Yoshi Baseball

By Yoshizilla

Yoshizilla: All right, I'm shocking all of you who read this - I'm doing a baseball AND a tennis fanfic! Even though they're both different fanfics respectfully, I'm using this same note for both of them, and it might surprise you that these are the only similarities. Why? Because it's July, the prime of summer, and sports are the big thing! And plus, I LOVE baseball and tennis. XD And since it's the weekend, it's also the perfect way to get into the FUN angle, so sit back, relax, and enjoy Yoshi Baseball!

Disclaimer: (sigh) All right, here we go to clear this off my back. All of the Super Smash Brothers related characters, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Yoshi, Birdo, and Boshi belong to Nintendo. All other fan-characters in this story belong to Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus.

It was a peaceful morning in Dinosaur Land. All of the prehistoric life peacefully minded their own business. But on little Yoshi Island, things were about to get different...

Yoshi the First and Peppy Ankylosaurus were in the back of Yoshi's House, practicing their catching skills. As Peppy caught the ball, Dr. Hoshi and Birdo came out, with Dr. Hoshi holding a letter and Birdo holding a tray of lemonade.

"Hey boys, look what we just got from the mailbox!" Dr. Hoshi said to them, standing in front of Yoshi and Peppy.

Birdo smiled. "You boys want a drink while you're hear what Harryhausen has to say?" She asked nicely.

Yoshi and Peppy's eyes glittered. "Boy, would we!" They took their own glasses of lemonade, and rank it up, letting out good burps, and putting it back on the tray. "Thanks, Birdo!"

Birdo squealed. "Oh, you boys are quite welcome," She said again, giggling.

Dr. Hoshi cleared his throat. "Thanks for refreshing them, Birdo. Now..." He started reading the letter. "Dear fellow dinosaurs, it is me, Master Hand! You're wondering why I've recently been sending you letters, no? Well, that's because I'm going to have a baseball tourtament, and I'm inviting ALL of the teams from different places and different times to come all to the different stadiums placed around Dinosaur Land! Don't worry, though, about the time continuity - after the Baseball tourtament is over, I'm going to clear everyone's minds of seeing characters and creatures that don't belong in this time and place, and thus, we can resume life as usual. See you and your team at the stadium!"

Birdo blinked. "Stadiums all over Dinosaur Land...and different people from different times and places!" She squealed with delight. "It sounds like a fun romp!"

Peppy nodded, grinning. "Yeah! Even though our minds will sadly be cleared of what we remember the characters..." He got into a cheesy pose and laughed, "I'll be able to show everyone my awesome athletic skills!"

Yoshi rolled his eyes. "Peh, athletic skills. You couldn't even beat me in Yoshi Kart!" He laughed heartily.

Peppy gritted his teeth. "Yeah, well, wasn't it you who was too afraid to kick the ball in Yoshi Soccer!?" He taunted back.

Yoshi fumed. "What was that!?" He retorted, as he and Peppy started to argue with each other.

Dr. Hoshi sweatdropped. "Boys, boys, calm down!" The highly intelligent purple Yoshisaurus pleaded, trying to calm his best friends down, "I'm sure we can work this thing out!"

Yoshi and Peppy turned to Dr. Hoshi. "Oh yeah!? Well we're going to need a team, doc! Where are we gonna get a team, huh!?" They both asked in unison.

Dr. Hoshi frowned, putting his left hand on his chin. "Good point..." He snapped his fingers. "Wait a minute, how about we get the others to join up?"

Birdo's eyes flashed. "That sounds good to me! I'll go call them!" She skipped back into the house.

Peppy laughed. "Well then, what are we waitin' for? Let's get to it!" He ran into the house.

Yoshi chuckled, patting Dr. Hoshi on the back. "Harryhausen, you're a genuine genius." He acknowledged with a smile, also going back inside.

Dr. Hoshi chuckled as he blushed. "Awww...thanks, Yoshi." He thanked, following Yoshi into the house.