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All it took was a baby Ginny to fall in love

Draco Malfoy had just finished insulting Harry Potter for the umpteenth time that week. He daunted Harry over how it was his fault Cedric Diggory was dead. And sneered at Cho, claiming she was dating her boy friends murderer.

Harry figured Draco going on about Cedric's death was old news as far as the rest of Hogwarts was concerned. Malfoy, well he had always been painfully unoriginal, when it came to insults and taunting. He really did need some new material Harry Silent thought to himself.

It had happened back in forth year, it was now Harry's sixth year. Everyone had mourned and moved on, well, everyone except for Harry and Cho Chang. Harry still felt guilt over Cedric getting killed, and Cho still grieved for her now deceased boy friend.

What most people didn't understand, Ginny Wesley being one of those people, how Cho could move onto Harry so quickly, whilst still continuing to burst into tears at any given opportunity at the slightest reminder of Cedric. Ginny had no idea how Harry endured it.

Ginny silently seethed as she watched Harry place a hand on Cho's arm, when she became upset over Draco making fun of Cedric. Ginny silently fumed, why choose Harry, why when she was still mourning Cedric.

She was using Harry, this made Ginny's blood boil and her heart ache when Harry shot Cho a small smile, the kind of smile she constantly wished he would turn on her, just once.

Suddenly bright silver light shot out of Malfoy's wand, and was heading straight for Harry. Cho let out a shriek and jumped out of the way, instead of helping Harry. Ginny had a second to mentally sneer at the raven haired sixth year, before she jumped in front of the light heading for Harry, without a seconds hesitation.

Within seconds it was over, the light had hit her, and she had landed on top of Harry, completely shielding him from the blast of the spell. At first she did not feel anything, she felt numb, and seconds later she started screaming at the top of her lungs in white hot burning agony.

Malfoy looked on in rage. He mentally cursed Ginny, that curse had been meant for Potter. Damn the fucking Weasley blood traitrous bitch. He quickly turned on his heel while everyone was distracted by what was happening in front of him.

Before he got very far, Hermione called out a summoning spell and summoned Draco's wand. Draco looked murderous and quickly ran followed by his goons and Pansy Parkinson. There was no way he would be able to get his wand off of Granger, the filthy mudblood was quicker and cleverer then him.

Mean while Harry froze in horror, as he sat up slightly with Ginny draped across him. He gasped when a bright light suddenly surrounded Ginny and himself. He felt nothing, as he had not been hit with the spell. Unfortunately the same could not be said of Ginny. She began to scream even louder, her screams becoming even more blood chilling and curdling by the second.

Harry felt tears of guilt and anguish fill his eyes, as he watched Ginny start to sweat, and tears started to flow rapidly down her bright red cheeks. Harry felt sick, as he watched Ginny Weasley shake violently as her body begun to shift as if she were an animagus.

Soon the light became too bright and Harry had to look away. A few moments later the bright light and Ginny's blood curdling screams ceased. Harry slowly turned his head back to face Ginny and gasped in horror, as he took in the sight of a little lump moving around inside of the now over sized black Hogwarts robe, draped across his chest.

Harry lifted a shaking hand, as Ron and Hermione come running to his side and fell to their knees. Ron went to take hold of Ginny, but Hermione scolded him and told him he shouldn't move her, or he might end up hurting her, as they had no idea what that spell was Malfoy used.

Harry spoke with a quiver to his voice "Guys I need to move the robe from her face without touching her, she'll suffercate if I don't." Ron and Hermione nodded, Ron said, also with a quiver to his tone of voice "Alright mate, but careful, please."

Harry slowly lifted his left hand and gingerly lifted the robe a side, to reveal a beautiful little pale face. Harry gasped his mouth opening in a silent O. He took in the bright brown eyes and the little head of auburn curls.

Suddenly Harry remembered they weren't alone and looked up, and saw Cho and the rest of the DA looking at the little Ginny laying on his chest. Cho's horror soon turned to a glower. Harry frowned at her, wondering why she was glowering, and who she was glowering at.

He asked "What are you glowering at Cho?" Cho's glower deepened as she replied coldly "I don't see why you can't touch her, she's only been turned into a baby, and it is not like its life threatening."

Harry looked at her in disbelief and more then a little anger. Ron and Hermione on the other hand looked murderous and ready to jump her. Ginny who had been quite up until then, started whimpering.

Harry forgot Hermione had told him not to touch her and gently ran a finger down her left cheek. Hermione and Ron yelped "NO HARRY DON'T!" Harry quickly removed his hand which made Ginny wail even louder.

Luna called out "Maybe all she needs is a little attention, maybe that's why she's crying, maybe it's because she needs some human contact." Harry looked at her thoughtfully, before replacing his finger on her cheek and causiously stroking the baby soft skin. Instantly Ginny's wails calmed down to slight whimpering hiccupping.

Hermione cleared her throat and said "Appranently she can safely be touched." Ron beamed at this and walked forwards and gently took his sister from Harry. Instantly Ginny startled wailing and trying to wriggle out of Ron's grasp.

Hermione called out to him "Ronald, give her back to Harry." Ron frowned and reluctantly did as Hermione said. Instantly Ginny started to calm and snuggled up to Harry and looked up at him with tear filled big brown eyes.

Harry looked into the large innocent looking eyes, and couldn't help but feel a sudden stab of protectiveness. He pulled her closer against his chest and wrapped the over sized robe around her to prevent her from catching a chill.

Harry couldn't help but smile slightly, down at the beautiful little girl. She was lovely Harry realised. She looked so angelic and innocent looking, that you couldn't help but feel extremely protective of her.

Cho glowered and seethed as she spat jealously "She's doing that delibrately, the little brat. Everyone knows she has a crush on him. She only jumped in front of that spell, to get Harry's attention, that's all."

Harry turned and glared at her coldly "What the hell. I can't believe what just come out of your mouth. How dare you, I sure as hell didn't see you jumping in front of any spells. She's only a baby, one year old at the most. She's a toddler, and you're older, currently a sight older, who should know better."

He added his voice grower icier, as he gently clutched Ginny to his chest "She risked her own life, just for the sake of my own. She got off lightly, luckily for her. She very well may have ended up permanently and brutally scared or even worse yet, could have ended up dead. And she didn't even pause for a mere second to hesintate, she just did it. Now that's what I call true and genuine loyalty."

He went on "I never asked for that nor wanted such loyal dedication that could have very well ended up with someone else fucking dead because of me. And what's worse, is the fact I've hardly paid her any attention, except to acknowledge the fact she is Ron's baby sister."

He added sadly "And yet, she still put my life over her own. Merlin, and here you are with your jealous bitching and moaning, and your supposed to be dating me. You actually have or should I say had my attention, which is more then what she had, and I now suspect she has wanted for a long while now, to have done what she has so willingly."

He concluded icily "Let me tell you this now, if you can act like this, after someone saved me from a potentially violent death, then I don't want to know you or be around you Chang."

Hermione glared at her and spat coldly "You're a jealous bitch Chang, who is only using Harry to get over Cedric. Don't you think it mightily strange that you're going around kissing Harry, and then as soon as you're reminded of Cedric you're in tears?"

She added coldly "I defended you, when people started making fun of you because you're always crying. I symapthised with your situation, I even encouraged Harry to tell you he had a crush on you."

She added "But it's been two years, two years since Cedric was killed. Its time to move on, no matter how much it hurts, we all have to move on. Cedric I'm certain wouldn't want you to continue to morn him, or use Harry. He respected Harry, probably more then any of us ever knew."

Ron added "If you truly cared about Harry and weren't interested in just his fame, then you would have willing jumped in front of that spell instead of Ginny, and would now be held in Harry's arms as a mere toddler. But no, you screeched like a fucking banshee and jumped out of the way. And this was all because he was defending you against Malfoy."

Cho was clearly seething, and her eyes were full of tears of hurt, anger and hatred, as she stared at Harry holding Ginny so close and protectively to his chest. She growled before turning on her heel and storming away down the corridor, fuming all the way.

Harry sighed wearily and turned to Ron and Hermione and said "We better go to Dumbledore's office. He needs to know about this, and might have the means to reverse whatever Malfoy intended for me, but Ginny got caught up in instead."

Hermione and Ron nodded. Hermione said as she held up Malfoy's wand "I managed to summon his wand. Professor Dumbledore will now be able to tell what spell Malfoy cast and figured out how to reverse it."

Harry and Ron beamed at her; she truly was amazing, no doubt.