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And now, finally, the beginning…

Thoughts of a flame

Tackles and Meetings

At platform 9 ¾ the red steam engine stood waiting to take the young witches and wizards back to Hogworts for another year of study.

"I'm going to miss you, love! Promise me you'll write?" Lydia Cooper asked her daughter for the thousandth (and counting) time as they stood at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10.

"Yes, mom, of course!" the eleven year-old replied patiently. "But I really do have to go now, the train leaves in…NOW!! Merlin, gotta run now mom, love you!"

"Oh, enjoy Hogwarts, hon! Be good, but if you're not, take pictures! Nudge, nudge!"

"Wink, wink!" The girl laughed back.

After saying her goodbyes the girl pulled her heavy trunk along towards the barrier. For the first time since she got her Hogwarts letter she felt nervous.

"Better run then…" she thought to herself.

She ran straight through the barrier right into a boy with messy dark hair. She wanted to stop, but her heavy trunk made it nearly impossible. She felt rather like an angry Hippogriff.

What followed next was a world-class rugby tackle…

"Great, Anza! What a way to make an entrance…" she muttered softly as she laid sandwiched between the boy and her trunk. "If only I could move my legs then I can walk all the way to Hogwarts… by the time I get there I would probably have aged and look different… good thinking, good thinking!" She thought to herself.

"Anza?" the boy asked, breaking into her thoughts. "That's an unusual name."

"Yeah." she answered quickly. This was getting really uncomfortable and embarrassing. "And you are?" she asked, trying to ease her situation.

"Oh, I'm James. James Potter."

Luckily, before any more embarrassing seconds could pass, someone lifted her trunk off her. Straightening up, Anza prepared herself to thank her rescuer and apologize to the unfortunate pillow, also known as James.

"Thank you!" she decided to thank the rescuer first.

"My pleasure, babe! My name is Sirius by the way. And might I add that you should rather not tackle people in public like that, a scout might just want to take you up in their team!"

At this Anza laughed. "Thanks for the advice, I'll remember that. I'm sure I'll use your advice later in life! My name is Anza. And James, I'm soooo sorry! I ran through the barrier and I couldn't stop, because my trunk…"

"That's ok! But I think I agree with Sirius. Are you a first year? "

"Yeah, and you two?"

"Yep!" they answered together... which sounded weird… "So, let's go get a compartment, we're late." James suggested.

Anza, happy to have made friends out of an otherwise very embarrassing situation, followed them on the train. On their way to an empty compartment Sirius bumped into Remus, another friend. So the four of them set out together to find a place to sit.

All the compartments were full, except for the last one, where a pudgy boy sat next to the window. To Anza he looked kind of like the type of kid who will sit at the back of the class and play with his quill, making weird sound affects for it. "But that's probably just me…" she thought.

"Hello!" Remus said. "This is Anza, Sirius and James." he pointed at each of them as he said their name. "And I'm Remus. May we sit here with you?"

"Yes, yes of course. My name is Peter Pettigrew…"

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