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The next morning, Dean found himself in the same position he had started in. He was slumped in the chair beside his little brother's bed, Sam's hand still held in his own. As he sat up, his joints creaked and his back protested, not wanting to move after being settled so uncomfortably for so long.

He placed Sam's hand back on the bed, and stood. Raising his arms over his head, Dean arched back and groaned, stretching his arms and cracking his back with three loud 'pops.'

Dean looked Sam over, taking in the entire sight of his little brother. He was still pale, though not as much as he had been the night before, and there was still no sign of fever or infection. It looked like Sam truly was on his way to recovery, and the relief that thought brought Dean was palpable.

Deciding to go get coffee, Dean turned and walked for the door, turning and giving Sam another once over before he stepped through the doorway. He walked down the hall towards where the nurse had told him the cafeteria was, the night before. Throughout the short walk, there was a soft smile quirking his lips, one that didn't seem to want to leave.

Sammy was going to be okay.

While Dean knew that certain fact wasn't guaranteed, he did know that Sam was recovering nicely, and that he wasn't going to let anything happen to him while he was there. The fact that he wasn't planning on leaving Sam's side for any length of time, just reassured him that his brother was going to be okay.

When Dean walked back into Sam's ICU room ten minutes later, he found Dr. Meylo waiting for him. His concern grew at the sight of the elder woman, and he cocked his head to the side questioningly.

"Is everything okay with S-John?" Dean asked, catching himself on the name as he walked over to his little brother's side, assessing the younger man for anything that was different than when he had checked moments before.

Dr. Meylo gave him a reassuring smile, and Dean felt some of the tension relieve itself from his shoulders. "John is doing well," she told him softly, "he seems to be healing nicely, and depending on how he feels when he wakes up, I would say that he might be able to be moved down to a room in PCU by tomorrow, or the next morning."

"Okay," Dean breathed, his relief escalating, knowing that the doctor thought Sam was going to pull through without complications. His lips pulled up into a smile, and Dean nodded, the news really hitting him, even as a gentle stir came from the bed.

"John?" He asked, reaching out to take Sam's hand in his own. Sam's answer was to turn slightly towards his brother, and groan. "Hey little brother," Dean said softly, smiling when his little brother's eyes opened to the barest slits.

"Dea-?" Sam asked, trying to ask what had happened, and where he was, all in one word. His throat hurt, and his voice cracked, but he saw the flicker of understanding in his big brother's eyes.

"You were stabbed little brother. You're in the hospital." Dean told Sam quietly, his voice unusually calm for the emotions boiling inside him.

"Oh," Sam answered dumbly, holding the hand that still held his tighter. He remembered the ghost in the old mansion coming at him, but other than that it was a total blank. He didn't remember being stabbed, or the trip to the hospital.

Dean watched Sam in concern as his brother processed what he had just told him. The younger man didn't seem to remember what had happened, and Dean didn't know if he was happy or dismayed at that fact.

"Yeah," Dean said softly, watching as Dr. Meylo quietly excused herself from the room. "How do you feel Sammy?" He asked once he was sure she had left the room.

"M'good. Doesn't even hurt right now, everything'sjust kind of fuzzy." Sam admitted, looking his brother in the eye.

"Good, just tell me if you feel any pain. I don't want you in pain when we can do something about it, okay?" Sam watched as Dean went into full 'big brother mode' and smiled at him.

"I will," he vowed, knowing that Dean wouldn't let it go until he got his way; and Dean's way usually led to a happy Sam, so more often than not, Sam just gave into the older man.

"Okay," with a sigh Dean flopped back into the chair he had previously spent the night in, and picked up his coffee from where he had set it on Sam's bedside table.

"So, d'yah get enough beauty rest Princess Aurora?" Dean asked, his usual cocky smirk lining his lips.

"The fact that you know the lead character's name of 'Sleeping Beauty,' isn't being lost on anyone Dean." Sam deadpanned.

"Shut-up Samantha," Dean shot back.

"Oh yeah, that's real original Dean." Dean's smirk turned into a scowl and Sam grinned. "It's not my fault you use the same comeback every time Einstein."

"You're such a geek,"

"Uh-huh, and that wasn't any better than the last one. Keep trying, I'm sure you'll get something useful sometime, Freud." Sam was still smiling, and Dean's face was darkening.

"Oh bite me dork-wad," See that was a little better. Not by much, but better...

"Shove it jerk,"

"Bite me pansy."

"Bite yourself man-whore,"

"Sammy," Dean cried indignantly, "that one's off limits and you know it."

Oh yeah, things were getting back to normal…


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