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The beginning of the end

A fountain of blood shot from the dead mans throat as the kunai slid through it, leaving a deep cut that almost separated his head from his shoulders. The last guardian of the Temple of Lost Souls collapsed in a heap and didn't get up again. "Too easy" said the red-eyed man as he calmly cleaned the kunai of blood and slid it back into a hidden pocket in his black robe, decorated with fluffy red clouds.

His associate just finished yanking his sword out of a body so mangled that it looked more like a bowl of porridge than a human. "Yeah, didn't even break a sweat."

"Lets go." Said the man with red eyes and slowly walked through the giant double doors, the first in a millennium to enter these doors. A warm glow of orange light greeted the two Akatsuki members as they walked the length of the only corridor.

As they kept going the light got stronger and stronger until eventually the corridor opened into a huge room, it's ceiling so high they couldn't see it, the room was at least half a mile long and twice as wide, in the center stood a pillar, on top of it the objected that emanated the orange light, now so strong that the man with the huge bandaged sword had to cover his eyes with the sleeve of his robe.

The other man didn't even blink those scarlet eyes and advanced towards the pillar.

"We have found it at last. Leader will be most pleased" he reached his hand and took what looked like a handful of orange light, but then he noticed that it was breathing. A maniac laugh escaped the mouth of Uchiha Itachi, a sound that he haven't heard in years, he was a little surprised himself. But he couldn't stop laughing, they finally had it, the final part of their leader's plan, the only thing they needed now was one more Jinchuuriki, the Kyuubi. And then, nothing could stop them.

"Naruto! Think fast!"

"Ha?" the blonde was suddenly attacked by what looked like a big pink head. He grabbed the girl by the waist and threw her in the air, only to fall into his outstretched arms for a hug.

Sakura giggled "put me down you goof." When her legs touched the ground she looked up at him, still getting used to his new looks.

The twelve-year-old Uzumaki Naruto she grew up with was a short, skinny and most of all an annoying little brat, she now faced a sixteen-year-old Naruto, and he was almost nothing like his old self. He was now much taller than her, his eyes still the amazing blue orbs they've always been, but they were different now, no longer innocent and playful, they had a touch of sorrow in them, a sorrow that appeared after seeing the dark side of the world, death and pain. His hair still consisted of the spiky golden locks, but he let it grow and now it grew beyond his forehead protector and covered half of his eyes, a look Sakura thought was much better then the old style. His shoulders were broad and muscular, his body was not body-builder style, but it was indeed ripped. When she hugged him she felt his very solid chest and defined abs, not to mention the amazing strength in his arms.

"Sakura? Are you alright?" She just realized she's been staring at him for the past five minutes.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She smiled at him and he shot back his huge, sheepish grin, some things never change. "So, there are still things I want to show you."

He just got back to the village three days ago and still hasn't gotten around to see all the changes that took place in the three years he's been out training. He nodded, put on his shoes and followed his pink haired comrade out the door of his small apartment. It was a beautiful, sunny day in the hidden village of Konoha, and Naruto smiled, he sure missed this place.

He jumped across the porch to the roof of the next building, having just spotted someone he hasn't seen in three years, riding a giant dog. "KIBA! You flee-bag!" The dog ninja turned around just in time to receive a face-full of blonde hair in his eyes as the number one most unpredictable ninja in the village crashed on top of Akamaru, the wolf sized dog that Kiba was riding.

"Yuck! I've got hair in my mouth!" Naruto laughed, "just cough out a fur ball you mutt."

Kiba grinned at slapped Naruto on the back "been a long time since I wanted to beat the crap out of someone after seeing him for just 5 seconds, we sure missed you, Uzumaki." Akamaru barked his approval. After a bit of catching up, Kiba waved the blonde away by saying that he was going to see the Hokage to hand in a report, but assured him that he was going to throw a welcome-home party for Naruto soon, and that he'll let him know.

Naruto and Sakura kept walking, running into old friends every now and then. Finally they reached the north part of Konoha, where Naruto asked Sakura if she can give him some time alone and that he'll catch up with her later.

She shrugged and said she's got business to attend to at the hospital, though curious about what Naruto wanted to do.

Naruto waited until he couldn't sense her anymore and then started walking towards the old training fields. He looked at the three poles standing there and sighed. "Sasuke…" his missing comrade was still nowhere to be found, and Naruto still intended on keeping his promise; he was going to get Sasuke back, no matter what.

A distant memory of a waterfall filled his head and the words he's been thinking about for the last three years echoed in his head. "To me… you have become my closest friend."

Naruto kicked the pole "why, Sasuke? Why did you say something like that and then try to kill me?" He kicked the pole again, causing splinters to fly everywhere. He felt tears building up inside of him and his vision blurred, he was just thinking about letting go when…

"N-N-N-Naruto-kun?" He recognized that small and shy voice and turned around. He gasped; in front of him stood the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Her long black hair was collected in a single ponytail that reached her waist, with two strands falling on each side of her face, her upper body was covered with a baggy coat that was open just enough to suggest about what was underneath it, but her eyes were what caused him to hold his breath. They were almost completely white, the color of lavender, big and shiny, they reflected the sunlight, causing them to sparkle and shine like lavender colored jewels.

"Hinata-chan?" He asked weakly, not believing what he was seeing. She blushed so deeply she looked like a lobster, maybe because she was surprised he remembered her, or maybe because he didn't take his eyes off of her for the last couple of minutes.

He just realized what he was doing and (with some effort) looked the other way "so… how've you been?" Naruto whispered, as if afraid to scare her away.

"OK… and you?" "You know… training… you look really great." He said before he could stop himself. She looked at him for a second, and then turned completely red and fainted with a squeak.

He was there within a fraction of a second, just a blur to the untrained eye; he caught her in his arms, already used to her fainting. He kept staring at her as she lay in his arms, still amazed at how beautiful she was.

Hinata was sure she was dreaming, she just saw Naruto again; he said she looked good, and she kept herself conscious for five whole minutes with him! And now she was lying in what felt like a very muscular bed, though she knew she was in her room, about to wake up to another dull day.

She opened her eyes; at first she thought she was sleeping outside, because she thought she saw the sky. Then she realized she was gazing up at two amazingly blue eyes that belonged to the person she loved more than anything else in the world.

She quickly closed her eyes, maybe she'll wake up for real this time. "Hinata-chan?" asked the blue eyes "are you alright?"

The Hyuuga opened her eyes again, the blue orbs were still there, this joke was getting rather cruel.

"I'm fine." She sat up, shook her head a bit, but the dream still didn't go away. Hinata turned around to face Naruto, as she saw the concern in his eyes she blushed again and turned to the other direction 'he's really worried about me.' She thought to herself 'don't be stupid girl, of course he is, you just fainted and he's the most caring person in the world.' Her other side said.

She sighed and looked at him, Naruto was much closer now, his blue eyes shining in the morning sun. Her blush deepened even more, she's never been this close to Naruto, he touched his hand to her forehead, feeling her temperature.

"I think you've got a fever or something, you're really hot." He also noticed that her face was redder than the red spiral on his shoulder. "Are you sure everything's OK?" She could only manage to nod once with her head and closed her eyes at his touch.

He smiled and suddenly, before even he realized it, grabbed Hinata and hugged her "it's good seeing you again, I missed you, Hinata-chan." He noticed that she felt very limp in his arms, he sighed. She fainted again.

Kisame and Itachi entered the dark cave, a huge statue that looked like a giant holding out his hands, his mouth open, the giant had nine eyes. Eight of them were open.

"Do you have it?" said a shadowy figure that appeared in front of them, other shadowy figures stood on the giant's fingers. Itachi formed a few hand seals, a bright orange light illuminated the room, the shadowy figure in front of them held out his hand, the light slowly subdued. In Itachi's hand lay the creature, slowly breathing in and out, lying on top of his ten orange tails.

They could've sworn they heard the leader chuckle as he relived Itachi of his burden, he and Kisame suddenly appeared on two of the giant's fingers as well. The leader looked at the thing that slept peacefully in his hand, something no human has ever seen before, a creature that even myths said wasn't real. And he now belonged to Akatsuki.

Kisame would bet on his sword that he heard the leader laugh, a cold and low laugh, but with real joy in it. "Now, my friends…" The leader looked at them all, revealing his maniac smile, his weird eyes were glowing "we are truly INVINCIBLE!"