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"Dosu, what does 'diabolical' mean?"

Dosu lifted his head up and sighed. His annoying teammate asked him the stupidest questions. "Wicked."

Zaku laughed. "Am I diabolical?"


"Are you?"


Zaku snorted. It sounded kinda weird to him.

"Do you ever get lonely, like I do?"

Dosu turned to him. "What do you mean?"

"Without family."

"I guess."

Dosu laid back, his back firmly planted on the grass he was laying on. "Dosu?"

Before Dosu had the time to react, Zaku had carefully placed his body weight on top of Dosu, getting him to gasp slightly.

Zaku's hand reached for Dosu's bandages, revealing a face Zaku never got tired of.

He lightly caressed Dosu's cheeks and kissed him slightly on the lips.

Dosu smirked against the kiss and opened his mouth.

They kissed lovingly for a while, pulled back when the need for oxygen was dire and lay in silence.

"You aren't lonely anymore, Dosu. I am here." Zaku said, with a smile.

The smaller boy curled up, and rest his head on Zaku's shoulder.

The light breathing told Zaku that Dosu was asleep.

Zaku smiled again. "But you already know that."