A/N: I know that this one is late in coming, but it's extra long to make up for it, so please enjoy. Also, there's about 40ish percent lemon content halfway through, so you've been warned…

It continues exactly from where the last chapter stopped.

Chapter 31: Honestly

Yami was a little relieved that Kaiba didn't seem outright enraged at the revelation, but he recognized he still had a ways to go to diffuse the situation. "I was here the other night because he asked me to come," Yami finally said, figuring that Mokuba had intentionally given him the means to extract himself from the potential problem.

Kaiba arched an eyebrow at that revelation and he took a seat on the stairs as he watched Yami. "You expect me to believe that Mokuba just invited you over?" Kaiba asked skeptically, stretching his legs down several stairs.

"Your driver saw me leaving your office and he told Mokuba about it, I guess. All I know is that while I was out walking, someone came back to pick me up at Mokuba's request," Yami told him with a shrug. "When I asked your brother why, he said that he wanted me to talk to you."

"So that's the only reason you came? Just to talk?"

Taking a few steps closer to Kaiba, Yami remained out of his reach as he confirmed, "To talk and maybe get a few answers."

"And get fucked, I'm sure."

"If that was my intention, do you really think I would have let you stop when you did?" Yami asked irritably.

Kaiba wanted to vehemently refute what Yami was saying until he realized that nothing had happened between them since that Tuesday morning when they were late for school over two weeks ago. It left him with nothing to say, so he waited for Yami to continue.

Yami tried not to let the dig bother him as much as it did, but Kaiba's silence was infuriating. "Also, I'd appreciate it if you would quit thinking that's my sole motivation," Yami snapped, not liking the glare he received. Sighing, Yami turned away and tried to calm himself, knowing that if he gave in to his anger, it would only escalate things past the point of no return.

It took a moment for Kaiba to process that Yami appeared as if he intended to leave and that was unacceptable. "Hn," Kaiba sneered, "running away?"

Whirling around and staring at Kaiba in indignation, Yami couldn't hold back his reply, "You are going to accuse me of running away? You?" Yami's emotions were starting to get the better of him and his anger and frustration were struggling to make themselves known, despite his desire to remain in control. "After every time you have turned your back on me, you still think you have the right to accuse me of running away?"

Somewhere in the back of Kaiba's mind, he recognized that this path was one best left unexplored, but he continued to stubbornly pursue the argument as he growled, "Don't act so fucking righteous."

Yami's eyes widened briefly before narrowing in displeasure; nothing would be accomplished at the rate they were going. "Forget it," he muttered, turning once again and walking toward the door. "Obviously you aren't ready—"

Kaiba was off of the stairs in an instant, grabbing Yami's arm in order to spin him around to face him. "Don't you dare walk away from me," Kaiba threatened, his grip on Yami's upper arm tightening in his rage. He didn't understand the anxiety that had arisen at the sight of Yami leaving; all he knew was that he couldn't let it happen.

Yanking himself free, Yami raised his voice as he took a step back to ask, "And what else would you have me do, Seto?"


"Why?" Yami demanded, even though he doubted he would actually get an answer.

Kaiba's mind raced to supply him with an acceptable response, but he wasn't having much success with his search. Instead, he did the only other thing he could think of; he pulled Yami toward him and tried to convince him in the only other way he knew how.

It took a lot of effort on Yami's part to push away from the answering kiss, but he forced himself to. "No! I already know what your body thinks," Yami explained with a slight undercurrent of bitterness to a very perplexed Kaiba, "but I want to hear you say it, Seto."

Kaiba knew that he had to say something, but he didn't know what exactly that something was supposed to be. He couldn't figure out what Yami wanted to hear and it was frustrating. How was he supposed to voice something that he couldn't understand? Trying to buy some time, Kaiba finally told Yami, "I don't want you to think that I was coerced into saying something."

Yami's expression softened slightly when he realized that Kaiba was essentially saying that he didn't want him to doubt the sincerity of his words when he finally chose to express them. "That's fine," Yami acquiesced as he started toward the door again, "so come find me when you're ready." He didn't want to leave, but he couldn't remain if Kaiba refused to budge on the matter; pride was important, but so was dignity.

"Where are you going?"

If Yami didn't know any better, he would have thought that there was fear in Kaiba's voice, but he refused to turn around and see the other's expression. "Probably home," Yami admitted with a sigh, not feeling up to being around Jounouchi and the rest at the moment. Hearing nothing but silence, Yami resolutely walked out the door without another word, shutting it softly behind him.

Kaiba could only stare in disbelief at the empty space in front of him. He couldn't believe that Yami had walked out so calmly and it angered Kaiba to no end. How could he do that after everything he said?

The cynical part of his mind whispered that he finally accomplished his goal, but for some reason it didn't make him happy to be standing there alone. Somewhere further in the recesses of his mind, it was being pointed out to him that Yami hadn't left him—Kaiba had finally driven him away. Even still, he couldn't accept that; Yami wasn't the type to give up easily, so why did he leave?

Kaiba had become complacent with the fact that Yami had always waited patiently to wade through his copious amounts of bullshit and he recognized that he had taken advantage of that. It wasn't like Kaiba expected Yami to shamelessly throw himself continuously at him, but it was unnerving to know that there was a limit of tolerance.

That left Kaiba with the dilemma of what to do next. The masochistic part of him wanted to do nothing since it was convinced that he deserved the abandonment and his pride didn't want to be wounded any further by being reduced to chasing after Yami. Still, there was a guilty part of him that couldn't leave things as they were. And yet, what would Kaiba do once he caught up with Yami? Apologize? Demand that he come back to the house? Tell him off for having the audacity to turn away from him? None of those responses would be adequate if all Yami wanted was a reason. "Because," hadn't been a justifiable answer as a child and Kaiba doubted it would get him anywhere now, either. So what was he supposed to do? If standing still wasn't an option and blindly rushing after Yami wasn't one, then what choice did that leave him with? His indecision was costing him and he knew that it only let Yami get farther away. But wasn't that what Kaiba was supposed to want?

Sighing as he closed his eyes against it all, Kaiba tried to consider things from a different angle. Yami's pride rivaled Kaiba's in size and yet he had willingly pursued his desires, despite knowing that the chances of rejection were high. In Kaiba's opinion, that meant that Yami was either really stupid or else he truly thought that it was worth it. Kaiba wasn't sure which one troubled him more.

He also had to factor in Mokuba's reaction, or rather the lack of one. His younger brother genuinely didn't seem upset and apparently had even helped orchestrate a meeting of his own accord. Was it really that obvious to everyone else?

His own ineffectualness was starting to irritate him and Kaiba decided that anything was better than continuing to stand around and do nothing. He contemplated taking a car to go and retrieve Yami, but Kaiba doubted he had gotten far enough away to merit driving.

Decision made, Kaiba opened the door and committed himself to his choice. He began walking down the stairs and hadn't gone far when he unmistakably heard, "I'm impressed. I thought it would have taken longer," followed by a chuckle.

Turning around and staring down at Yami, Kaiba felt the start of a blush rising that he did his best to ignore. Yami was sitting next to the front door, hugging his knees to his chest and looking decidedly pleased, although it lacked the smug satisfaction of a victory that Kaiba expected to see. "What?" Kaiba demanded, sounding more confused than anything else.

Standing up and dusting himself off, Yami shrugged and told Kaiba, "I didn't think that you would come after me so quickly."

Gritting his teeth as he held back a nasty response over being tested in such a manner, he asked instead, "Then why bother waiting at all?"

"Because I knew that you would come," Yami said in complete confidence before playfully adding, "eventually."

"Eventually?" Kaiba repeated as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Just how long were you planning to wait?"

"However long it took."

"And what made you think that I would go after you?"

Yami easily countered with, "You're here, aren't you? Besides, whether you will admit it or not, you care about me."

It was hard to face the challenge in Yami's crimson eyes, that look of utter confidence daring Kaiba to try and disagree with the assertion. "Why do you think that I care?" Kaiba asked, using the words as a last wall of defense against something he wasn't ready to acknowledge.

Closing the distance between them, Yami didn't hesitate as he answered, "If you didn't care, you wouldn't be fighting against it so much."

It was a deceptively simple line of logic and yet it stopped Kaiba completely as he turned the words over in his mind. If he truly didn't care, he would have dismissed Yami like he had all the others who had stupidly dared to approach him. There were no counter arguments that he could find, no flaws in the deduction and he didn't know whether to be angry at the revelation or relieved that it at least made some amount of sense.

Yami was thoroughly enjoying Kaiba's stunned silence and he waited for a response, although the longer it was drawn out, the less inclined Yami was to stay still. Raising himself up on is toes, Yami softly kissed the side of Kaiba's neck before playfully taunting, "You're not going to deny it?"

As painful as it was to admit, Kaiba could only whisper, "No," in disbelief. He couldn't even begin to fathom the implications of what that could mean, but he was still too overwhelmed to process everything. How had this happened to him?

Yami's bemusement over Kaiba affirming with a negative was pushed aside in favor of relishing what it actually meant. With a hard shove, Yami successfully managed to pin Kaiba against the front door and started enthusiastically showing his appreciation.

As much as Kaiba was enjoying Yami's response, he wasn't very fond of the doorknob that was digging into his back. Reaching behind him and turning it, he leaned back with the momentum of the door, successfully managing to bring Yami inside as well. He barely had time to close and lock the door behind them before Yami had started trying to rid him of his jacket.

Kaiba offered no resistance as Yami continued stripping him as they approached the staircase. He was quick to assist Yami in casting aside his clothes, although Kaiba was surprised and vaguely disappointed in one discovery. "When did you start wearing underwear?" Kaiba muttered even as he was sliding them off of Yami, fondling his tight ass in the process.

"When I started taking gym," Yami responded, glad to be rid of them as he kicked them aside. "I get enough looks as it is."

Having opted out of gym early on in his schooling, Kaiba had forgotten about changing in the locker room. A wave of possessiveness ran through him at the thought of other looking at what should only be his to see and he pulled Yami closer to him. "What's that supposed to mean?" he growled, wanting Yami to clarify the last part of his thought.

"It's not important," Yami said dismissively, his mind currently focused on other things, like the feeling of flesh against flesh.

"Tell me."

Sighing, Yami confessed, "Jounouchi-kun noticed the marks you left on my shoulder and he wanted to know how I got them. Apparently he wasn't the only one, either." Sensing Kaiba's mood darkening, Yami tried to distract him by subtly moving his body to remind them of what other things they could be doing. "Just be glad that I don't have gym with Bakura."

Ignoring the later part, Kaiba focused on the first half of the statement. "And what did you tell him?"

"Nothing," Yami answered honestly, "although I'm sure he figured it out on his own by now."

"Hn," was all Kaiba chose to say, still displeased. He was still struggling with whether or not he was tempted to make more marks to prove a point to Jounouchi when he felt the back of his calves hit the bottom stair. "What are you doing?"


Frowning at the command, Kaiba scoffed, "You can't wait until we get upstairs?"

"No," Yami told him with a grin, his hand drifting lower on Kaiba's body as he nudged him toward sitting.

Kaiba could feel his arousal hardening further at the touch and he found himself less inclined to argue. "Seriously?" he asked, even as he was taking a seat further up the stairs to accommodate his long legs.

Grateful for the lack of resistance, Yami smirked as he knelt down in front of Kaiba. Settling himself between Kaiba's legs, he licked his lips in anticipation and the taller boy had to stifle a noise at the sight of Yami on all fours before him.

Running his left hand up the outside of Kaiba's leg, Yami started slowly kissing the inside of his thigh at the same time. Kaiba's muscles tensed at the dual sensation and he wondered why this couldn't have waited until they were on a slightly more comfortable surface. "Why are you doing that?"

Unabashedly answering, "Because I like your legs," before continuing kissing his way up to his real goal, he glanced up in time to catch the slight furrow of Kaiba's eyebrows over the statement.

Kaiba couldn't understand what would possess Yami to think such a thing, let alone confess to it so easily. It made him feel strangely self conscious to hear and he shifted awkwardly on the stair he was occupying.

Drawing back slightly, Yami questioned, "Does that bother you?"

It wasn't that it bothered Kaiba exactly; he just thought that it was strange. Looking off into one of the side rooms before returning his gaze toward Yami, Kaiba shrugged it off with a gruff, "It's fucking weird."

"Is it?" Yami contradicted, a devious gleam coming into his eyes. "I don't think so."

If he had less self restraint, Kaiba would have rolled his eyes at Yami's opinion. He settled instead for a sarcastic, "Of course you don't."

Bracing himself against Kaiba's thighs, Yami leaned forward and huskily murmured, "That's not all I like," before pulling himself up further in order to initiate a kiss.

"I should hope not," Kaiba retorted, quietly chuckling despite himself as he inadvertently cradled Yami's cheek with one of his hands. Yami leaned into the rare and gentle caress, enjoying it before carefully lowering himself back down into a more comfortable position.

Realizing what he had done, Kaiba quickly withdrew his hand, but Yami caught it in his and looked up at the other with the same devious expression he had earlier. Slowly licking the length of one of the captured fingers, Yami smirked when he noticed a certain part of Kaiba's anatomy quickly caught onto his intentions. "Shall I show you?" Yami asked in a seductive tone of voice that made it difficult for Kaiba to restrain his reaction.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Kaiba tried to distract himself with thoughts about how they had managed to get from arguing to their current situation, but it was a vain effort. He was too lost in the lustful crimson gaze and the temptation to give in was far too great; the last of his willpower was receding quicker than he would have thought possible and yet he was far from angered by it. Clearing his suddenly dry throat, Kaiba managed to ask, "Show me what?"

"The truth," Yami answered vaguely as he place his hands on the step above the one he was using.

"About what?"

"About how I feel," Yami said in complete confidence, "and about how you feel."

His initial remarks about false presumptions died in his throat at the nearly predatory appearance of Yami as he brought himself closer to Kaiba's still stiff and neglected cock. The pitch of Kaiba's voice was lower than normal as he challenged, "And how exactly do you plan on accomplishing the latter?"

"In the most pleasurable way possible," Yami promised before leaning forward and licking Kaiba's member from base to tip.

Any protest or smartass remark Kaiba could have had flew from his mind as he suddenly found himself surrounded by the wet warmth that he was growing accustomed to. A slight hiss escaped him as he felt Yami's tongue flicking against his slit before continuing to lathe over the rest of his length. Stress slowly began to recede from his body and he gave himself over to the enjoyable sensations; resting his weight on his forearms on the stair behind him, Kaiba tilted his head back to rest on the stair above that.

Applying a small amount of suction had Kaiba arching his back with a low moan that Yami thoroughly enjoyed. Humming his appreciation against the cock still interned in his mouth, Yami looked up in time to catch the sight of Kaiba's eyes fluttering shut in pleasure as he unintentionally called out Yami's name. The sound of it echoing quietly in the entrance way made Yami achingly hard and he began working the length in earnest, occasionally moaning his own enjoyment, pleased with the reaction the vibrations got from Kaiba.

The longer it went on, the closer Kaiba came to his climax and he was torn between allowing it to happen and stopping it in order to do other things to Yami once they were in bed. His fingers tightened against the edge of the stair and he made a conscious effort to stop the slight thrusting of his hips that he hadn't even been aware of doing before. "Yami, stop," Kaiba commanded, although it came out as a strained plea, "I'm going to—"

Refusing to comply, Yami began massaging Kaiba's sac, trying not to choke at the sudden jerk of surprise it earned. He felt Kaiba's fingers in his hair, trying to guide him away from what he was doing, but Yami stubbornly continued until he finally succeeded in drawing out an orgasm that ended with his name being called loudly. Doing his best to swallow it all, Yami finally freed Kaiba from his mouth as he pulled away in order to take in the sight of the other sprawled out on the stairs, his chest heaving as he lightly panted.

It took a moment for Kaiba to compose himself; he was still content to bask in the feeling of completion and he closed his eyes again as he tried to regain control. Yami stood and stretched, the sound of his bones popping audible. It was enough to cause Kaiba to open his eyes and he forced himself to sit up, ignoring the protest of his body. Silently looking up at Yami, Kaiba waited for what was next since he was unwilling to move any more than he had to at the moment.

"Water?" Yami volunteered, deciding he was in need of some himself.

Not trusting his voice, Kaiba simply nodded and watched as Yami walked down the few remaining stairs to head in the direction of the kitchen. Kaiba listened to the quiet footsteps receding and he made himself stand and go upstairs to his bedroom, figuring that Yami would figure it out and follow shortly.

Getting into bed, Kaiba flopped onto his back with a sigh, happily sinking into the comfort of his mattress. Staring up at the ceiling, Kaiba found his thoughts to be mercifully silent and he didn't even bother looking over to the door when he heard Yami enter.

Walking over to the bed, Yami gave Kaiba a bottle of water before depositing their clothes on the floor that he had also brought from downstairs. With a smirk that Kaiba missed, Yami unzipped his backpack and withdrew a small bottle that was easily hid within his hand. Careful to keep it concealed, Yami brought it with him as he joined Kaiba on the bed, setting it aside in the hopes that it wouldn't be seen yet.

Straddling himself over Kaiba's prone form, Yami leaned forward for a kiss, using the protest as a chance to slip his tongue into the other's mouth. Kaiba's initial complaint was quickly made irrelevant when he was surprised to discover that the flavor of his seed was noticeably absent. "Why do you taste like strawberries?" Kaiba asked when Yami finally decided to pause for air.

Figuring that Kaiba wouldn't have appreciated being subjected to the aftertaste of his cum, Yami had taken the opportunity in the kitchen to rinse out his mouth; the strawberries had been an unexpected and welcomed encounter. "I saw some when I got the water from the fridge," Yami confessed, "and I wanted to see if they tasted as good as they looked."

Laughing, Kaiba murmured, "Why am I not surprised?" Deciding to enjoy the residual flavor one more time, Kaiba wrapped one of his hands around the back of Yami's neck in order to pull him closer to do so. Kaiba's fingers still retained the chill from holding the water bottle and he felt the shiver run through Yami as he let his icy fingertips trail along the other's spine. "Were there any left?"

Yami was glad that Kaiba sounded more amused than upset and he reassured him, "Yes, although I wouldn't mind having a few more later…"

Finishing the rest of his water, Kaiba cast the bottle aside and heard it make contact with the floor. "So now what?" Kaiba questioned, sounding somewhat bored.

"We continue where we left off," Yami answered with a feral grin that made Kaiba feel a twitch in his still flaccid member. "I doubt you would have been convinced with that alone."

It took Kaiba a moment to remember what exactly Yami was supposed to be trying to convince him of and he was curious as to how the other planned on proving the impossible. Hearing no complaints, Yami set about the second part of his plan, starting with teasing kisses along Kaiba's neck. "And should you fail?" Kaiba asked, even as he was tilting his head slightly to give Yami better access.

"I won't."

"You sound rather confident about that," Kaiba commented, shifting his body to accommodate Yami's progressive movements down his chest.

"That's because I am," Yami retorted before running his tongue over one of Kaiba's nipples, smirking when it peaked almost immediately. "It's just a matter of convincing you to admit it."

Kaiba's first response was lost in a groan when Yami took the nipple between his teeth and tugged on it lightly, his tongue flicking across the small nub at the same time. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Kaiba recognized that he shouldn't have found the action so pleasurable, but it was rendered pointless when he arched his body against Yami's when the action was repeated. His, "Hn," ended up turning into a moan when he felt Yami switch to his other nipple and he could feel his face flushing in embarrassment.

Encouraged by the sound, Yami preceded uninhibited, languidly mapping Kaiba's body with his fingers and tongue. It was driving Kaiba to the brink of impatience and it didn't help that Yami occasionally chuckled at his discomfort. His body instinctually moved closer to Yami's heat, seeking increased contact in the hopes of finding a more substantial pleasure.

Knowing that Kaiba would want more, Yami intentionally kept his touches light and teasing, waiting for his sign to speed things up a little. It wasn't long before Kaiba growled out in a warning tone, "Yami…"

"Hm?" he asked innocently, never ceasing in his feather light kisses along one of Kaiba's hipbones.

"That's enough!"

"I don't think so," Yami told him as he slid his body up along Kaiba's in order to bring himself face to face. "If anything, I think you want more…" Not waiting for an answer, Yami slipped one of his hands between Kaiba's legs, letting his fingers run over the tempting entrance in a lazy manner.

Much to Kaiba's dismay, his hips bucked toward the touch as if trying to invite Yami in and he held back the noise that had threatened to escape him. Gritting his teeth as he glared at Yami, Kaiba willed his body to reject such advances with minimal success. Why did some small traitorous part of him want to experience such a thing again?

Lightly sucking on one of Kaiba's earlobes as he pressed his index finger against the tight ring of flesh, Yami murmured, "Will you let me, Seto?"

Feeling the slight give as his body tried to draw Yami in, Kaiba cursed his body for surging into the touch once again. Everything was starting to go hazy in his mind as his body demanded to be satiated, regardless of what method Yami intended to use and it was only a matter of letting his pride give the final consent. "Yes," he whispered, instantly engaged in a passionate kiss that he gave in to.

Without wasting any time, Yami fumbled for the small bottle he had set aside earlier and he flipped the cap open as silently as he could while he continued occupying Kaiba with other methods. Squeezing some of it onto his fingers, Yami gently pushed one finger inside of Kaiba.

The reaction was almost instantaneous and Kaiba startled at the sensation, demanding, "What the hell is that and why is it cold?"

"Trust me, it helps," Yami reassured him, sliding a second slicked finger inside as he started an easy rhythm.

"And you would know this how?" Kaiba asked, begrudgingly realizing that the awkward raw stretching sensation he had felt previously was absent.

With an impish grin, Yami confessed, "I got bored," and left it at that.

An image of Yami naked and working himself with his fingers as he moaned Kaiba's name flashed through his mind and his body responded in turn. Ignoring the way he felt himself tensing around Yami's fingers, Kaiba told him, "Nothing good ever comes from you being bored."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that," Yami said with a chuckle, tentatively adding a third finger with favorable results.

Not in the mindset to argue, Kaiba let the comment pass as he hissed at the loss of Yami's fingers when he withdrew. He idly wondered what he should be doing with his hands, but Yami didn't give him time to dwell on such pointless things for long.

Applying some more lube to his cock, Yami stroked himself to make sure he was thoroughly coated before positioning himself in front of Kaiba. Looking up at Kaiba for any sign that he might have changed his mind, Yami saw none and proceeded to push into the slick warmth that had him sighing before he was even buried halfway.

It didn't hurt as much as it had last time, but it still felt strange to him and his body struggled to adjust to the intrusion. Yami allowed Kaiba the time to accustom himself to the sudden sensation before pushing himself in all the way to the hilt, gasping as he felt the muscles clenching around his member. Leaning forward to kiss Kaiba gently, Yami smiled at the scowling man beneath him as he quietly asked, "What?"

Ignoring the fact that he had made a small noise that could be construed as one of pleasure, Kaiba muttered, "Nothing," before subtly shifting his position to indicate to Yami that it was okay to continue.

Deciding that it would be best to get Kaiba nice and ready before he set his plan into action, Yami started thrusting at an easy rhythm. It was difficult not to lose himself in the pleasure of Kaiba's welcoming body, but Yami did his best to maintain his focus, even as he began to increase his pace to a much more pleasurable speed. Once Kaiba started becoming a little more vocal as he started to get into it, Yami decided it was now or never.

When Kaiba felt Yami's thrusts slowing down and becoming shallower, he was far from pleased. Any attempt at returning them to their former pace was denied, and Kaiba was ashamed to admit that his body was demanding harsher treatment. The feeling of Yami withdrawing until only the tip of his member remained and pushing in only halfway was infuriating and Kaiba glared up at the person responsible for turning his pleasure into something close to torture. Just when he was about to demand to know what going on, Kaiba cried out when he felt Yami slam into him, his entire length once again sheathed inside of him. It was a short lived feeling since Yami had once again pulled almost completely out, driving Kaiba closer to a confrontation. "What do you think you're doing?" he demanded, wrapping his legs around Yami's waist and forcing the other to fill him completely once more.

Chuckling, Yami shifted his position and helped maneuver Kaiba's hips a little higher as he pulled almost completely out and resumed his slow and shallow thrusts. "What do you want, Seto?"

"I want you to stop messing around," Kaiba snapped, shifting his upper body to try and relieve some of the strain the new position had put on his shoulders and neck.

"Is that all?" Yami asked as he continued the frustratingly slow pace, letting his hands cup Kaiba's ass.

His muscles clenched in anticipation and he realized that Yami wasn't going to give him relief until he gave a satisfactory answer. "No," he finally admitted, although he didn't elaborate.

"What else do you want?" Yami questioned in a seductive purr as he leaned forward and stole a kiss.

While part of Kaiba could take pleasure at seeing Yami denying himself pleasure in an attempt to get answers, the other part of him wasn't in the mood to be so patient. "Fuck me," Kaiba commanded, shouting out Yami's name when his words resulted in a hard, deep thrust that brushed against the spot of greatest pleasure in him.

Reveling in the vulgarity, Yami asked, "And how would you like me to fuck you?"

"Harder," he replied, his back arching at another penetrating thrust, before adding, "and faster."

Yami's tone was teasing, but his eyes were completely serious as he questioned, "Do you want me?"

Biting his lower lip, Kaiba tried not to groan in frustration as Yami once against stilled. "I take it this was your plan to learn the truth?" he accused, although he didn't sound nearly as upset as he should have.

"Answer me, Seto."

Sighing, Kaiba closed his eyes to Yami's solemn expression as he tried to push aside the embarrassment such a conversation was causing him to experience. "You already know the answer," he muttered quietly, hating that Yami had figured it out at all.

"I want to hear you say it."

Opening his eyes, Kaiba felt something inside of him tighten painfully at the almost vulnerable expression on Yami's face. His words were quietly spoken, but they were finally said aloud as he confessed, "Yes."

Kissing Kaiba with the full force of his passion, Yami wasted no time in rewarding the honesty. He started ramming into the other so hard and fast that Kaiba could barely breathe from the intense change of pace. His wordless gasps were sometimes interrupted by very vocal moans and the occasional loud curse, although he was deriving some amount of pleasure out of hearing Yami's unrestrained reactions. Even though Kaiba hated that every sound he made betrayed his enjoyment, he finally surrendered himself completely.

Sensing the sudden change, Yami smiled as he repositioned himself in order to give Kaiba even more pleasure. He knew that he hit the spot when Kaiba yelled his name as his body tensed in toe curling bliss. It was almost more than Kaiba could handle as his body writhed in ecstasy beneath Yami's and he lost track of everything else.

Yami couldn't get enough of the sight and he wasn't ready for it to end yet. Never breaking his rhythm that Kaiba's body was eagerly matching, Yami told him, "Remember this, Seto."

"What?" Kaiba managed to ask, having been too focused on what he was experiencing.

"Remember this," Yami repeated before engaging him in a fierce kiss. "This is real; don't ever forget that."

Unable to say anything in response to the statement, Kaiba merely held onto Yami while he continued his unrelenting pace. It was why he was shocked to hear Yami continue, "I want you, Seto. All of you."

"Selfish bastard," Kaiba swore, although there was no malice in his tone. It was hard to sound irritated when every other sound he uttered was a wanton breathless moan.

Laughing, Yami said nothing to refute Kaiba's claim and instead focused on trying to hold out for as long as possible since he could already feel himself approaching his climax. Stroking Kaiba as he continued thrusting into him at an erratic speed, Yami finally found his release with a loud wordless cry.

As much as Kaiba wanted to hold out in order to flip Yami over and continue things from there, he knew that he would still need time to recover before he could do so. It was for that reason that Kaiba gave in to his body's desire to cum rather than holding it off on principal; Mokuba wasn't due home for hours and that gave Kaiba plenty of time to even the score. Besides, he wanted to get clean first, just as soon as he could force his body to cooperate and move, that was. For the moment he was just trying to catch his breath as he came down from his high.

Kaiba didn't protest when Yami pulled out of him and leaned down for a tender kiss and it maintained their languid pace that was in stark contrast to their earlier heated actions. When they parted, Kaiba was startled to see genuine affection in Yami's eyes and he stared at them in an attempt to understand the underlying emotions. Unable to process it, Kaiba said the first thing that came to mind, "Leave it to you to find a way to make sex messier."

The comment caused Yami to burst into laughter, although Kaiba didn't find anything amusing about the mix of cum and lube he was currently suffering with at the moment. "I'm sorry," Yami apologized with a quick placating kiss before sitting up, "but it does help." Looking around and realizing that there was nothing to help clean up with, Yami forced his tired body to get up and go retrieve a towel from the bathroom. Taking a second one as an afterthought, Yami tossed one over to Kaiba while he wiped himself. Satisfied that it was as good as he was going to be without taking a shower, Yami climbed back into bed and curled up next to Kaiba when he was done. When he wasn't pushed away, he further relaxed against Kaiba, pleasantly surprised when he felt an arm wrapping around him.

Neither of them said anything and Kaiba would have gladly fallen asleep had it not been for the unpleasant stickiness that made him want to shower. He was disturbed from his contentment when he felt Yami's fingers lazily moving across his skin, sending a cold chill through him. Poking Yami lightly in the side, Kaiba reprimanded, "Stop that."

Squirming away from the jab, Yami complied and let his hand come to rest on Kaiba's chest. Propping himself up on his elbow in order to look at Kaiba's face, he told him, "I meant what I said, you know."


"That wasn't an answer."

Smirking, Kaiba countered, "You didn't ask a question."

"Seto, I'm being serious."

Running his fingers through his hair, Kaiba tried not to sigh as he looked up at Yami. "And what else am I supposed to say?"

"I don't know, it's just that…"

When Yami trailed off into silence, Kaiba prompted, "It's just what?"

"It's just," Yami started again, before deciding to rephrase, "if you ever try to push me away again, I won't be so lenient."

Wrapping his arms around Yami's neck, Kaiba pulled the smaller boy close to him and sighed. He was unaccustomed to feeling guilt, but there was the slightest hint of it inside of him for what he had put Yami through recently. Without meaning to, Kaiba whispered, "I'm sorry," as his grip tightened.

Stroking the back of Kaiba's neck lightly with his fingers, Yami smiled a little as he reassured him, "It's fine, I was just worried."

Kaiba didn't know how to respond to that so he remained silent, waiting for Yami to continue. After a point, it became clear to Kaiba that Yami had no intention of doing so and he had the suspicion that the other was starting to fall asleep. Shaking him slightly, Kaiba told him, "You're not going to sleep yet." He wondered how it was possible for Yami to go from such a pseudo-serious conversation to almost being asleep, but he didn't dwell on it.

Shifting himself into a more comfortable position, Yami muttered, "Why not?"

"Shower for one," Kaiba answered, "and I'm not finished with you yet."

Perking up a little at the last part, Yami asked, "Oh? And what exactly are you intending to do with me next?"

"I'm not doing anything until we shower."

Pulling himself up into a sitting position despite his body's protests, Yami questioned, "And after the shower?"

"That depends," Kaiba told him with a smirk, "on whether or not you behave."

Laughing, Yami followed Kaiba into the bathroom, ready for the new challenge's promising reward.

Scowling as he pulled in front of the Game Shop, Kaiba was more than just a little annoyed that they were there in the first place. He had thoroughly enjoyed their shower and the aftermath that had followed and required a second trip clean up when they were done. Kaiba would have been content to continue resting, but Yuugi had told Yami that his presence was required that evening since Arthur was stopping by and wanted to talk.

Much to his frustration, Yami had fallen asleep during the drive over and now Kaiba had the impossible task of trying to wake him. Leaning over and disengaging Yami's seatbelt before undoing his own, Kaiba unsuccessfully tried to rouse him with a rough shake of the shoulders. Any other attempts failed as well and Kaiba frowned in frustration. He had encountered the same problem earlier while trying to keep Yami awake back at the house and Kaiba had received an explanation about how his body was probably shutting down temporarily to recover. Resigning himself to the inevitable, Kaiba muttered, "I'm going to end up having to carry you, aren't I?"

Getting out and slamming his car door with more force than necessary, Kaiba walked around to the other side as he swore, "Bastard," under his breath. Opening the passenger door, Kaiba managed to awkwardly extract Yami from the car and once he was satisfied that he wasn't in danger of dropping Yami, he used his hip to bump the door shut before walking toward the Game Shop. Yami was almost disturbingly light and Kaiba wondered if he had always felt this fragile or if it was a result of the recent stress of the past few weeks taking its toll. It made him feel uncomfortable to think about, so he distracted himself by sneering, "Princess," in reference to the way he was carrying Yami.

"Pharaoh," Yami automatically corrected in a voice slurred with exhaustion.

"Bastard! If you're awake, why the hell am I carrying you?" Kaiba demanded as he stood on the doorstep. "Open the damn door!" When Yami said nothing further, Kaiba growled as he tried to open the door, grateful to find it unlocked.

Walking in and letting it shut behind him, Kaiba contemplated taking Yami upstairs before deciding that the couch was a better option. Even though Yami wasn't heavy, Kaiba's back and legs still felt sore from their earlier activities and he thought it would be prudent to rest for a moment. Once seated, Kaiba tried to nudge Yami off of him, but he was met resistance. One of Yami's arms snaked its way around Kaiba's neck and he comfortably situated himself in his sleep. "I'm not a chair!" Kaiba protested, shivering when he felt Yami's breath tickling the side of his neck.

Sinking back into the comfort of the couch, Kaiba founded somewhat defeated as he realized, "You're not going to move, are you?" It took more energy than he was willing to expend to usurp Yami, so Kaiba allowed himself to linger for a little while in the thankfully empty house.

Resting his right hand on top of Yami's thighs and draping his left arm over the back of the couch, Kaiba felt the full force of his exhaustion hit him and he scowled. He knew that his body still hadn't recovered from the self-inflicted ordeal from the past week, but he had been unable to restrain himself and now he was paying for it. There's no turning back now, is there? he thought to himself with a slight sense of apprehension. It made him nervous to be so open to anyone, especially since he couldn't deny that there had been an element of trust in Yami's suspicions about Kaiba's feelings.

When his leg started to go numb, Kaiba shifted slightly in an attempt to move Yami over, but it didn't quite work. Yami wrapped his other arm around Kaiba's neck as if to hold on as he complained in his sleep, "Nnn, don't leave, Seto."

Chuckling quietly despite himself, Kaiba slowly brought his hand from the back of the couch to stroke Yami's hair, amused to find that it was still somewhat damp from their last shower. "I'm not going anywhere," Kaiba said softly, although it felt profound to him as he became aware of the overarching meaning of his words.

Yami's tight grip slowly loosened at those words and Kaiba shivered as he felt lips pressing gently against his neck. A tension Kaiba hadn't even realized was there left Yami's body as he further melted against him with a happy sigh. "Good," Yami murmured, sounding relieved.

It made Kaiba feel strange inside and he gave in to his desire to embrace Yami. He didn't understand it, but he resolved to stand his ground and confront the situation the same way he did every other one. Kaiba would never forgive himself for backing down in such a cowardly way again and he released a breath that he hadn't even been aware he had been in holding in as he relaxed. Well, relax as much as Kaiba Seto was capable of doing, anyway.

Eventually his left hand migrated back up to entangle itself in Yami's hair as he pet it in an attempt to avoid the lull of sleep that seemed to be drawing him in the longer he listened to Yami's steady breathing. Part of him really wanted to carry Yami upstairs to bed and crawl in beside him, but Kaiba refrained from the tempting idea. He could only imagine how awkward that wake up call would be if Yuugi's grandfather walked in on them like that…

At some point Kaiba realized that he must have drifted off because the sound of the door opening and loud voices chattering caught him off guard. Tensing for a fight, Kaiba realized that he was effectively trapped under Yami with no way to successfully extract himself before the others to notice. Yami made a small noise of discontent at the boisterous disturbance and he hugged himself closer as if to get away from it. Not wishing to disturb him further, Kaiba forced his muscles to lose their tension in an attempt to pacify him and he felt Yami's body respond in turn.

Jounouchi's distinctive voice reached Kaiba's ears first as he heard, "So then I was all like—wait, what the fuck?!"

Oblivious to the reason why Jounouchi had deviated from the story, Honda corrected, "No, you said that he could take his dice and—"

Cutting off his friend as he continued to stare ahead in horror, Jounouchi said, "No, no, no," before pointing at the sight of Kaiba and Yami curled up together on the couch. "What the fuck are you doing here, Kaiba?!"

"Didn't you see his car outside?" Mai asked, her eyes enjoying the view before her. "Why are you so shocked?"

Not waiting to hear his friend's response, Yuugi cautiously approached the pair and smiled shyly at Kaiba. "Thank you for bringing him back," Yuugi said softly, surprised when he got a slight nod of acknowledgement. Yuugi almost felt bad for interrupting them; he was pretty sure Kaiba would kill him for thinking that they looked so cute together, but that didn't stop him from thinking it.

Jounouchi stormed into the living room with Anzu, Honda, Mai, and Mokuba trailing behind him. Seeing his friend unconscious bothered him more than the fact that Yami was being held in Kaiba's arms and he clenched hands into tight fists at his side as he yelled, "What the fuck did you do to him?" The perverse grin he earned stopped him cold and he shuddered at the thought before exploding in rage. "You bastard! If you hurt—"

Jumping to his brother's defense out of habit, Mokuba exclaimed, "Nii-sama would never hurt him!"

The vehemence of Mokuba's protest made Kaiba arch an eyebrow and his other one raised to meet it when Yuugi agreed, "He's right, Jounouchi-kun. Yami's just asleep."

"He won't stay that way for long with the way you're carrying on," Mai commented with a mix of amusement and reproach.

"Let him go," Jounouchi commanded with a hint of menace in his voice, causing everyone in the room to exchange uncomfortable glances.

Kaiba's right hand tightened on Yami's hip and he coldly stared at Jounouchi with a dangerous glint in his ice blue eyes. "He's not going anywhere," Kaiba told him, "least of all with you."

"Oh yeah?" Jounouchi asked defiantly, taking a step closer to them.

Honda didn't pretend to understand why Jounouchi got so worked up over Yami's business, but he wasn't in the mood to watch his friend get the shit beat out of him over something so stupid. "Jounouchi, that's enough," he told him as he tugged on Jounouchi's arm to get his attention.

Yanking himself free, Jounouchi started to say something else, but Yuugi interrupted, "Jounouchi-kun, please." He was amazed at Kaiba's patience, although he had a feeling that the level of restraint had something to do with the fact that Yami was still sleeping. Yuugi didn't know how much longer that was going to be possible with the way Jounouchi was yelling and he tried to think of the best solution. "Kaiba-kun, is there any way we could take him upstairs to his room?"

Whatever strength Kaiba felt had been lacking before, the adrenaline rushing through his system more than made up for it; the real question was whether or not he could get Yami to cooperate. Nodding in consent to Yuugi, Kaiba moved his right arm to hook under Yami's knees and he tried not to react when he felt the other nuzzling his neck. He flicked his gaze back toward Jounouchi and smirked when he saw the other's jaw tightening in irritation.

Making sure that his grip was secure before standing up, Kaiba felt Yami once again tighten his arms around his neck as he mumbled a protest over the sudden movement. Kaiba took it as a sign that Yami was approaching consciousness when he mumbled a halfway coherent, "Five more minutes, Seto," followed up by another light kiss on the curve of his neck. He idly wondered why Yami seemed to be more affectionate when he was asleep, but Kaiba figured it probably had something to do with the concern about potential repercussions of acting that way while he was awake.

Ignoring the group's startled reactions, Kaiba looked over at his brother and decided that Mokuba looked far too amused by it for his own good, but now was not the time for discipline. Once again returning his attention to Yuugi, Kaiba asked, "Second door on the right?"

Before he could correct him, Jounouchi approached them and did his best to ignore the voice questioning why Kaiba knew where Yuugi's room was. "I'll take him," Jounouchi offered, although it was more of a statement than an offer.

Seeing Jounouchi's outstretched arms, Kaiba possessively pulled Yami closer to him and threatened, "Touch him and I break your hand."

"What the hell is your problem?" Jounouchi asked, refusing to back down for reasons unknown to him. He knew that he was coming dangerously close to the line he had promised Yami he wouldn't cross, but Kaiba's attitude seriously pissed him off to no end. How Yami could seriously see anything in Kaiba was beyond Jounouchi's comprehension.

"You, mainly," Kaiba countered smoothly, "and I would recommend shutting up before you find yourself in more trouble than you can handle, mutt."

Yuugi was worried about what would happen next; he was even more concerned about what would happen between Jounouchi and Kaiba once Yami was upstairs and out of hearing range. In an attempt to intervene, Yuugi tried one final time to help Jounouchi out of a situation he seemed hell bent and determined to throw himself into by saying, "Jounouchi-kun, please just let Kaiba-kun take him upstairs and then—"

"Why does everyone keep taking his side?!"

Seeing a chance to potentially lighten the heavy atmosphere, Mai tried to playfully ask Anzu, "Is he still going on about that?" If nothing else, she hoped she could distract Jounouchi since it was obvious that his behavior was leading to the point of no return.

Anzu was too nervous to say anything more than, "Yeah," and she cast a worried glance over to Yuugi who shrugged in response.

Sick of the bullshit, Kaiba turned from it and started to walk away when he felt Jounouchi's hand reaching out to stop him. "You seriously are that stupid?" Kaiba asked in disgust as he looked over his shoulder, once again feeling the desire to lash out rising from within him.

Having somehow miraculously sleeping through the arguing, Yami awoke when he felt the tingle of dark power answering the call of the Millennium Puzzle and started to struggle as he cried out, "Seto," loud enough to make Kaiba wince.

"So glad you finally decided join us," Kaiba muttered sarcastically, "now stop moving before I fucking drop you."

"What?" Yami asked in confusion before realizing where exactly he was situated. Slumping against Kaiba's shoulder, Yami took a deep breath and tried to calm his rapidly beating heart, relieved to find no immediate danger threatening them. The power he had felt definitely belonged to Kaiba and Yami was becoming more curious about the connection, but it seemed like there were other more pressing matters to address at the moment. "What's going on and why are you carrying me?"

"It was either this or leave you in the car," Kaiba answered tersely, figuring that was the easiest place to start.

"That doesn't explain what you were doing when the rest of us got here," Jounouchi accused, causing Yami to take notice of the others in the room and their somber expressions.

Figuring that whatever Jounouchi was referring to couldn't be nearly as perverse as what Yami thought since they were both still fully clothed, Yami asked, "And what would that be?"

"You were unconscious!"

"No," Yami corrected him, "I was asleep."

Realizing that the exchange was going to go on for longer than Kaiba felt like holding a now fidgeting person, he took advantage of the fact that Jounouchi was standing behind him to ask softly enough to be heard only by Yami, "Can you stand?"

"Yes," Yami answered, grateful that he had gotten a warning before he was placed on the ground. Stretching before turning his attention to Jounouchi, Yami tried to piece together what had happened during his brief nap and was relieved when he felt Yuugi's gentle presence in his mind.

Figuring that the quickest way to fill in what happened was through their connection, Yuugi explained, "When we got back from the arcade you were…uhm, sitting on Kaiba-kun's lap and Jounouchi-kun got upset because he thought that you were hurt."

"Why would he think I was hurt?" Yami asked, completely confused by the conclusion since Kaiba didn't have a history of physical violence toward him.

"When he started yelling you didn't even move, so he was worried."

"Jounouchi-kun was yelling?"

Hesitant to admit it for fear of tattling on his friend, Yuugi couldn't bring himself to lie to Yami, either. "Yeah, but Kaiba-kun ignored it up until Jounouchi-kun started trying to take you away from him."

"Seriously?" Yami questioned in disbelief, somewhat surprised to hear that Kaiba had let things go so long without escalating things. He had a stray thought that the sex must have put Kaiba into a really good mood or left him too exhausted to bother engaging in a worthless fight and he immediately felt Yuugi's embarrassment. "Sorry…"

Yuugi was just glad to know that they had made up; the past week had taken a toll on him as well since he had been indirectly subjected to the overflow of Yami's distress. "It explains a lot, though," Yuugi teased before sharing an image with Yami of how he had seen the pair on the couch and included a glimpse of the random acts of nuzzling and unconscious kissing for good measure.

Yami could feel his face flush as he realized that his aibou was showing him the truth and that everyone had witnessed it. "Shit, no wonder Jounouchi-kun was so angry. And Seto really did nothing about it?"

"Well, he looked a little smug, but…"

"…but when doesn't he?" Yami finished the sentence, laughing out loud and breaking the tension.

Unwilling to chastise his friend in front of everyone, Yami asked, "Jounouchi-kun, can we talk?" Giving Kaiba a reassuring touch on the arm before leaving the room with Jounouchi in tow, he led the way outside in order to have some privacy for what he hoped would be a relatively short conversation.

Shifting from foot to foot nervously, Jounouchi started to apologize, "Look, Yami, I know you're probably mad since I promised that I would try and—"

Holding his hand up to interrupt, Yami started off by saying, "I'm not upset, Jounouchi-kun."

"You're not?"

"Do I look it?" Yami asked with a small laugh. "I wasn't expecting you to suddenly accept everything after one talk, but I really was hoping that there would be fewer arguments between you two."

"I didn't mean to start it," Jounouchi protested, "but I was worried! How did I know that the bastard didn't hurt—"

Yami found it interesting that Jounouchi admitted to starting the fight, but he stopped his friend once again in order to clarify, "He's not going to hurt me, Jounouchi-kun. And if he does, then that's our business and I can't have you interfering with that. I mean, would you get involved every time Anzu and aibou start having problems?"

"Well, no, but that's different."

"No, it's no different," Yami told him. "He's making an effort in his own way and I'm just asking that you do the same, Jounouchi-kun."

Staring down at the ground, Jounouchi toed a rock that he found hidden in the grass near his shoe. He hated to admit it, but he felt like he owed at least that much to Yami, so he told him, "He really didn't fight back, you know. Not like he normally does, anyway. It was kind of weird, honestly."

Even though he didn't know all of the details, Yami agreed, "It is, isn't it?"

"He must really like you," Jounouchi finally said with a sigh, finding it strange that Kaiba would even be capable of such an emotion, "otherwise he would never put up with all of this, would he?"

"I think you're right," Yami told him with another laugh.

"But if he ever hurts you…"

"Then it's my problem to deal with," Yami told him firmly, knowing that Jounouchi getting involved would only escalate whatever other problems. "Now let's go back inside before the others start to get worried, okay?"

"More like before Kaiba decides to come out here and try to kick my ass," Jounouchi muttered, but he dutifully followed Yami back inside the house. "And he calls me the guard dog…"

Yami wisely chose not to react to the last part of Jounouchi's thought and he quickly made his way over to the living room. Everyone had settled into the various chairs and they paused in their conversation to greet Jounouchi and Yami on their return before resuming their discussion about what had happened between Jounouchi and Otogi prior to the Yuugi-tachi had met up at the arcade. Yami sat on the armrest of the chair Kaiba was occupying and smiled down at him, startled when he felt himself being pulled back down into the lap he had spent the latter part of the hour curled up in sleep.

"That was fast," Kaiba commented softly in Yami's ear, never taking his eyes off of the increasingly noisy group. Kaiba thought it strange how they went from being so tense and awkward to so relaxed and carefree, but that was just their nature it would seem.

Leaning back against Kaiba's chest as he watched his friends, Yami whispered, "I just wanted to clarify a few things, that's all."

"Hn," was all Kaiba said as he wrapped one of his arms around Yami's slender waist and pulled him closer to him. "What finally woke you up?"

Before answering, Yami decided it would be best to ask, "What was the last thing that happened before I woke up?"

"I was going to take you upstairs and the mutt tried to stop me," Kaiba answered with a frown, his hand tightening its hold momentarily before loosening a little. "Before I could do anything, you woke up yelling my name."

"I'm sure it won't be the last time I wake up yelling your name," Yami teased before becoming serious and even quieter. "I felt the Millennium Puzzle reacting to you and it troubled me."

Kaiba didn't have the energy to bicker about the possible Millennium Puzzle connection, so he let it go for a time when there were fewer ears to hear them. "Afraid I was going to injure the bastard?"

"All I knew was that you were under some type of threat," Yami confessed with a shrug before closing his eyes once more. Going back to sleep sounded like a good idea, but he fought against his impulse.

"Ha, some threat," Kaiba sneered as he watched Jounouchi's interactions with distain. "He's just lucky that you woke up when you did."

What was done was done and Yami thought there was no point in dwelling on it, so he shrugged and lapsed into silence as he watched his friends interactions from his very comfortable seat, occasionally joining in and participating. Yami perked up considerably at the mention of dinner and he volunteered, "I'll go ask Jii-chan if we can order something to be delivered."

As soon as Yami had scrambled off of Kaiba's lap to go find his grandfather, Jounouchi asked, "I suppose this means you'll be staying as well?"

Yuugi wasn't sure how Kaiba would respond to Jounouchi's tone of voice, so he politely added, "You're welcome to join us if you'd like…"

Before Kaiba could respond, his cell phone rang and he scowled in annoyance when he saw it was his secretary calling. Standing with a curt nod in Yuugi's direction, he said, "Excuse me," as he left the room to step outside to take the call.

After Yami had gotten permission from his grandfather, he had decided to go upstairs to change out of his school uniform. Even though Kaiba and Mokuba were the only two who had changed into their normal clothes, Yami was eager to rid himself of the constrictive and stiff fabric that seemed to both him more in his own body than when he had been sharing Yuugi's.

Quickly putting on a pair of jeans and one of his numerous sleeveless black tops, Yami was just about to go downstairs to rejoin everyone when he caught sight of Kaiba getting into his car. Figuring something had happened while he was busy, Yami silently made his way downstairs and slipped out the door without any of his friends knowing.

Approaching the car, he could clearly see the frown on Kaiba's face as he talked on his cell phone and the way that he was tightly gripping the steering wheel with his free hand. Yami knocked on the window lightly with his knuckles, causing Kaiba to hold up on finger to signal that he needed another minute. Stepping away from the door, Yami leaned against the side of the car as he waited and it wasn't long before he heard, "I don't give a shit who he is! If he thinks that he can order this Kaiba Seto around, he'd got another thing coming to him," as Kaiba got out of the car. Slamming the door behind him, Kaiba restrained himself from hanging up on his poor secretary and tried to reign in his temper. "He either shows up at the meeting tomorrow or the deal is off and that's final."

Kaiba barked a few more orders to be carried out before finally hanging up and pocketing his cell phone with a growl. "Fucking idiots," he muttered as he threw himself back against his car door, arms crossed over his chest as he glared at the ground.

"Everything okay?"

"It would have been better if the file I needed was in the car," he answered with a sigh, having realized only after he got in the car that his briefcase was still at home where he had left it. "So why are you here?"

Stepping in front of Kaiba, Yami looked up at him with a passive expression as he noticed how distract the other appeared to be. "I thought you were leaving."

Without realizing it, Kaiba wrapped an arm around Yami's waist and pulled him closer as he questioned, "Did you come out here to try and stop me or to say goodbye?"

Chuckling, Yami replied, "I guess that would depend on whether or not you were planning on staying for dinner."

Kaiba wasn't entirely opposed to it since the last dinner he had attended was painless enough and he knew that his younger brother would be pleased if he stayed. There was also the added benefit of enjoying Yami's choice of outfit and annoying Jounouchi to consider as well. Yami's change of clothing made one of the marks Kaiba had intentionally left on him in the shower somewhat visible and he knew that the reaction was bound to be entertaining. "I could possibly be persuaded," Kaiba said in a haughty manner that earned him a poke in the stomach.

"I already know what I want for dessert," Yami told him in a seductive voice as kissed Kaiba's neck in a teasing manner.

"Keep that up and you'll miss dinner," Kaiba warned him, preferring that option himself.

"Planning on kidnapping me?"

With a smug look, Kaiba told him, "That could be arranged," as he started kissing Yami passionately, completely forgetting about their current surroundings.

"I wouldn't mind some more of those strawberries," Yami said with a laugh when they parted, amused by the momentary puzzled look on Kaiba's face. "Did you think I meant that you were to be my dessert?"

"Why would I think that?" Kaiba asked with a snort of distain.

Ignoring the question, Yami teased, "Appetizer, maybe. I doubt I could wait until later…" Making good on his words, Yami pressed Kaiba further against the car, grinding his hips against the other's with a small moan as he enjoyed another kiss.

Yuugi's voice softly came into Yami's mind as he asked, "Yami, did Jii-chan agree to dinner?"

"Mmhm," was the only answer he trusted to send his aibou since he was currently trying to clamp down on the feelings of pleasure Kaiba's fingers slipping under his black shirt and stroking his bare skin was causing him to experience; he doubted Yuugi would be very interested in sharing that.

Despite Yami's intentions, some of the stronger emotions were still being conveyed through their link and Yuugi was growing increasingly antsier as a result. "Are you joining us or are you going to keep molesting Kaiba-kun?"

"I'm not molesting him!" Yami protested indignantly, wondering what movie Jounouchi had shown him to introduce such thoughts into his aibou's mind.

"I guess it can't be that if he's enjoying it…""Aibou!"

Snickering to himself and earning a few questioning looks from his friends, Yuugi made a few excuses before returning his attention to Yami. "Sorry," he apologized, knowing that he was going to face creative retribution the next time Yami caught wind of stray thoughts of Anzu. "He'd probably kill me for even suggesting that, huh?"

"I wouldn't let him," Yami said, although he knew Kaiba wouldn't take kindly to the idea of Yuugi thinking such things.

"You'd have a hard time stopping him if he knew that I thought you two looked cute together earlier," Yuugi joked.

When Yami started laughing out loud, Kaiba growled, "What the hell is he saying?"

"What makes you think I'm talking to him?" Yami asked as he leaned back a little to gauge Kaiba's expression, still snickering at the last thing his aibou had said.

"You were distracted," Kaiba told him with a frown.

Brushing some hair away from Kaiba's eyes, Yami grinned at that as he gave him a quick placating kiss, apologizing, "Sorry, he was trying to find out what was taking so long."

"Whatever," Kaiba said dismissively, annoyed with himself for letting his hormones get the better of him. It was one thing to get carried away in an empty classroom, but to do so on a public street was begging for trouble.

"Let's go back inside," Yami said as he interlaced his fingers with Kaiba's, smiling up at him encouragingly.

Reaching into his pocket for his keys, Kaiba locked the car as he allowed himself to be led the short distance up to the rear entrance of the house. Hidden from view, he stole one more kiss, consequences be damned; if he was going to have to put up with certain levels of stupidity, he wanted payment upfront. "Looks like dessert is going to have to wait," Yami murmured when they finally stopped, a slight flush on his cheeks.

"You act like the strawberries are going somewhere."

"Who said anything about the strawberries?" Yami asked with a laugh. "I was talking about you…"

Rolling his eyes at the statement, Kaiba settled for one last kiss and a quick grope before they headed back inside to rejoin the group.

A/N: It's an ending, but it's not over! I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would be the best way to do things and I've decided to end this introductory story here, although it pains me somewhat to do so. I've already got plans for a separate story focusing on the Millennium Puzzle thing that I've hinted at in the past few chapters, plus a oneshot involving a hotel, possibly another with a meeting in the boardroom at Kaiba Corp, and definitely one or two school oneshots. I toyed with finding ways to include them here and build bridges to them, but I think I've finally reached a natural stopping point where all of those ideas and any others I dream up can be used as a launching point.

I'll group them all under a series name, but I've yet to come up with that, so I'll announce it in the next story once I settle on one. So for those of you who aren't ready for it to be over, you can be rest assured that it will still be continuing in some form.

I can't thank everyone enough for all of the support you have given me throughout this whole process. I can hardly believe that I've written something this long and I'm grateful to have shared the experience with you all! It's really meant a lot to me and so this humble authoress extends her deepest appreciation for all of your kind words and encouragement that have helped me keep going and reach this point.

So what next? I intend to go back through and edit a few mistakes that I've caught in rereads, but there's not going to be any major overhauls. The good news is that I intend to post my next story starting next Sunday. It'll be a Prideshipping one shot in four parts, which is appropriate given that this one was supposed to be short. XD

I've mentioned it a few times throughout this story and it focuses on the last night on the Battle Ship before the Battle City Finals begin. It deals a lot with the Ancient Egypt stuff that because I was playing with it ended up spilling into this story, which I suppose is fair since it grew out of this. It'll be called Everywhen, Everywhereand will be posted under a T rating. No smut, although implied acts abound. It'll be a pure drama and very big on the psychological analysis that I just can't keep myself from playing around with, haha. It is completely unrelated to this story, but I hope that you guys check it out; I'd be curious to see how the different interpretations are received.

I almost feel as if I should post one gigantic rambling author's note to cap everything off, but I think I'll content myself with this. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say at the conclusion of this massive thing and I'll get back to everyone quickly now since I have a little more time on my hands it would seem. Thank you once again and hopefully we can all meet up on Sunday with the new story, so please keep an eye out for it!