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"Now what?" Neji stared at everyone, his body language saying nothing but hate, but his eyes were completely dead.

Lee and Ten-Ten chased after him for two whole days, finally catching him while he was pulverizing a tree until it was nothing more than a pile of splinters. Lee had to beat him over the head with a log and then carry him back to camp while he was unconscious.

"I don't know, what do we do now?" Lee didn't even get up from the log he was sitting on. His head was buried in his hands, showing none of his usual good mood and fiery spirit.

They were all shaken up by the sight they have seen in the clearing, the murder of the entire Hyuuga clan left a deep impact on them all. Especially on Neji and Hinata, but at least she had Naruto to comfort her. Ten-Ten put her hand on Neji's shoulder, but he just shrugged her off angrily and moved to stand at the other side of camp.

"We should probably get back to the village and tell Tsunade, so she could investigate this." Sakura kicked at a random sleeping bag every now and then as she walked around the fire.

Hinata, who stood by Naruto, leaning on his shoulder, stood up straight and walked to the center of the camp. Sakura stopped her pacing and stared at her with surprise, so did everyone else. Hinata had a look in her eyes that no one has seen before, a look of self-confidence and determination. She wiped her tears and said with a strong voice "no, we won't go back to the village. We'll find the killer ourselves, and get revenge."

The entire camp was in shock, no one would have ever expected Hinata to talk about hunting and revenge. Naruto's shoulders slumped against the tree and he covered his eyes with his hands.

"What are you talking about? We couldn't possibly find whoever did this, and we certainly stand no chance against them. Since they could… and we're…" Sakura choked with tears and Ten-Ten took off where she left "look, we might be pretty decent ninjas, but this is really a case for ANBU. We have to go back."

Hinata stomped the ground and yelled "it would take us at least two days to get back in the village, it would take at least two days for ANBU to get here and a few more days until they find a hint, since it would probably disappear by then. This…" she struggled with herself not to sob, though the tears were flowing unchecked down her face. "This was done no more than a few days ago, we'll have a better chance to finding whoever did this than ANBU since they must have gotten more than a couple of miles between us and them. Think about how far the killers could get in a week."

Everyone still looked unsure so she said "we can at least find where they're hiding and then call ANBU. Then we won't get in trouble…" she said that last bit in a pleading tone and looked at her cousin, hoping for support. He just stood there and stared at the ground with dead eyes.

"I agree with her." Naruto pushed himself from the tree and took Hinata's hand in his own, gripping her tightly. "The least we could do is find their trail before it gets cold, save ANBU some time." Lee nodded at looked up at them, his eyes burning with hate.

Ten-Ten sighed and nodded too, Sakura began packing their gear and Neji still didn't move, he was staring at the ground and mumbling to himself.

The thought of going back to that place didn't seat well with any of them, but they had to start searching from there. They reached the clearing and covered their noses, the stench of death was everywhere and it was suffocating to breath. They split up and searched around the clearing for hints.

It wasn't long before Ten-Ten called for them, she was pointing at the ground were claw marks were clearly visible and they were leading deep into the forest, going south.

Sakura sent a message to Tsunade via a frog that Naruto summoned "so they would at least get a proper burial." Sakura choked on her tears as she said it and Lee gripped her shoulder tightly.

They were following the path for a few hours when the claw trail suddenly vanished, they all stopped and looked around them. For some reason no one remembered where they came from and where they were.

"Er… where the hell did we go?" Naruto asked and looked around, everything looked exactly the same, trees and trees everywhere he looked.

"Well… we were definitely going south… and when we left Konoha we were going east... we were running at a speed of about…" Ten-Ten spread a map on the ground and mumbled, calculating where they were.

She stopped and looked up at them, a look of confusion in her brown eyes.

"What?" Neji growled at her and she flinched.

"Well… according to the map… we should be around… here." She pointed at a big brown spot on the map. "That's a barren land, there shouldn't be a forest here."

Lee pointed on his map "there's a mountain in mine."

Hinata drew her map and ran her finger across it "t-t-there's a lake in m-mine…"

Everybody looked around them, suddenly the forest was full of sounds of creaking, like the trees were moving. Hinata took a step back, her coat got caught in a branch and she screamed. She pushed Naruto out of her way when she tried to escape, he bumped into Ten-Ten and she fell down.

They were all pushing and shoving each other for reasons they didn't quite understand. The panic grew and soon they were almost fighting each other, someone stepped on a twig and it snapped, the sound made the girls scream and run in different directions. Naruto ran after Hinata and Lee ran after Sakura.

Naruto ran and ran and ran, not knowing what was the source of this panic that gripped him but knowing that he couldn't stop running or else something bad would happen to him. Suddenly he saw a bright light to his left and immediately ran in that direction, not thinking for one second about it.

He reached the light and saw Hinata sitting next to a tree, holding a flashlight. Naruto smiled and made a move towards her, she pointed the flashlight into his eyes and he was blinded, he raised his hands to protect his eyes. "What are you doing Hina-" before he could finish the sentence something hit him in the stomach, he flew back and slammed into a tree.

He looked up and saw Hinata in her fighting stance, he looked around her when the light was in his eyes again. He was hit again, this time something hit him square in the face.

Stars burst in his eyes and he fell to his knees, he heard laughing and saw Hinata standing a few feet away from him and laughing. Could it be that she attacked him?

"Hinata, did you-?" the light was in his eyes again and this time he dove to the right, he heard something hit the ground where he was just a second ago. This couldn't be Hinata, she would never attack him. So it must be…

Naruto drew a kunai and charged straight at Hinata, she screamed and kicked at him. The kick hit him in the jaw and a big cloud of smoke exploded where the bunshin was. The real Naruto came from behind Hinata and tackled her to the ground, facing the dirt.

He held her head, not letting her escape, she struggled but Naruto held her firmly, tears in his eyes. It hurt him so much to hurt anything that looked like Hinata, even if it wasn't really her. Suddenly light burst in front of his eyes again. He let go of Hinata and jumped back. When his vision was back to normal Hinata was on her feet, breathing heavily and crying. It almost looked just like her, but Naruto wouldn't be fooled.

Hinata ran through the forest, running away from the danger she was sure was chasing her. She ran until she heard nothing behind her, she looked around and when she saw nothing that could help her find out where she were she remembered that somebody must be looking for her. She sat down on the ground and lighted a flashlight, waiting for someone to find her. She hoped it would be Naruto, she could really use a shoulder to cry on right now, she still could not believe what had happened and she would probably be just like Neji right now if it weren't for her blonde lover.

Naruto crashed through the trees in front of her, she smiled and playfully shined the flashlight in his eyes. He suddenly clinched in pain as if someone hit him, she jumped on her feet and searched for whatever it was in the trees.

Suddenly Naruto fell to his knees, Hinata laughed, he bend over like that so that the crack of his bottom could be seen clearly from the top of his pants.

He jumped to his right, and Hinata saw something slamming into the ground where his head was, it looked like it came from the trees, she scanned the upper branches and was about to ask Naruto if she should activate her Byakugan when she saw him rushing at her with a kunai in his hands. Her ninja instincts reacted automatically and she kicked him hard. He burst into a cloud of smoke, a bunshin?

Something caught her from behind and she fell down, it pressed her head hard into the ground and she couldn't breath. She was starting to lose consciousness when suddenly she was free. She jumped to her feet and turned around, she saw Naruto looking at her with death in his eyes.

"What…?" she sobbed, tears clouding her vision. She saw a yellow flash rushing her way and she let out another kick.

In the upper tree branches a shadow chuckled and whispered "welcome, to the Forest of Lies. Will you find the truth… or die?"

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