeuvring around so he was facing the detective, "Guess what?!" he carolled, grinning beatifically, "Adam bit me! I'm his mate and we're gonna have lotsa sex!"

Adam thumped his head lightly against the nearest locker as that one comment sent the detective into fresh gales of laughter. He sighed loudly and waited for the detective to curb his snickers. Flack's face was still red and his lips were still twitching suspiciously, but he straightened up and nodded to Adam.

"Okay. No secret passages, but I can pull the car right up to the loading dock. All we gotta do is get him through CSI."

Adam cringed at that, "Great."

He tugged Marty along gently and hesitated just outside the locker room door, prompting Flack to turn around, "Ya okay there, Adam?"

Marty pouted up at the blue-eyed detective, "My Adam… Mine!"

Flack let out a snort of laughter, which made Marty frown even more, "My Adam," he pouted, "My mate… Mine!"

Adam shot a frown at Flack, who was still trying unsuccessfully not to laugh, "Yes, Marty," he said long-sufferingly, leading the pouting werewolf past the detective, "I'm your mate," he mumbled under his breath, "And you are going to pay dearly for this when we get home…"

Walking almost backwards through CSI, Marty still plastered to his hip, Adam just tried to keep his eyes straight ahead, ignoring the people around him. Thankfully, Marty didn't seem to want to tell anyone else about the bite mark, and they made it to the car and back to Adam's apartment without incident.

Adam manoeuvred the other man down onto his couch, glancing at him as he did. With a smile and a small sigh, he let go of Marty's wrists. The man was practically asleep. Adam lifted Marty's feet onto the couch and plopped himself down in an armchair opposite him, draping an arm across his eyes. What a hell of a day.

A quiet snort escaped the redhead, "Oh how today sucked ass… let me count the ways…"

Marty shifted in his sleep, murmuring to himself. Adam looked at him from under the arm still slung over his eyes. He sighed, but kept talking to himself, feeling better hearing his problems out loud. He did lower his voice a little though.

"Let's see… first, I had a heart-to-heart with the boss. No, wait… first I scared the absolute crap outta the boss. Then I had a heart-to-heart with him. Then… I had some weird freaky-ass fascination with meat. And people. For some reason I had to have people around me all day today."

Adam sighed, "That is… of course… until you came wandering past the breakroom. Then…" an almost hysterical chuckle forced its way out of his throat, making Marty shift some more in his sleep, "… then…" Adam lowered his voice again, "…you just randomly start spouting crap about mates and doms and subs… and suddenly we're makin' out in the locker room and I'm biting on your neck!"

"Not to mention…" he continued, "The fact that you appeared to be enjoying the whole neck bitey thing. Then there was the whole drugged up hippy thing you had goin' on afterwards," he glanced under his arm at the sleeping werewolf again, "That was just creepy, Marty. I mean, are you gonna be doin' that every time I kiss you?"

A blush crawled across his cheeks, "And damn… how do I go from bisexual-but-leaning-towards-women and single to suddenly having a very male, very werewolf and very permanent boyfriend."

Another soft murmur made his way to him as Marty turned over on the couch. Adam looked at him, pulling his hand away from his eyes. He dropped both hands down into his lap and just watched the other man sleep for a while, thinking. He had Marty in his life now. Yeah, Marty wasn't the type he normally went for. Adam snorted; he wasn't female for starters, but still…

"Does it really matter?" he asked himself softly, still watching the other man, "I guess not," he finished with a small smile.

Coming into work the next day was entertaining. For Adam at least. Marty spent most of the morning looking incredibly bewildered. Danny and Sheldon seemed to be a little nervous of him for some reason. Flack seemed to be making a great effort not to laugh, as did Mac. It wasn't until he opened his locker down in autopsy and snippets of the day before began floating through his mind, that Marty understood. And was completely mortified.

He closed his locker and thumped his head lightly against it. No wonder Danny and Sheldon were nervous. He'd growled at them. And no wonder Flack and Mac were laughing. He'd spent most of yesterday afternoon acting like he was high as a kite. He looked up and over at the wall as the autopsy phone rang. With another shake of his head, Marty moved over to the phone and picked it up, resting it against his ear.

"Autopsy, Dr Pino."

"Marty, I need you in my office, please," Mac's still-amused voice came down the phone.

Marty thumped his head against the wall again, "I'll be right there, Mac."

He put down the phone and hurried up to the supervisor's office. He pushed open the door, blushing furiously as he caught the eyes of Danny, Sheldon and Mac. He ducked his head and dropped into an empty seat between Adam and Lindsay. He mouthed a quick 'I'm sorry' to Danny and Sheldon, who both flashed him grins in return. Adam caught the exchange and bit back a smile, leaning in and murmuring to him.

"So you remembered?" and biting back an even bigger smile when Marty glared at him.

Mac took the opportunity to start speaking before a werewolf argument got started, "Okay… I assume you all got the internal memo about the new werewolf taskforce that's starting up in next month's budget?" he asked, passing around a folder to each person.

Stella shook her head, "Sorry Mac, I must've missed that one."

Mac frowned slightly, but elaborated, "Next month, a new combination CSI/technician team will be starting up to work in conjunction with us. This team will be comprised solely of werewolves," a small smile flickered across his face at Marty's wide grin and Adam's look of surprise before he continued, "The Taskforce, as it's been referred to, will be used to handle cases to do with werewolves."

Stella nodded, "Right. So, they'll be able to give us a better insight into the cases. Got it."

Mac nodded, before continuing his original point, "The NYPD Werewolf Taskforce. A six man team comprising of both field personnel and lab personnel. This is the new taskforce."

Over the rustling of papers, Mac carried on speaking, reading from the file in his hand, "Archie Johnson, born werewolf, AV Technician, transfer from Las Vegas CSI. Nick Stokes, turned when he was nine, CSI Level Three, transfer from Las Vegas CSI. Greg Sanders, born werewolf, CSI Level One/DNA Technician, transfer from Las Vegas CSI. Ryan Wolfe, turned one month ago, CSI Level Two, transfer from Miami-Dade CSI."

Lindsay frowned slightly, "Mac, that's only four."

Mac looked at her and raised an eyebrow, "I'm aware of that."

Danny smirked suddenly, "Haven't you worked it out yet, Montana?"

Mac cut in before the fight could start over Lindsay's hated nickname, "Marty Pino, born werewolf, Medical Examiner, NYPD. Adam Ross, turned…" Mac hesitated here as all heads swung to Adam, but continued softly, "…turned eight days ago, Lab Technician, NYPD," he looked at Lindsay again, "I believe that makes our six man team."