Secret Identity

Author's Note: Hi! This is one of my first AAMR so I hope it satisfies all you Ash and Misty lovers out there. It's got a lot of facets to it, humor, romance, adventure, so hopefully you can find something you like in it. Also, I have to admit, I am a little behind in the actual Pokemon TV show.  I'm basically inventing some of my own rules in this first part so that the rest of the story has some structure, so if it seems strange or incorrect, please just bear with me. If you do have any suggestions of how to fix it so that it would be more similar to what's really happening, feel free to let me know. And now, on with the fic…


         The crowd roared. Ash felt the adrenaline rush that crashed through him like a tidal wave whenever he won a battle. He was so close, one more battle and he would win his third Pokemon League championship in a row--Orange League, Johto, and with one more win the Hoenn League. According to new rules issued by the IPLA (International Pokemon League Association), three league wins in a row merited the coveted opportunity to battle the Elite Four to become the next Pokemon Master.

         He couldn't wait. He knew he could do it, deep inside he felt himself almost boiling over in anticipation of doing something, accomplishing his lifelong dream. It was the one thing he had worked for all these years and he could feel success close enough to touch. A new, tingling sensation steadily swept through him, causing his fingers to quiver and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up in anticipation. What else could this new feeling possibly mean?

         His intense train of thought was broken as he felt himself being wrapped in a tight embrace. He gazed at her lovingly; the fiery redhead who had so irritated him just a few years ago had transformed into a beautiful woman. He often teased her as "His little Butterfree who had come out of her Kakuna." This remark was usually followed by a whack on the head by her handy mallet, thought they both knew it was all in good fun. His eyes followed her legs down for what seemed like an eternity until her tight jeans blossomed out above her ankles and half covered a black pair of chunky heels. Her shirt imitated her jeans when they also flared at her wrist. The sky blue silky top ended abruptly in a knot under her chest, exposing her flat midriff to his admiration. All of her sunset colored hair cascaded down, framing her face in feathery layers.

         "I knew you could do it, Ash, I just knew," she said through teary eyes, "You'll be on your way to the Four before you know it."

         "I hope so, Mist. I can feel it, something's going to happen, something awesome...I'm gonna be the greatest Pokemon Master ever!"

         She smiled softly at his determination. Of all the things that had changed within him since Johto, that dream never had. Shortly after he had won that championship, Brock had been offered a prominent position at Suzie's breeding center, which was booming with business. He had been sorry to leave his friends, but they had all decided it was the best thing for his future and career.

         In the weeks and months that had followed Brock's departure, she and Ash had become closer than ever. Forced to settle their petty differences themselves, with no third party to act as mediator, they had learned a lot about each other. Not that they hadn't still had fights on occasion...his stubbornness plus her temper had the potential to result in some major clashes, similar to the ones that had regularly plagued them throughout their earlier journeys, but they somehow always were able to work things out.

         After a month and a half, they had decided to take their friendship to the next level and had gone on their first official date on a pleasant evenng in mid-June.  Ash had taken her to a romantic Italian restaurant, then out dancing at the local nightclub. He had planned to take her home then, but neither of them wanted the night to be over. They ended up taking a moonlit walk on the beach and kissing under the stars.

         'It had been perfect,' Misty thought to herself as she reflected on the past, 'Just perfect.'

         From then on, their relationship had only grown deeper. Each of them was slowly, but surely learning to do radical things that they would only have scoffed at when they were younger; compromising, listening to each other before immediately assigning blame, not getting upset over minor everyday annoyances...All these budding maturities had helped not only in the growth of their relationship, but their individual growths as well.

         'After all,' Misty thought, 'We're not little kids anymore. I turned 20 last month and Ash'll be 19 in a couple of weeks."

         Ash watched her serious face for a minute, then smiled as he asked, "Whatcha thinking so hard about Misty?"

         "Oh,, " She said, grinning.

         "Ah, my favorite topic, " He replied chuckling as he leaned towards her.

         Misty felt her knees go weak as usual as Ash kissed her. She sighed involuntarily as she felt his tongue gently caress her lower lip, then move on to explore the inside of her mouth. They lost themselves until-

         They began to hear hoots and cat-whistles erupting from around the stadium. They broke apart, curious to see what the commotion was all about. All of the sudden they spotted the giant screens on either side of the stadium that normally allowed the unfortunate fans with poor seats to watch the Pokemon battle up close. At that point in time, however, Ash and Misty were the only ones being watched. The camera had zoomed in for one last close-up of Ash as the winner during their 'private moment' and now the entire stadium was getting an up close and personal view of their embrace.

         They both blushed deeply as they remembered that they were still standing in the middle of the arena.

         "Whoops," Misty whispered, "Maybe we should take this somewhere more private."

         Ash nodded embarrassedly in agreement and led her out of the arena after one final victory wave at the crowd.

         They half-ran giddily through the tunnel that led to the parking lot. Just as they were about to come to the door, a dark figure stepped out from the shadows and stood in front of them

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