A little breeze flew through the hair. Trough crimson hair. Red bangs brushed gently her cheeks. Her dress around her slim figure was black as the night itself. It was strapless and almost touch the grass. Silver eyes. Staring into the December night.

Kira Yamato watched the beautiful and elegant Fllay Allster from afar. She leaned against the fence, he leaned against a tree farther behind. They both waited for the fireworks to start.

It was a perfect night for fireworks. The sky was cloudless and the wind was settled. The stars glittered. So did her eyes. Kira couldn't take his eyes of her perfect form. He wanted to go over and say happy new year to her and offer her his jacket if she felt cold, but she could reject him. She was probably waiting for someone. Not him. She could have anyone she wanted. But what if she wasn't waiting. This was the perfect opportunity for Kira. It was now or never.

The brown haired boy took some steps towards the redhead, but when he was only a few meters away, he began to have second thoughts. He turned around.

"Hi, uhm Kira, right?" He was spotted. No turning back.

"You're a friend for Milly, aren't you?" She continued.

"Eh, yes," Kira managed to say.

"Are you here to see the fireworks too? You can see everything from here. It's such a beautiful view, don't you think?"


"I can't wait till midnight," Fllay said and stared into the sky.

"Me neither..." Kira looked at her first, then he gazed at the stars too.

He wanted to say something to break the silence, it was a little awkward. However, he also didn't want to ruin this moment he was having with the crimson haired girl. Looking at stars. He could do that forever with her. It felt nice. Fllay seemed to like it too. She was smiling. The moment was kind of romantic, but she wouldn't admit it. She didn't actually know the guy she was staring at stars with. Maybe it was about time she did.

"Kira?" She broke the silence. "Did you get anything nice for Christmas?"

"Huh? I mean yeah. I got a new laptop. What about you?"

"Lots of. I got this dress from my mother," Fllay spun around to show off her black dress.

"It suites you very well," Kira complimented.

"Thank you very much, but I think I should have worn a coat. I'm freezing a bit."

"You can borrow my jacket," Kira said and gave Fllay his brown jacket. The redhead looked a little surprised, but accepted the offer. She smiled again. What a nice person this Kira was.

Suddenly they heard a loud noise. A single racket had exploded and was soon accompanied with more. The December sky was filled with amazing sparks in different colors.

"They started a little early this year," Kira said as he looked at his watch.


"It's still a minuet to midnight. I guess they couldn't wait.

"Hey, Kira? Could you... you know, kiss.. me at midnight," Fllay almost whispered as a blush was formed across her face.

Kira blushed as well. Actually, the whole face was red as a tomato. There was no way he could say no. Kiss her... He'd always wanted to kiss her. Kira swallowed hard. He could hear the ticking from his watch. Only seconds till midnight...

Kira went closer to Fllay until they faces was only some inches away. They both blushed a little. Their heart beat became faster. Only some seconds left now.




Happy new year, Fllay.