Ok, this was just a cute little one shot I wrote the other night. This story doesn't take place in any specific point in the show so don't worry about spoilers. This is not beta'd so all mistakes are mine and I apologize for any you come across. Hope you enjoy this little creation of cuteness. Please review. Also, I'm writing a new story and I should have the first chapter up within the month.

Summary- Sam has a bad dream

Bad Dreams and Good Brothers

Sam and Dean Winchester were in their latest motel room sound asleep until a scream from the youngest Winchester broke the silence.


Dean woke up to the panicked cry coming from his little brother and raced to his side. Dean sat on his brothers bed by his side and shook him awake.

"Sammy, wake up kiddo. It's just a dream."

When Sam jumped awake and shot up in bed Dean could see the naked fear in his brothers eyes. So when Sam latched onto him Dean didn't hesitate returning it while rubbing his back in small circles.

"Shhhhhh, it's ok Sammy. It was just a bad dream"

At this point Sam was on the verge of a full blown panic attack but he managed to get a few words out.

"It felt so real. I watched you die and I couldn't stop it." After confessing that Sam buried his head further into his brothers shoulder and let himself cry.

Hearing this almost brought Dean to tears but he held his own emotions in. He needed to be strong for Sam.

"It's ok buddy. It's just a dream. I'm not going anywhere any time soon. I promise."

Sam sniffled and spoke.

"You can't promise that"

Dean laughed and responded in a normal Dean response.

"Of course I can. Did you forget? I'm the big brother. I know everything"

Sam laughed and hugged Dean tighter. Afraid if he let go his dream wouldn't just be a dream and he would lose his big brother. Sam still wasn't breathing normally and Dean knew he had to calm him down fast..

"See, It's ok kiddo. I'm still here. You need to breathe for me ok? Take deep breathes. I'll do it with you."

Sam nodded and tried to follow his brothers breathing. They stayed like this taking deep breathes until Dean felt Sam start to relax and his breathing even out. Quickly realizing Sam was falling asleep Dean detached himself from Sam and gently laid his baby brother down on the bed and tucked him in.

Sam's eyes slowly closed then shot back open. Dean knew that his brother was reluctant to go to sleep in fear of having the same nightmare. Sighing, Dean made Sam scoot over, laid himself down on top of the covers and placed his arm around Sam like he used to do when little Sam would come to him with whatever bad dream he had.

Sam watched Dean lay down and scooted closer to him. Feeling Sam scoot closer made Dean smile at the memory of a time when all it took as Dean being close to get Sam to sleep.

"It's ok to sleep now buddy. I'm not going anywhere. "

Feeling safe after hearing the comforting words of his protective big brother, Sam finally allowed himself to relax and drift off into a deep sleep knowing Dean will still be there in the morning. Right before he completely drifted he whispered one more thing.

"Love you big brother."

Dean's heart melted when he heard this and squeezed his one arm tighter around his little bundle.

"Love you too baby brother."

Both brothers fell asleep again safe and sound feeling content knowing that all they need is family.

The end.