Miss Popular
by Night Beauty

Chapter 01: Rewrite

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She wasn't the prettiest girl in the school. She was far from it. She wasn't the most popular girl in the school. She wasn't even close. Whenever anyone talked to her—which was quite scarce—she would speak so meekly and so quietly that the other wouldn't be able to hear her. And, usually, when anyone talked to her, it would be for answers to homework or help on an assignment.

Hinata Hyuuga was a quiet, studious, girl.

She would always be seated in the back of the class, away from attention, yet, on the contrary, always wanted attention as well.

But no one paid attention to her.

Her features didn't make her ugly, but compared to others, it didn't make her pretty either. Her dark blue hair was always tied in a bun, with a few stray strands framing her heart-shaped face. She wasn't short, but wasn't too tall either. Perhaps what shied many people away were her eyes.

They were a milky color.

It seemed odd for her to have eyes that light. She couldn't help it though since it ran in the family. Personally, she liked that aspect of herself. Her eyes were very important to her. She was one of the few people who had 20/20 vision—which also ran in the family.

The days of summer was approaching the middle-school girl. She vowed to herself that she would change before she entered high school.

She would be popular. She would have people come talk to her as a classmate, not as a tool. She would have friends.

But most importantly, she would be able to genuinely smile at her life.

"Konoha High School…" the girl read off the paper in her hand and looked at the school. It's so big…

She shook her head. This was the start of a new life! There was no point being intimidated. Hinata straightened herself and walked through the gates.

"Dude… she's pretty cute," someone commented.

Are they talking about me? Her face flushed red.

Rewrite #1: Weight and Height

She lost a bit of weight over the summer. It wasn't like she was fat, but she did slim down a little to stay on the safe side. She couldn't grow taller, so she wore shoes that had a slight heel to them. She learned that heels also gave the perception of skinnier, nicer looking legs, which she showed off unwillingly with the school's dark green skirt.

In the crowded hallways, Hinata bumped into a few people, some whose eyes kept peering at her even after she apologized and walked the opposite direction. The first-year continued to gaze at the lockers until she stopped in front of one. Number 707.

Lucky numbers… can't be a bad sign, right? She thought. She turned the dial corresponding to the numbers on her paper. As she landed on her final number, someone bumped into her and caused her to miss it.

"Oof!" a low voice said.

"S-sorry…" Hinata offered a hand to help the boy, but he shook his head and continued to speed off. She didn't get to see his face, but she did get a glimpse of his dark blue hair. It threatened to be black.

She sighed. This might be harder than I thought. She straightened herself again. No! I won't let myself down… confidence is key. Hinata turned back to her locker in attempts to open it again… but failed.

"Hi!" a voice piped from behind. It frightened Hinata enough to mess her up.

"Hello," Hinata smiled weakly.

"You smell good."

"I… what?" Her eyebrow threatened to twitch. She concentrated back on her locker. "Thanks…"

"What's the scent? I can't place it…"

Right 36… Left 15… Hinata looked the boy as she stopped at the second digit. "It's va--"

He snapped his fingers. "Vanilla! That's it!" the boy said with a wide grin. "I knew I would get it!"

She smiled. Right 10. She lifted the locker's handle and opened it. Finally.

"I'm so lucky I get such a cute girl for a locker mate! My name's Kiba Inuzuka. First-year." He held out his hand.

"Hinata Hyuuga. Also first-year." She quickly placed some of her textbooks in her locker and shook his hand. Closing her locker, she looked at her schedule.

"Ehhh…?" Another voice came from Hinata's right. Her emerald orbs studied her. "Such long hair…" she commented. "Are you after Sasuke-kun too?"

Rewrite #2: Hair

In her last year of middle school, Hinata's hair length had barely reached her shoulders, but no one knew since she always kept it up. Over the summer, she had gotten extensions and a straight perm so now her hair flowed straight down to her mid-back. Her bangs that grew out now touched her shoulders.

"Oi, Sakura, leave the girl alone. Not everyone likes that moron… OW!" Kiba rubbed his head.

She swished her pink hair back. "Just looking out for my enemies." She closed her locker, which happened to be next to Hinata's, and left on her merry way.

Not good… Hinata sighed.

"Don't mind her. She's really not that bad once you get to know her. Or rather, both of her." Kiba reassured.

A bell rang.

"Shit! Warning bell… I gotta jet, bye, Hinata!" Kiba waved and ran off, leaving the girl alone.

Hinata entered her first class, which was Biology. She gulped as the class quieted at her entrance. Eyes began to follow her as she walked down the isle and took whatever seat was open. "Why is everyone looking at me?" she mumbled.

Munch. Munch. "'cause you're really pretty," the boy next to her said. Munch.

Her face turned slightly red. "…Oh."

"Hey," a girl poked Hinata from behind. "You don't have to sit next to this guy. All he'll do is eat so he'll be useless during labs. You can sit next to me if you want."

Munch. Munch.

"It's fine," Hinata declined the offer. "He's nice."

"Pfft. Your loss."

Whispers erupted.

"You don't have to sit next to me," the boy said. Munch. "I'm used to it."

Why are they so mean to him? He seems very kind… Hinata shrugged. "I'm Hinata Hyuuga."


"I hope we get to be good friends."

"Friends…" he said.


"Nothing…" Chouji said with a grin. "I only have one good friend, but I'll be glad to be friends with you, too!"

She smiled.

"You—munch—have a nice smile."

She blushed. "Thank you." This isn't so bad. Yeah… people are actually talking to me!

Hinata and the class focused their attention to the front where the teacher had just entered. She introduced herself as Kurenai-sensei. She seemed nice.

"I bet you were really popular in middle school!" the blonde boy named Naruto declared out loud.

Hinata was kind of scared of his comment. She didn't want to cause trouble. "Ehh…" She decided a non-straight answer would work. If she said no, that would be embarrassing. If she said yes, it could've come off as immodest. I didn't know people here would be so… straight-forward. This must've been her fifth compliment of the day! It was barely halfway done.

"She's no better than the other ones after Sasuke-kun," a girl scoffed.

Hinata noticed that it was the same girl from earlier.

"Um… I think you're mistaken," she said to the pink-haired girl. "I-I'm really not--"

"No one will have him but ME!" her eyes blazed.

Okay, she seems really excited… Hinata smiled nervously.

"Like he would like someone with such a high forehead!" a blonde girl retorted. "I thought you would've deduced that yourself, Sakura."

"A pig like you, Ino, could never win his heart!" Sakura countered.

"They're always like that," the girl who sat next to Hinata giggled. She had brown hair that was tied up into two buns. "I'm Tenten!"

"I'm Hinata," she replied. "I hope… I didn't cause them trouble…"

Tenten laugh. "Oh, don't worry about it. I'm sure they're just jealous of you. You've got everything going for you: long hair, clear skin, and those eyes! I swear…" She girl seemed to drift off in her admiration for Hinata. "But I'm surprised… if it weren't for the eye color, I would say you were Neji's long-lost sibling or something…"

Rewrite #3: Eyes

A lot of people from her school had been afraid by her eyes. From far away, they would've appeared ghostly, but truly, there was a tint of lavender. She decided to wear colored-contacts. She really didn't use it for her vision, just for her appearance. She felt kind of ashamed that she had to hide her eye color with a dark violet one.

"Tha--" Hinata stopped. "Neji?"

"Yeah! Have you met him? He and I were pretty good friends in middle school…"

"Uh…" Hinata suddenly found the desk interesting. "I might have…" What am I going to do? If I run into him… he'll know! I don't want anyone to know about my past… I chose this faraway high school because I knew no one from middle school would come here!

"I can introduce you to him during our lunch period," Tenten offered.

Hinata stood up from her seat. "I… I'm not feeling so good, excuse me!" She bowed and rushed out of class.

"What a strange girl…" Sakura and Ino both said as they watched her go.

Hinata burst through the doors on the top of the school building. She ran until her fingers looped through the gates that surrounded the roof. Her head pressed against the metal wiring as she shut her eyes, thinking, calculating… How do I get out of this? This is…so… so…

"Troublesome," someone yawned.

Hinata wondered how the boy knew what word would be so fitting at her moment of distress.

To Be Continued…

Author's Note: So… I don't know why I wrote this. I wonder who I should stick Hinata with...