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Chapter 2:

Pain. That was all he felt. It consumed his thoughts and prevented him from thinking of anything but that. But pain was goodPain meant that you were alive. Which, depending on who you asked, could be either good or bad. Right now, it was bad.

Harry groggily awoke from his slumber, unable to ignore the throbbing from every bruise, every cut, and maybe a couple of fractured bones. From the pain in his chest, Harry didn't doubt that maybe he had a broken rib or two.

He lay there, trying to disregard the pain, and began to mentally asses the damage that he had taken. Starting with his head. He thought that maybe he had a concussion, given the pounding in his head, which if he did, then he was lucky that even woke up at all. His hair was matted to his head from the blood that had gushed out when he hit his head. That particular wound didn't hurt too much, well, compared to the other wounds he had, but he knew from experience that head wounds tended to bleed more, no matter how small the cut. His cheek was burning from the quill slicing it open. Moving his jaw made it hurt unnecessarily, so he tried to keep that movement to a minimum. His eye hurt like a bitch too. Even though his glasses were absent, and he couldn't see very well, Harry could tell his eye was swollen pretty well.

Moving on to the worst of the damage, Harry knew without even looking, his chest looked like shit. Trying to sort through the pain in his abdomen and single out the individual injuries proved to be a difficult task. The pain in his head made it hard to think, nevertheless, he continued. Skipping over the obvious bruises and 'cuts' he began to try and asses the more serious, and possibly internal, injuries. He was pretty sure that he had a cracked rib or two now, and maybe some damage to some organ or something as he didn't really know the exact location of every major organ. But he did know where his lungs are, and from the trouble that he had breathing and the dried blood on the side of his mouth that he had coughed up the night before, Harry could only guess that maybe he had a collapsed lung or a punctured one. He didn't really know, but something was wrong with them. He luckily knew though that if something was wrong with one lung, it wouldn't be enough to kill him as long as the other one performed at maximum. Moving on to his shoulder, it was either broken or dislocated, but Harry didn't feel like moving and finding out just yet.

His arms were in pretty good condition. Just a few scattered bruises from trying to defend himself from the barrage of fists that had been raining down on him. His wrist might be sprained or something though.

His hip was probably in the best condition, considering his Uncle had sat on it. It did throb from where it had collided with the desk though.

Lastly, or from what he could feel, was his left thigh from where his Uncle had repeatedly kicked. It didn't feel broken because if it was, he was sure that his whole leg would hurt, not just that area. It was most likely just extensive muscle damage and swelling. Maybe a popped blood vessel here or there. Over all, Harry guessed that he got out of it better than he expected.

You would probably think he was insane for thinking that, but considering that he thought he was going to die, he got off easy.

Harry knew that he needed to get help. He would usually be able to treat is own injuries and no one would know, but this had been, by far, the most brutal beating yet. He didn't know if he would be able to survive another one. He had a day at most, he guessed. His Uncle would be nursing that hangover that he would surely have and then he would ponder over what he had done to Harry for awhile and then he would act.

But first things first. Harry needed to move. Sitting up straight was not an option. His ribs would protest vehemently and he didn't think that his abdominal muscles could handle the strain right now. So instead, he rolled back over onto his side, wincing a little at the pain, and then onto his stomach. Pain flared instantly, and he used his arms to lift himself slightly off of the floor and relive the pressure on his torso. Using his arms and his good leg, Harry began to pull himself toward his bed, or more specifically, the lose floor board beneath it. His arms shook with the effort, but he kept on pulling himself. He managed to pull himself half way there before he flopped down on his stomach and quickly rolled back onto his side when his ribs jarred painfully against his front.

He lay there panting on the floor for a few minutes, waiting for the pain to subside before continuing on again. After a couple minutes of dragging his bruised body across the floor, he reached his bed and slowly crawled under, lifting the loose floor board and removing a piece of parchment. Before he put all of the stuff back into his hiding place, he noticed a small vial of Pain Removing Solution wrapped up in his father's invisibility cloak. He remembered having snuck a couple of vials when he was last in the hospital wing, in anticipation of the long, painful summer. He had thought he used the last of it up.

There was a little less than half left in the vial, but it was enough to at least ease the pain to where he could think better and send a letter off. He quickly downed the lavender potion and immediately felt it take effect. It did not remove all of the pain, but it toned it down to a bearable level. Mindful of his wounds, he pulled the parchment out and crawled out from under the bed.

Carefully pulling himself to his feet, he hobbled on over to his desk and slowly sat down. His ribs shifted and he felt a sharp stab of pain. Without the little bit of potion he had consumed, he knew that he would be gasping for air and immobilized by the pain. As it was though, he could handle it. Pulling out a spare quill from one of the desk drawers (one that wasn't metal tipped), and then quickly uncapping his bottle of ink, he wrote a simple message.

Need Help! Injured! Please Hurry!


It was short, but that was all he could manage. It seemed that there was less potion than he thought for he could already feel an increase in pain. He quickly folded the note and stumbled over to Hedwig. He opened her cage and attached the note her leg.

"Hedwig, take this to Grimmauld Place as fast as you can. Give it to the first person in the Order that you see. Please hurry. I don't think I can handle another smack down like this last one. Now go!" Harry hurriedly whispered to her. She gave a quick peck of affection to Harry's ear before she took off into the sky.

He stared at her form until it disappeared on the horizon. It was then that he noticed his leg trembling very badly a he just knew that he would regret moving, standing or even breathing when the Pain Killing Solution wore off. He could only pray that Hedwig would be swift and the Order was quick to respond.

"Harry? Harry? Open up Pleasssse!" Sin's voice sounded out through the wardrobe door.

Harry immediately felt ashamed for having forgotten about his little companion, even for a second. On trembling legs he managed to take three steps before his left leg gave out and he crashed to floor. Wincing at the loud thud, fear filled him as he waited for his Uncle's angry shout. Relieved when he didn't hear anything ('Probably still asleep') he pulled himself over to the wardrobe and pulled it open enough for Sin to come out.

Sin slithered out as fast as he could and headed straight to Harry, who lay crumpled on the floor.

"Harry! Are you alright? I heard you sssscrea- Oh god!"

"Do I look that bad?"

"Itssss awful! I wisssh I wasss bigger than I could protect you!"

Harry gave a small, sad smile at this. It seemed as is he always needed to be protected. Some savior that he was supposed to be. He couldn't even help himself. How was he supposed to help others? But it was nice hearing it from Sin. He wasn't like everyone else. He wanted to help Harry because he was Harry, not the Boy-who-lived. Merlin, he loved that little snake! But-

"Ssssin, you ssshould leave. There are plenty of people who are better than me. I am not worthy enough to have your friendsssship. If you ssstay, then you will only end up getting hurt." Harry hissed out sadly to Sin. Yes, he did love Sin, but Harry never wanted to see anything bad happen to him. Everyone he cared about was dieing, and he didn't want Sin to be added to the list as well.

Sin angrily recoiled and then he struck out and sank his little fangs into Harry's finger on his good hand. His fangs weren't large, but it was so quick and unexpected that Harry jumped slightly. It kinda felt like the one time that he had accidentally stapled his finger when he was back in third grade.

"Ouch! What wasss that for?! If you hadn't noticed, I am injured enough. I don't need you adding to my woundssss!"

"Don't ever ssssay that again! I will not leave you! If I get hurt, then I get hurt. It will not be you fault, but mine! You are my massster, my friend, you are my Harry and I will not leave!" Sin angrily hissed out after having removed his fangs from Harry's finger.

Harry felt tears well up in his eyes and he blinked rapidly trying to hold them back.

"Ssssin…thank you." Harry whispered out.

'Don't ever sssomething sssstupid like that again. Promissse?"

"Yeah I prom- AHH!!" Harry was cut off half way through his sentence as the potion unexpectedly wore off and all of the pain returned full blast. All of that moving around made his injuries feel as though they were on fire. Breathing became hard, even more so when coughs wracked his body trying to expel the sudden build up of blood. Harry turned his head sideways on the floor as he coughed up the red fluid. The extra coughing made his ribs hurt more and his shoulder twist painfully. He bit his lip and tried to stop moving so he wouldn't hurt himself even more.

His leg throbbed painfully and it took all of his will power to not scream out.

"Harry!?! Whatsss wrong?"

"Po-potion w-wore off. Pain…sssso much. Hurts!!!" This time, Harry didn't even try to hold the tears back. He just let them flow. So he lied there on his back, on the hard wood floor with the shards of the broken lamp digging into his flesh, but he didn't really notice that, and he prayed that the Order would hurry.

Sin curled himself up around Harry's uninjured shoulder and rested his head on his master's throat.

"Oh Harry… Ssssleep. It will help."

And so that is what Harry did. He fluttered his eyes closed and was lulled to sleep by Sin's comforting hisses in his ear. At least asleep, he felt nothing.


Remus sat at the dining room table by himself, sipping his morning coffee and reading the Daily Prophet. There was no news on Voldemort yet. He had been unusually quiet these past few weeks and it set everyone on edge.

Headquarters was surprisingly empty today, as everyone had their own jobs or errands to do. The only people there were Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, and Mundungs, who was passed out upstairs in one of the spare rooms. Snape was in the basement, brewing some potions no doubt, and here was Remus trying to enjoy his morning. And he was doing a fine job, well, that is until Hedwig began to furiously peck at the window to be let in.

Remus was surprised to see the snowy owl there, as he knew Dumbledore did not want Harry sending or receiving any mail. He opened the window and Hedwig swooped in and landed on the table, sticking her leg with the message out for Remus to take.

Remus untied the letter and quickly read the short note. His face paled and his eyes widened.

"SEVERUS!!! QUICKLY, GET IN HERE!!!" Remus hollered out. There was a small crash downstairs and the sound of feet marching up the basement stairs was all Remus heard until the door was thrown open, and Snape stood there, scowling angrily.

"What is the bi-"

"No time! Harry is hurt and I need your help! Please?!" Remus all but begged Snape.

Snape scowled even more and crossed his arms over his chest.

"What are you talking about? That brat is probably just trying to get someone to come over so he is not bored and the attention is focused on him again. Nothing is wrong."

"NO! You're wrong! Harry is hurt! He wouldn't lie about something like this! He is not his father! You have no idea what kind muggles he is staying with! Severus please! Help me! Help him!"

"Surely, the great Harry Potter could fight off a fe-"

"No he can't! He is not allowed to use magic and you know that! Plus, I know for a fact that they lock his wand up! Please, I am begging you!"

Snape gave a great big sigh and gave in.

"Fine. Let's go."

Remus could have hugged him right there had he not been so consumed with worry. They quickly grabbed their cloaks and stepped out side of the house before disappearing with a 'pop'.


Remus and Snape appeared in front of Number 4 Privet Drive. Quickly approaching the door, Snape rapped smartly on the door a waited. There was the sound of someone shuffling around inside before the door was pulled open.

The skinny frame of Petunia Dursley stood in the doorway and she gasp in horror when she realized who was standing on her porch.

"Is Harry Potter here?" Remus asked her.

Her eyes grew wide and her face paled. Her hands shook as she wrung the nervously.

"N-no! He is not h-here! He-he is out…somewhere!" She managed to stutter out before she tried to slam the door in their faces. Remus snarled, his wolf dangerously close the surface, and flung his arm out, catching the door and forcefully throwing it open. It impacted with a very large 'thud' and Petunia, horrified, stumbled backwards, away from the menacing pair.

"Where is he?!?!" Remus growled out, baring his canines for good measure.

"Petunia! What is going on? Who is at the do- WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!?!"

"Where is Harry!?!" Remus snarled out again. Vernon's face turned a nasty shade of purple and his anger was palpable, but even though his rage was obvious, fear was very close to the surface.


"Mr. Dursley," Snape began, while drawing his wand from his robes, "we know that Mr. Potter is here and if you do not move this instant than I will move you myself." He gave his wand a good wave for measure and was pleased with how the man tensed and took a step back. He seemed to realize what he was doing and snapped out of it. His face, if possible, turned an even darker shade of purple, and he swung out a fist in an attempt to knock Snape backwards.

Snape merely gave a flick of his wand and Vernon was sent flying backwards, crashing into the coffee table and smashing it in the process.

"Vernon!" Petunia screamed and dashed over to her husband. Snape and Remus paid them little mind as they quickly ascended the stairs and began looking for Harry. Snape opened the first door at the top of the stairs.

The room was filled to the brim with electronic gadgets and toys of every kind. It was a child's dream room.

'This must be Potter's room but where is he? I knew this was just a hoax.' He thought angrily. Because of Potter, he just ruined a perfectly good potion that he was working on. He turned to go collect Remus and return to Headquarters when…

"Severus! He is in here! And I smell blood! Oh Merlin! He is hurt!" Remus's panicked shout reached Severus's ears and he left the room and saw Remus at the end of the hallway, in front of a door that had many locks on it and a small cat flap at the bottom of the door to slide food under.

'No. Surely this is not the spoiled Potter's room. It couldn't be!'

Snape waved his wand and all of the locks opened with a click. Remus threw the door open but quickly took a step back, his hand flying to cover his nose. His eyes were riveted ahead on the picture that lay before him.

Seeing as how Remus wasn't going to move, Snape moved him out of the way and stepped in the room only to freeze in shock.

'No…This is-sn't right. This is not right……This is not where Harry bloody Potter lived…It just couldn't be...' Yet it was.

Snape's eyes trailed over the dirty yellowed walls that were stained a dark crimson in some parts. There was a bloody hand print or two scattered every few feet and some were smeared downwards from someone pressing there hand against the wall and then falling to the floor. A single light bulb hung in the center of the room and a small bed was crammed in the corner, covered only by a few thread bare blankets. A ratty old desk was against the wall in front of him and a wardrobe was to his right. There was not a single sentimental possession displayed in the room. It was bare. Empty. Well except for the bloody and beaten form of one Harry Potter crumpled up on the floor by the foot of his bed near the wardrobe. And, he wasn't moving.

"Oh Merlin… HARRY!!!" Remus, snapping out of his stupor, screamed before rushing in a dropping down next to his prone form, not even caring that he was kneeling in a small pool of blood.

Snape still stood in the doorway. His widened eyes could not believe what he was seeing. He thought Potter would be a spoiled rotten child who got everything he wanted and everyone dotted upon him. House elves would wait on him hand and foot while he merely lay around all summer until school started. That was the Harry Potter he knew. Well, at least that's what he thought. This, this was something entirely else. He didn't know what to make of this Harry. It changed everything.

"Severus! Help me! We need to get him to Headquarters and fast!" Remus's terrified voice roused him from his thinking and he quickly strode over and knelt down on Harry's other side. He reached a hand out to place on Harry's shoulder for side-along apperation when a hiss was all he heard before a small snake struck out and bit into his hand.

Snape jerked his hand back fast and watched as the small serpent uncoiled himself from around Harry's throat and protectively spread himself out as long as it could go, and then proceeded to hiss threatenly at them. At any other time, this would have amused him greatly, but right now, it annoyed him. Suppressing the urge to throw it to the other side of the room, Snape tried talking to it.

"Look... We aren't going to harm Harry. We are here to help." Snape ground out. He watched as the serpent eyed him with piercing amber eyes for a couple of seconds before giving a very human nod and curling up back around Harry's throat.

Without further delay, Snape grasped Harry's shoulder and they disapperated with a loud 'crack,' Remus following almost immediately afterwards.


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