Much Earned Revenge



Today had been a long day for Reid Garwin and all he wanted to do was sleep. Chase had been gone for about a week now and the Covenant was afraid of where he could've gone or at least Caleb was. Right now Reid didn't want to think about that stupid jack-off. For all he cared Chase could burn in hell.

Tossing on his side it slowly began to thunder and rain outside like any other summer day in Ipswich. Reid lay there, shirtless and exhausted from his 'job' today and groaned, as sleep refused to come to him. Since school was out, Reid was back home with mommy and daddy though this time he was alone. His parents had decided to take a cruise leaving him to party all day and night.

Hearing a loud thud from downstairs, Reid jumped. Pulling off the covers he stood, listening for anything that sounded suspicious. Opening his door quietly, the blonde slowly peeked outside his bedroom door, looking left and right to find no one. Stepping into the hallway, he heard that thud again. Creeping to the top of his stairwell a shadow slowly made him way up the stairs. Then sudden Reid felt something behind him only to end up rolling down the long flight of stairs, with a painful groan as he finally hit the cold granite floor.

The thud, thud, thud of shoes could be heard as whoever had pushed him down those stairs drew nearer. Closing his eye from the pain, Reid gulped hoping he'd regain his energy in time. "Tsk, tsk, tsk," He heard a voice say as the figure stood over him. "Not so tough now are you, Reid?" It was a guy's voice, though unfamiliar the to the Garwin descendant. Reid opened his eyes to see Harry Potter himself tower over him. With wide eyes, he gulped.

"Who's kissing ass now?" Potter laughed evilly, pointing his wand at Reid's throat. "Say goodbye to your last regret." And with that he disappeared, leaving and confused but scared Reid Parry in the dust.

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