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Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming

Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights

Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming

The goddess of imaginary light

Reid thrashed against the imaginary bonds that held him in place in a desperate bid to lash out at his shadowy tormentors. None of them so much as flinched. They didn't even seem to notice his attempts. Their icy bonds gripped his arms as they watched him struggle. Finally he gave up and sank low in their grip. Then one of them would step behind him and pain would lash his back again. Causing him to arch his back, biting his tongue and doing his best not to scream, not to be weak. And he would begin to struggle again. He longed for the figure of light, which had saved him in dreams long ago. But that figure had disappeared, along with his father on the day of Reid's fourteenth birthday.

He remembered sitting in the rain at the park as all the others ran for cover. He just sat on the bench getting more and more wet as the colour ran from the streamers and into his clothes. But he didn't care. He was waiting for his dad to show up, looking out across the playing field for his fathers tall, broad figure. But he never came. They found his body late that night. It had run off the road in the rain and into a ditch, killing him instantly. A part of Reid had died as they carried his fathers closed coffin to his grave. The innocent part.

In my field of paper flowers

And candied clouds of multiply

I lie inside myself for hours

And watch my purple sky fly over me

After that his mother had remarried and life had gotten worse. When that happened Reid would lie alone in his room for hours replaying his favourite memories in his mind over and over again. Soon these glowing memories began to fade and, as the abuse got worse, he made up his own scenes. Even when he could barely remember his father he clung onto the last few shreds. He lived in his own little world when he was at home. Whenever his stepfather was particularly drunk and had started laying into him he would retreat into one of his dreams. He thought he couldn't be touched there.

But soon the dreams were tainted. The crack of a belt and the searing pain would forever add a bitter taste to the memory or dream. He wasn't even sure which was which anymore.

I linger in the doorway

Our alarm clock screaming monsters

Calling my name

Let me stay

When he was little and had a bad dream he would climb out of bed, careful not to touch the wood. It was an old family superstition, because wood burnt and burning was bad. He would make his way across his room on the carpet until he came to the hallway. Then he would stand there for what seemed like hours, mentally preparing himself. Then he would run down the hallway. Feet slipping, stumbling or balance determined not to trip. He would reach his parents room out of breath and terrified. But this was the real test. Because his parents room was always far darker than the rest of the hallway or his own room. So he would tiptoe in and creep across, desperate not to enrage any monsters hiding in the shadows.

He would make his way across the room in bursts, always running the last little way. Then he would jump up onto his parents bed and snuggle down between them. Safe and warm he would always be able to sleep. Of course by fourteen he was far too old for such a thing. But he still did it anyway. For a while after his father had died he had slept there every night. But he would never run down the hallway at night again. Never run to his guardian in terror because now suffered that terror at their hands every time he came home.

Where the wind will whisper to me

Where the raindrops as there falling

Tell their story

Reid woke up suddenly from another nightmare. He could hear the rain hitting the roof and feel tears trickling down his cheeks. He tried to stand and found that his legs would not support him. He sank quietly down against his bed, dragging the quilt with him. He half remembered staggering up the stairs after, and only after, his stepfather had drunk himself into a stupor.

Rain had always made him sad. Ever since his fourteenth birthday party. But it was more than that. It had rained the day his father died, the day they buried him, it had even rained on his mothers second wedding day not to mention when Chase tried to kill Caleb last year. Rain seemed to bring down the bad luck, which hounded Reid's life.

If you need to leave the world you live in

Lay your head down and stay awake

Though you may not remember dreaming

Something waits for you to breath again

Reid felt his breath leave him as a foot struck his ribs. He felt a crack. How easy it would be, he thought, to just hold this breath, just hold onto it and never let go. He spat some blood out on the carpet and the air came rushing back in. Maybe not that easy.

The foot hit again. Crap, something was broken. He'd used up all his strength healing himself last time, maybe that was why it was so bad this time, no way to deflect the blows. He couldn't hit out, couldn't expose the Covenant. Secrecy and silence had protected them for hundreds of years, using you powers to protect yourself would only lead to more punishment and eventually they would find something you couldn't protect yourself from.

The kicking had stopped. Reid allowed himself to relax. Maybe he was done.

Crack. Something hit him across the back. No, how stupid of him. How could anyone go to bed knowing they hadn't beaten their stepson into unconsciousness? It descended again and he felt the old wounds reopen as warm blood soaked his shirt.

In my field of paper flowers

And candied clouds of multiply

I lie inside myself for hours

And watch my purple sky fly over me

Reid felt darkness creep over his vision. He hoped it would be a happy dream this time but they seemed to be getting fewer and fewer. The shadowy figures seemed to come for him more now. They waited at the corners of his vision and he fought them for as long as possible. He didn't know if they represented the worsening of his life or the approaching ascension on his eighteenth birthday. To be honest he didn't really care. He just held them off for as long as he could. In his experience bad thing would happen to him whether he knew they were coming or not.

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