Well, part one is coming to a close . . . But don't fret, there will be a part two! Enjoy.

Oliver couldn't sleep. Hell, who could when they were laying next to some one so incredibly gorgeous. Cedric slept peacefully next to his lover. As Oliver watched him, he was overcome with love. The boy looked like an angel; Oliver had never seen anyone sleep so soundly.

Oliver then managed to tear his eyes away from Cedric for a moment to inspect his surroundings. The Room of Requirement had changed drastically since his first rendezvous with Cedric, but then, so had he. A large, roaring fire lit up the room which was decorated in rich tapestries and rugs. The bed the two rested on was quite large and enveloped them in a sea of down.

Oliver turned his eyes back on his lover, and smiled gently as he reminisced about that year. Dumbledore had eventually eased McGonagall's wrath upon them; the detentions soon ended. Oliver and Cedric spent almost every waking moment together, and both tried not to think about their eminent separation when Oliver graduated.

Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup only a few weeks earlier. Oliver and Cedric celebrated fervently on their own that night. Fred and George smiled roguishly as Oliver had left Gryffindor tower that night, but refrained from teasing him.

And tonight; tonight had been their last night together before exams, during which time they had both determined to focus on their studies. Thus they satiated themselves for the week. Both were left sweaty, panting, and exhausted. Cedric almost immediately dozed off, but Oliver remained awake. He was going to miss Cedric . . .

Graduation was looming, and after that followed his adult life and career. It would be difficult, but he loved Cedric so much that he was determined to never let him go.

Finally succumbing to sleep, Oliver wrapped an arm around his sleeping angel and slept.

Exams had been hell. They always were. But now they were over; it was the last day of term; Oliver's last day at Hogwarts ever, and he wanted to make it special. As he sat at the Gryffindor table eating breakfast, he watched the windows nervously. Finally, the oh-so-familiar sound of flapping wings met his ears as hundreds of owls poured through the windows of the Great Hall. Oliver suspected that most of them were notes from parents reminding students not to leave things behind. But he was searching for one note in particular that had a different purpose.

The large, scruffy owl gracefully fluttered toward the Hufflepuff table, landing on Cedric's plate. Oliver watched as Cedric opened the letter, reading it slowly. As the owl flew off in a flurry of feathers, Cedric turned to look at Oliver and smiled anxiously.

Oliver returned the smile, but then left the Great Hall without a word to Cedric.

Cedric watched as Oliver left, clutching the note in his hand.


Meet me in the Quidditch pitch at midnight.

Love, Oliver

What could Oliver possibly be planning? And how could Cedric possibly make it to the end of the day while waiting so anxiously for Oliver's surprise?

The day passed slowly for the both of them. Their classes dragged on and on, especially since they had nothing left to do. At lunch, Cedric couldn't find Oliver. He asked several Gryffindors where he had gone, but none of them knew. What was he doing!? Cedric was growing very excited, yet apprehensive. It was, after all, their last day together for who knows how long. He had wanted to spend the whole day with Oliver, but it didn't look like that was going to happen.

At eleven, Cedric exited the large portrait near the kitchens and quietly made his way through the dark corridors. Once outside, he noticed that the dementors were being quite restless, but luckily, they were all gathered around the lake. A distant creaking told Cedric that the Whomping Willow was also quite agitated. But he ignored those odd spectacles and headed for the pitch.

Cedric was delighted to find the night air warm and breezy; he had always loved summer nights. Once he reached the pitch entrance, Cedric noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Peeking inside, he saw a beautiful sight.

Oliver was sitting in the middle of the field on a blanket; candles floated around him, swathing him in a soft, yellow glow. A basket was next to him, and he appeared eager. Cedric smiled, and pushed the door wide, pausing just inside for effect.

Oliver looked up; their eyes met; love and lust ran rampant through the sparks that passed between them. Cedric began running toward Oliver as Oliver stood to greet him. Their bodies slammed together with great force, but they only smiled and laughed; kissed passionately.

"You did all this for me?" Cedric panted, his arms wrapped tightly around Oliver.

Oliver grinned, "Of course."

The two pulled apart and sat down. Oliver began to unpack the basket; it was full of food pilfered from the kitchen.

Cedric stared at it all in wonder and murmured, "I feel terrible . . ."

Oliver's eyes snapped up. "Why?" he asked with great concern.

"I should've done all this for you," Cedric laughed apologetically.

"Why?" Oliver repeated as he continued to unpack the food.

"You're the one . . . leaving." It took everything Cedric had to say it. He desperately didn't want to think about their inevitable separation.

Oliver gave Cedric a very serious look. "You know I'll never leave you."

"I know, but . . ."

"No, no 'buts.' You're mine; I'll never be far away."

"But, your career. You're going to be traveling a lot, and I still have another year of school . . ."

Oliver gently placed a hand on Cedric's thigh. "None of that matters. I told you, I'll never be far away."

"Neither will I . . ." Cedric replied quietly, placing a hand on top of Oliver's.

Oliver slowly leaned in and kissed Cedric sweetly, gently sucking at his lips. Their fingers intertwined as Oliver tenderly pushed Cedric back onto the blanket.

A hand snaked its way up Cedric's shirt, eventually tugging at a nibble. Cedric moaned into Oliver's mouth. Their hands caressed and explored every available appendage and crevice. Ears were nibbled; collarbones were sucked on; clothes were leisurely removed.

Their naked bodies entangled and bare to the night sky, the two continued exploring charted territory. Both wanted to memorize every detail of the other's body, for who knew how long their separation could last. Hell, they may never see each other again. So they merely enjoyed the time they had. The food lay forgotten in the grass.

Eventually, Oliver gently eased Cedric onto his side, and curled up behind him. Using his own saliva as a lubricant once again, Oliver prepared himself before slowly entering Cedric. Cedric gasped and began to rock his hips greedily. He loved how Oliver filled him. Oliver held Cedric close as he thrust deeply inside him.

Later, both now drenched in sweat and panting heavily, Cedric was on his back and Oliver was penetrating him again. Cedric cried out in ecstasy as he wrapped his arms tightly around Oliver's waist, keeping him as close as possible.

Oliver clutched Cedric to him as he continued to thrust. It was almost as if they were one being. Cedric soon had his legs wrapped around Oliver as well, wanting desperately to be as connected as humanly possible. As the thrusting became more rapid and wild, tears welled up in Cedric's eyes and began to pour down his cheeks.

Both came simultaneously, and Oliver realized that Cedric was crying while still clutching him feverishly. "Cedric?" His voice was full of concern.

Cedric blinked, attempting to dispel the tears, but they continued to flow as he looked up at Oliver. "I'm . . ." he choked. "I'm just . . . going to miss you. I love you so much!"

Oliver clinged to Cedric, hushing him softly. "We'll always have each other. We'll always be together," Oliver reassured him.

Cedric didn't respond; only continued to clasp and cry.

The two clutched desperately to each other in silent desperation under the shining stars . . .

The next day, Oliver packed his things woefully. He knew he should be happy about graduating, but it also involved leaving the love of his life for longer than he liked. Well, a day was longer than he liked . . . This was just going to be torture. But they would keep in touch through letters, and Oliver swore he would visit as often as possible.

He met Cedric in front of the Great Hall; everyone was inside eating breakfast, but neither of them felt very hungry at the moment. Oliver grasped Cedric's hand lovingly, and they walked through the grounds silently until it was time to board the train.

As they walked toward the train station, still hand in hand, Oliver felt in his gut a terribly ominous feeling, but he attributed it to the uncertainty his future career held and pushed it from his mind.

Before they boarded the train, Oliver turned Cedric's face towards his and pecked him affectionately on the lips. He then nuzzled his face against Cedric's, memorizing the familiar smell and feel, before leading Cedric onto the train.

"I love you."

THE END (Not really . . .)