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Chapter 1:

The summer heat was unbearable this time of year in Surrey. Windows were flung open in an attempt to catch a non-existent breeze, fans were turned on to full blast in hope to cool down the recipients, but that only succeeded in stirring up the hot air, and there was no one at all wandering the streets in the hot sun. Well all except one.

Harry Potter was out in the backyard weeding the already perfect flower beds of his Aunt Petunia's magnolia and begonia beds. Sweat trickled down his forehead and ran down his back and into his eyes, and whenever he lifted a hand to wipe away the perspiration from his brow, leaving a streak of dirt in its reddening wake, more would soon follow after. His hands were raw from working without proper gloves and his fingernails were cracking and would probably be bleeding be the end of the day.

He had already weeded the garden three days ago but his Uncle Vernon was in an even more foul mood the he had ever been in before. His company was in the mists of a hostile takeover and workers were being laid off left and right. It was only a matter of time before Vernon lost his job. And naturally it would be Harry's fault. So here he was, trying to stay out of the way and to not give his Uncle even more of an opportunity to find something to beat him over. Yes beat. It had started about two summers ago, and it would happen for even the smallest thing. So now, Harry avoided his Uncle like the plague. Sadly, it didn't really help.

To top it off, Harry was depressed due to the fact that none of his friends had written to him since the first week of summer. Dumbledore thought that it wouldn't be safe to receive any owl mail. Therefore Harry was cut off from the magical world entirely. And Vernon took complete advantage of it.

Harry heaved a great big sigh and paused in his gardening to flop back into the grass and stare up at the sky. He swallowed in an attempt to alleviate the dryness in his throat but his results were fruitless.

'I hate my life. Why does everything happen to me?' Harry grumbled to himself. 'I haven't heard anything for the last four weeks and it doesn't look like I will anytime soon. The television and newspaper can only help so much' His eyes drifted over the cloudless sky in frustration. 'Why me?'

"BOY!!! NO SLACKING!! GET BACK TO WORK!!!" Vernon yelled from the window. His overly large purple face was splashed with a unhealthy shade of red from the sun. Even from his place on the perfectly manicured lawn, Harry could see the vein in his Uncle's neck bulging.

"Yes Uncle Vernon!" Harry called back as he rose to his knees and began to work on the weeding again. His back cracked as he hunched over the flowers and skillfully continued to pull the weeds from there place.


"Yes Uncle Vernon!" Harry sighed and mentally counted down the days to his birthday. Seventeen was the big year. He would be able to use magic and he would be considered an adult. As soon as the clock struck midnight on his birthday he was out of here. He didn't care if Dumbledore wanted him to stay here until school started, he couldn't handle another week here with his family and his Uncle's violent temper.

"Humanssss are ssso loudsss." A voice hissed from the bushes a little to the right of where Harry was working. He paused and looked at the bushes but could not see anyone or anything there. He shook his head and continued his work but he kept glancing over at the bush. After a couple more minutes, a garder snake slithered out and watched Harry. Harry stopped working again and sat up while looking at the small snake.

"Isss the human ssscared? Isss he going to ssscream?"

Harry gave a small laugh and shook his head before starting to work again.

"No. I am not ssscared." Harry replied to the little snake who recoiled in, what Harry guessed, shock.

"You sssspeak the ssserpents tongue?" The snake flicked its forked tongue out, testing the air to see if Harry posed any sort of threat to it.

"Yess. I know itsss a very rare gift." Harry hissed back. The snake slithered out further from under the bush and cautiously approached Harry, who glanced down at it and gave a small smile.

The snake was probably about a foot long when completely stretched out and it was about as thick as a pencil. The top of its scales was a dark green and shifted to brown on it under scales. Its eyes were a bright amber color. It was a beautiful little snake.

"You are very pretty." Harry told it. The creature flicked his tongue out again and came closer.

"Flattery will getsss you everywhere." Harry gave a small laugh at this. "What isss you name sssnake ssspeaker?"

"Harry Potter. And what isss you name?"

"We do not have namesss like humansss do."

Harry glanced back down at it again. It had coiled up and was resting its head on its body while his eyes were still observing Harry.

"How may I addressss you then?" He asked it curiously. It lifted its head up off of its body.

"You may give me a name if you mussst."

Harry began to ponder some names for a minute. He stopped working and crossed his arms.

"Hmm… how about- no, that doesssn't sssound like a sssnake name. Or how- no not that either. Or-"

"Jussst pick one."

"Ok ok. How about Lazzarus?"

The snake seemed to be thinking it over for a minute.

"Itsss a alright name but maybe ssssomething a little easssier."

"How about……… Sssin?"

"Ssssin… I like it."

Harry smiled at Sin. He looked back at the flower beds and realized that there were no more weeds to pick. He sighed again and looked at his hands that were slightly raw from working all day. He didn't think that he would ever be able to get the dirt out from under his nails.

"Why do you work ssso much if your hurt?"

"I don't have a choice. If I don't work then I will get beaten again."

Sin recoiled really fast and made a hiss if disgust.

"Your father beatsss hisss children? Disssgusting!"

"He isss not my father, he isss my Uncle. My father iss dead. I will only be here for a few more weeksss. When I turn ssseventeen I am leaving here forever."

"You will leave? May I come with you?"

Harry sat down crossed legged and stared at Sin in confusion.

"Yo-You would want to come with me? Why?"

"There iss nothing here. If I ssstay then that horssse woman will jussst run me out of here. Besssidesss, I have never met a sssnake ssspeaker before. Ssso can I come?" Sin questioned.

"Yess, I would like that. Thank you, Sssin." Harry smiled down at Sin. He felt better than he had this entire summer. He stood up to go and grab the shears to begin the rose pruning. He then bent over and extended a hand for Sin.

"Letsss go Sssin. I have more work to do."

Sin crawled up into Harry's hand and wrapped himself around Harry's fingers and wrist. Sin was his companion all day. And Harry had never felt so at ease while working before.


Harry flopped down on his bed in exhaustion. It had been a couple weeks since Sin had joined Harry and he wasn't as lonely as he used to be. Sin was a companion who was trustworthy and to whom Harry could reveal his feelings to. Harry told Sin everything about his life and the great thing about Sin is that he wasn't judgmental and he didn't let any personal emotions get in the way of the advice he gave.

"I am ssso tired!" Harry hissed out. The Dursley's have been working Harry to death. Even if he finished all of his chores early they would make him do something even if it didn't need to be done. Luckily, his Uncle hasn't been in a bad mood and so Harry has been able to let his wounds heal up. Although, he wasn't going to get out of it unscathed. There were a few wounds that would definitely scar.

"How much longer until we can leave thisss place?" Sin asked while sliding out of Harry's shirt.

" Jusst another couple of daysss and then w-"

"BOY!!!" His Uncle yelled from downstairs. The walls seemed to vibrate as Vernon's voice resonated from below. His yell was accompanied by loud thuds as Vernon marched up the stairs.

"Shit!" Harry cursed, springing up from his bed and scooping Sin up in his hands. He ran over to his wardrobe and pulled it open while placing Sin down at the bottom on top of some shirts. "Ssstay here! Don't come out unlessss I tell you to!" Harry frantically hissed to Sin before slamming the wardrobe door closed just as his Uncle threw the door to his room open.

"BOY!!! ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" Vernon yelled in anger. Harry took a step backwards from his Uncle in fear but Vernon just advanced towards Harry with a few short strides and then he reached out and grabbed Harry's throat with a large beefy hand.

Harry's hands reached up to grasp his Uncle's wrist and tried to pull the Walrus like hand away from his throat but his actions were fruitless. Vernon's other massive hand swung around and collided with his stomach. Harry let out a quiet gasp of pain from the impact and all of the air was expelled from his lungs but he couldn't let any air back in due to the hand around his throat.

Black spots danced in Harry's vision and his head began to fell all light headed. His struggling was getting weaker and it was getting harder to think coherently. Just when he thought that he couldn't last another second, Vernon released his grip and Harry dropped to his knees on the floor, clutching his stomach and gasping for air. He hunched his body forward to where his head was almost touching the ground, looking like he was bowing on his knees, and tried to fill his lungs with much needed oxygen. His stomach contracted painfully and wouldn't stop. Just when Harry was getting his breathing at a somewhat controlled rate, his Uncle's foot lashed out unexpectedly, colliding with Harry's shoulder and knocking him backwards onto his back.

"I SHOULD HAVE DONE AWAY WITH YOU YEARS AGO!!!" Vernon hollered, his foot lashing out once more into Harry's thigh this time. Jolts of pain ran through out the left side of his body from the impact. This move was repeated several more times, drawing a scream from Harry, whose bone felt as though it was going to break. "I GOT FIRED BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU LITTLE FREAK!!!!"

Vernon bent down and grasped the front of Harry's shirt with two hands before lifting him and launching him at the wall. Harry's lithe form hit the wall with a loud thud and he threw out a hand to grasp the edge of the desk next to him but ended up knocking over the lamp and sending in to the hard floor where it shattered into little fragments. His frightened eyes immediately looked to his Uncle's face and cringed at the rage he saw burning in those beady eyes. His leg shook in an effort to hold himself up but the other man relieved Harry of this job as his hand was flung out and smacked into the side of his head knocking him to floor after his hip smashed painfully into the desk. Tears gathered in his eyes but he refused to give his Uncle the pleasure of seeing him cry.

He lay crumpled on his side, trembling in pain. His Uncle kicked him in the same shoulder again, knocking him onto his back. Harry stared at the figure towering over him in fear. Vernon then sank to the floor, straddling Harry's body, and pulled Harry's upper body up by his shirt, a move to which his stomach clenched painfully from, until Harry was face to face with his Uncle.

The smell of cheap booze wafted out from his Uncle's mouth making Harry cringe in disgust. A move which he later regretted as his Uncle saw his look of disgust, to which only infuriated more.

"I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU WISH YOU HAD DIED THAT NIGHT!!! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!" Vernon yelled before throwing him back down, causing his head to slam rather hard and making Harry see stars. Before Harry could even make a move, his Uncle was there, wildly swinging his fists into Harry's torso in a brutal assault.

Harry began desperately trying to fight his Uncle off, a fruitless attempt, but his struggling did allow him to get a chance to drag small gulps of air into his starving lungs. He didn't even have enough breath to scream or talk. Wave after wave of pain coursed through his battered body until Harry couldn't tell what hurt and what didn't. His eyes were squeezed shut, and he kept wishing that the pain would end.

After a couple more minutes of torture, the assault stopped. The room was quiet, save for the sound of heavy breathing and painful gasping. Then Harry's back arched off the ground as his muscles began to fiercely contract and his frame was wracked with coughing as it tried to expel the fluid that built up in is lungs. He was vaguely aware of the coppery taste filling his mouth and running down the side of his mouth and chin. When his body finished hacking up the blood, he collapsed, exhausted on the floor. He raised his eyes to look at his Uncle through lowered lashes.

Vernon's body was trembling as he looked at his nephew laying broken and battered beneath him. His eyes stared fixedly on the blood dribbling down the side of Harry's face. One would almost think that the expression upon his face was horror or fear but it was in fact delight. The way those beady eyes shinnied in pleasure at the work he had done scared Harry more than anything.

Harry whimpered in pain and fear. He was to scared to move and bring his Uncle's wrath upon himself again, but he couldn't stop the sound from escaping. Vernon's look vanished instantly and his rage returned.

"Don't think that I am done with you yet Boy." Vernon whispered ominously. Harry's body unconsciously shivered at the tone of voice that promised pain.

Harry closed his eyes again and tried to will his mind away, anywhere, as long as it wasn't here. He didn't want to see the look on his Uncle's face as he did what he did, he didn't want to feel the pain being inflicted upon him, he didn't… he didn't even want to live anymore. The pain was worse than any he had ever felt. Even the Crutiatus curse didn't feel like this. It was a new pain entirely. And it was much worse in Harry's opinion.

'What did I do to deserve this? Why me? Why?'

The sound of ripping fabric was heard in the dismal room as Vernon shredded the baggy shirt that covered the broken body. Then skin on Harry's unclothed torso was already a sickly yellow color and would most likely be a dark shade of purple in a few hours. Vernon's eyes darted around the area near him and landed on one of Harry's sharp, metal tipped quills that he had received as a birthday gift from the Weasleys last year. He reached out and dragged it to him and before Harry's confused mind could process what was going on, the tip on his quill was dug into his chest and drugged down, carving letters onto his chest. Harry's pain filled scream rang out and his struggles became anew.

"SHUT UP!!!" Vernon yelled before swinging the hand with the quill at Harry's face. The quill effortlessly sliced open Harry's left cheek in one smooth motion. Blood flowed from the cut and Harry bit his lip to keep from screaming. "Don't say a word." Vernon hissed dangerously into his ear, before resuming his work on Harry's chest.

Harry clenched his eyes shut and tears trailed out of the corner of his eyes in pain. He bit the inside of his uninjured cheek to keep from screaming in pain. A pain filled sob escaped his lips as his Uncle continued to work, dragging the quill across his pale flesh. He could feel blood trickling down his side and tried to hold another sob in. He could no longer feel the pain of individual wounds. It was just one large, unbearable pain in time with his heart beat.

He was vaguely aware of the weight being lifted off of his hips as his uncle stood up, and stared down at Harry, admiring his work. Harry could hear the loud foot steps pass by his head as his Uncle stumbled unsteadily from the room before there was a loud 'slam' as Vernon closed the door and locked all of the locks.

With his Uncle gone, Harry allowed the dam to break and the tears to flow freely. He managed to turn on his side and curl his body up into a ball as he sobbed from all of the pain, both physically and mentally. A cold wind blew over his form from the open window causing Harry to shiver, but he just couldn't find any strength in his body to get up and close the window.

So he lied there, shivering and sobbing, until he had no more tears left to cry and his mind began to shut down on him. He could vaguely hear Sin frantically hissing to let him out before Harry closed his eyes and drifted into a pain filled sleep.

"Harry! Harry!"


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