So, most people think that of all people, you in particular would never, ever want that to happen in your life. Seriously.

Everybody thinks it's a romantic thing. Either that, or the sex must have been great, because waking up next to a stranger, the last thing you want to think is well, I don't know you, but you were a lousy lay.

You, Roxas, on the other hand, are reasonably practical. When you wake up, naked, next to a skinny redhead and the thing you remember the most are those wicked green eyes and the smell of jelly shots on said redhead's breath, you find that you're hungry. So instead of panicking about every little thing, you get out of bed, make some pancakes with the half-bottle of mix under the sink, and eat two with lemon and lots of sugar before thinking about it.

Logically, it was the company party. You drank, because Kairi insisted on it. And somewhere, somehow, a sexy tall guy had come along and hit on you. Being inebriated, neither of them would have cared overmuch – you're bisexual, anyway.

So, you would have come here – that man's place, you guess – and had sex. For quite a while, you suspect, because you're a little sore and your nipples are a deep pink and there are bruises like so many fingerprints on your hips.

Problem solved, you think, and stretches gently, before climbing back into bed, taking care not to disturb the redhead. It's nothing to get too worked up over.


A solid thump means someone else thinks otherwise. You open your eyes and peer around – there he is. Apparently he's none too bright, because he's got himself tangled up in the sheets and has fallen out of bed. Hiding a smirk, you settle for the most civil option. "Mornin'," you say, covering your yawn.

He stares up at you, mouth working silently, eyes wide in something you quickly recognise as panic. When he finally settles down, it comes out something like this: "You're – a – guy?"

Well, fuck, you think. He's straight.

Alternating viewpoints. First chapter, Axel, second chapter, Roxas. It will continue like this. I thought I'd continue this, after starting a CloudxLeon fic called Break My Fall. They feel sort of similar, so yeah. Felt like it. Might write a SoraxRiku one too.

Yes? No? Maybe?