And so there was no changing that she thought as she wandered around aimlessly around the grounds of the academy.

Stopping suddenly she heard two voices steadying her steps she peered round to see Sakura who appeared to be talking to Naruto and just at the site of him Hinata started to blush furiously and Jumped back to a near by tree. She might not be in the same team as him but she could still watch him silently from behind just like she always did.

"What are you doing behind there?" A voice called from behind

Turning round startled Hinata stared into the eyes of her dog like team-mate Kiba

Looking straight down at the floor she twiddled her fingers trying to think of any reason as to why she would be hiding behind a tree.

"So, you really like Naruto"

The streak of red had re-appeared on Hinatas face, Everyone except Naruto knew about Hinatas feelings towards him but never before had anyone been so straight forward about it.


Kiba's face dropped

He looked over Hinata to see Naruto trying to get Sakuras attention

He took in a deep breathe and sighed

"He's a pretty bold guy, huh?" He sort of chuckled

Hinata wasn't sure what else to say but she didn't have too

Kiba took a few steady steps forward

Gently forcing his lips onto Hinatas pulling back he rested his head against hers

"I can be pretty bold too."