the morning after. ((akuroku))

You all know how it goes.

It's a typical day. The sun is shining, the birds on that crappy little kids' television show are tweeting and chirping away happily, the air conditioning isn't working, your other plain gray sock is missing, there are fingerprints on the mirror you promised yourself you'd clean off weeks ago…

A day from hell, frankly. Yet another monotonous, filled-with-panic-over-the-smallest-wretched-things, indescribably shitty day where nothing exciting happens.

Of course, there's one teensy little thing that makes this day just a little different to the others.

Never mind that you have the mundane job of secretary at the office.

Never mind that the window of your tiny, dun-coloured apartment is cracked open the tiniest bit, letting in sunshine and specks of dust and the promise of what could actually turn out to be a better day than usual.

Never mind that that happens every day.

Never mind that you've run out of milk.

The fact is, you've just woken up in a most ordinary fashion – until you looked at the mussed sheets beside you and found – shock, horror! All things abominable! – another lying in bed with you.

They're cute, too. Messy blond hair. Long, dark lashes resting on faintly flushed cheeks. Small lips that part ever so gently with each breath.

And you, Axel Ryro – Womaniser Extraordinaire – have no idea how they got there.

Again, never mind that this situation is practically normal for a handsome rogue such as yourself.

Never mind that for once, the other isn't taking up the entire bed.

Never mind that they've already cooked breakfast – you can smell the pancakes hot or cold from a mile away – and climbed back into bed to fall adorably asleep once again.

There's just one little fact that you're a tad uncomfortable with.

Your angelic little Cupid is, in fact, a Cupid. As in, the one that comes all attributes included, and a sharp little arrow – right where there shouldn't be one. The sheets are skewed enough that they show the most tantilising parts of that lithe body; and that includes the privates.

That's not something you ever expected to wake up to.

Began as the start of a fic called 'Milk' and became something else. I don't know, so don't ask, mm'kay? Love you too. Bai-bai.