-1Hmm . . . Yeah, I'm vaguely new at this . . . But anyway, this is actually a story I wrote awhile ago, but it died, and I recently brought it back to life via rewriting it! It had just gone in a bad direction, but I fixed all that! Hopefully, this one's better . . .

Ha, I think its hilarious that all the CedricxOliver stories revolve around the shower ordeal in PoA. But, you know, it just lends itself to hot sex, doesn't it? Besides, I'm just making that the starting point of their relationship. They'll have sex in several different and, hopefully, more interesting places (not that I don't enjoy shower!sex . . .). So . . . Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Not my characters. Though it would be nice if they were, cause then I'd be making buttloads o' cash! But JK deserves the money more than me.

Cedric felt bad. Hell, he felt terrible. He didn't know the dementors had entered the stadium. Now he wished he had realized it. All the Hufflepuffs had heartily congratulated him, but it was a hollow victory. It's not really winning if your opponent is incapacitated, right?

But no one listened, not even Madam Hooch. Cedric caught the snitch; end of story.

Now Cedric was sitting in the pitch stands, staring distractedly at the sky. He had watched as Harry was carried to the castle, and as the remains of his Nimbus 2000 were collected from beneath the Whomping Willow. He knew Harry was going to have a bad day. Well, a worse day.

Cedric kept his head back, continuing to stare into the gray masses; he sighed exasperatedly every once in awhile. He felt so bad about the game that he hoped for a moment that Hufflepuff would lose its next match. Not that they really had a great chance to win anyway, but there could always be more blind luck in Cedric's future. Like those dementors . . .

"Wood must be pissed . . ." he muttered to himself. He clasped a hand over his face and laughed slightly at the thought of Oliver Wood. Cedric had never met anyone so obsessed with Quidditch. Or anything, for that matter. But he liked that eccentric quality in Wood. He was passionate about something; people needed that kind of passion in their lives.

"Where is he anyway?" Cedric abruptly realized that he hadn't seen Wood return to the castle. Was he still changing? Maybe drowning himself in the shower? Cedric wasn't sure why, but he suddenly felt that now would be the perfect time to apologize for the game; while Wood was alone and not surrounded by pissed off Gryffindors.

Cedric hopped up and almost ran down the many flights of stairs to the floor of the pitch. He quickly made his way across to the Gryffindor showers. As he neared the entrance, he could hear the sound of running water. "Wood?" he called out, not wanting to proceed any further without knowledge of Wood's state of undress. "Wood, you in here?"

There was no answer, only the continuing sound of the showers.

Must be drowning himself . . . Cedric turned to leave, but paused. This may be his only chance to apologize. "Wood?" he called once more.

Still no answer.

Cedric stepped inside cautiously. The locker room was fairly clean. Harry's clothes were still draped over a bench. The red and gold colors of the room made it feel quite homey. And the steam drifting from the showers made the room quite warm.

The layouts of the locker rooms being the same, Cedric made his way toward the shower. As he drew nearer, small beads of sweat formed near his hairline because of the steam. God, the water must be scalding.

Cedric stopped right outside the shower. "Wood?" he tried again.

There was still no answer.

Cedric was growing worried. He slowly peaked his head around the corner. Inside, Oliver Wood stood amongst the steam, his head tilted upward. He was simply standing there as the water washed over him. Cedric watched as Oliver spat some water onto the floor and used an arm to support himself on the wall. The other hand came up to his face, and he rubbed his eyes resignedly.

Suddenly, Oliver's eyes shot open and he stared directly at Cedric. Cedric was in utter shock and didn't know what to do. The two stared silently at each other for several moments.

"What are you doing in here?" Oliver finally said monotonously, turning to face the wall again.

Cedric took a second to regain his composure. "I . . . I wanted to . . . apologize for what happened," he eventually sputtered.

"For what? Winning?" Oliver scoffed. "You won fair and square; don't be sorry."

"I know you're upset . . ." Cedric began.

"Well, of course, I'm upset, but you don't have to fucking apologize." Oliver paused and grinned wryly. "That is, unless you summoned the dementors."

Cedric laughed nervously. He wasn't sure how to respond. "Um . . . Is Potter alright?" he asked, attempting to change the subject.

Oliver gazed at him before answering, "Yes."

Cedric nodded awkwardly. "That's . . . good news." He looked up at Oliver to find that Oliver was still watching him. Cedric flushed, and he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was the heat.

The two continued to stare at each other.

Then, suddenly, Cedric strode straight into the shower, without hesitation. Without even thinking to himself, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Oliver turned to him, a bewildered expression on his face. "Diggory, wha-"

Cedric's hands grasped Oliver's shoulders, and Oliver was slammed against the tile. Simultaneously, Cedric pressed his lips onto Oliver's. Oliver was stunned for several seconds, but eventually deepened the kiss. The two boys sank into each other, as sopping clothes were gradually removed . . .

Cedric sat at the Hufflepuff table in the Great Hall, later that day. His face was buried in his hands, and food was the last thing on his mind. All he could think about was what happened in the shower earlier. He never even imagined it could feel so good to have some one inside him . . . Did this mean he was gay? He had never liked guys before. He had seen his teammates in the showers plenty of times and felt absolutely nothing. Just . . . seeing Oliver, he had this sudden compulsion. He couldn't explain it.

And what about Oliver? Cedric never even had an inkling that Oliver was gay. He did seem pretty shocked and nervous at first . . . But he got over that fairly quickly.

Cedric had no idea what everything meant, and he was still deeply confused. He didn't have anything against gay people; he just hadn't ever thought that he was gay. It freaked him out. What would his parents say? Or his friends? Or everyone at Hogwarts, for that matter.

What would Oliver say? The thought seized Cedric with a sudden panic. What if he thought it was a mistake? Could he ever face him again?

Cedric moaned loudly into his palms. God, it was all so fucking complicated . . .

Across the Great Hall, Oliver sat at the Gryffindor table staring blankly into his plate of pudding. He had barely touched it.

"Look at Diggory," muttered one of the Weasley twins.

"He doesn't look too happy after having won the Quidditch game," replied the other. "What a nutter."

Oliver tensed. He wasn't sure why that remark made him so angry. So what if he fucked Cedric? People were allowed to experiment, right? It wasn't like he was in love with Cedric. It was just a heat of the moment kind of thing.

Oliver softened a bit. Why was Cedric looking so down? Did he regret what happened? Oliver wasn't sure if he himself regretted it . . . It had felt so good. And it was so different than all the make out sessions he had had with his ex-girlfriends. It was . . . passionate and lustful. He could vividly remember pulling off Cedric's soaking robes, revealing his pale skin. Oliver still had scratches on his back from Cedric's slightly too-long fingernails. And the sounds he made . . .

Oliver shook his head violently, trying to dispel the thoughts. He wasn't gay. He liked girls, end of story. This small incident would soon be forgotten.

The twins took notice of Oliver's pensive expression. "What's up, mate?" they asked simultaneously.

Oliver was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear them.

"It's about Diggory, isn't it," they attempted.

That caught Oliver's attention. "What? What are you talking about?" he sputtered defensively. Surely no one had seen . . .

"About him catching the snitch," Fred replied.

"Oh," Oliver sighed with great relief, grateful that he hadn't been caught. That would've been terrible, considering he wasn't gay. "Yeah, but we're still in the running." For the first time in his life, Quidditch was the last thing Oliver was thinking about.

The twins shared confused looks. "You feeling okay?"

"Um, fine," Oliver shrugged, getting desperate to end the conversation. He had too much on his mind, and it was more than obvious that something was wrong. "I gotta go, alright? I'll see you two at practice later."


Oliver hurried out of the Great Hall, not sure where he was headed.

Cedric looked up just in time to see Oliver leave. Oh shit, he regretted it. Cedric could tell. But now the question that nagged at him was: why didn't he? Shouldn't he regret it just as much as Oliver? Cedric decided that he needed to be alone. It was too loud during dinner for him to concentrate at all.

As Cedric left the Great Hall, he was completely immersed in his thoughts. He barely registered that anyone was in the Entrance Hall until-


He collided with another student. The two hit the ground with a crash, Cedric landing on top of the other.

As Cedric pushed himself up onto his elbows, he looked to see who it was that he had run into. To his horror, it was Oliver. The two became stock still, staring at each other's faces.

Cedric slowly picked himself up. Once he was standing, he offered a hand to Oliver.

Oliver looked at Cedric's hand, but did not take it, standing up on his own instead. He turned on his heel and started to walk away.

"Oliver, wait!" Cedric called after him.

Oliver stopped, but didn't turn around.

Cedric quickly made up the space between them. "Look, about what happened earlier . . ." he whispered.

"It was a mistake," Oliver stated bluntly. He wasn't ready for this conversation. He didn't want to think he was gay, but he instantly regretted what he said.

Cedric looked like he had punched in the stomach. "Are . . . Are you sure?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Oliver made to turn again, but Cedric grabbed his shoulder. The contact made them both shudder.

"But we need to talk about it," Cedric hissed through clenched teeth.

Oliver was silent, then grabbed Cedric's tie and pulled him into the nearest empty classroom, slamming the door behind them. "Why do we need to talk about it? You're the one who walked into the damn shower!"

"Yeah? Well, I didn't hear you complaining. In fact, it sounded as if you were enjoying yourself." Cedric glared at Oliver. "Besides, you were the one doing the actual fucking!"

"Look, I'm not gay-"

"Well, you coulda fooled me. It sure didn't seem that way when you . . . when you were inside me . . ." Cedric barely managed to say it. The anger seemed to have drained from him.

"Why did you come into the shower?" Oliver asked, curiosity overcoming his anger.

"Truthfully, I don't know," Cedric sighed. "Why didn't you resist?"

"At first, I wanted to . . ." Oliver began. "But . . . It wasn't as disgusting as I thought it was going to be."

Cedric made a strange noise. "Disgusting, eh?"

"I said it wasn't, didn't I?"

Cedric became silent again.

"What does that mean? That I didn't find it disgusting . . ." Oliver placed a hand on his face. "Shit, I'm so confused."

"Maybe . . . we are gay," Cedric suggested. "I mean, would it really be so bad if we were? I don't have anything against gay people."

Oliver looked for a moment as though he had been swayed, but then his face hardened. "No, I'm not gay. What happened was a mistake. I was depressed . . . and angry."

"What was I? A comfort fuck?" Cedric demanded.

"We shouldn't talk about this anymore," Oliver said coldly, ignoring Cedric. "We probably shouldn't be around each other, either."

Cedric's heart broke. Just when he had started to accept it . . . "You've got to be kidding. Ignoring me isn't going to change what happened!"

Oliver didn't reply. He merely gave Cedric a cold glance before walking out of the room.

Cedric sank onto one of the desks. Admitting that he was gay seemed so trivial just moments before . . . When he thought he had Oliver's support. But now he didn't. Whether Oliver was gay or not, he wasn't going to be admitting it anytime soon. Cedric was alone to deal with these new feelings.