Yoshizilla: Hello, everyone! I'm back, and here's the long-awaited match between Team Mario and Pikachu! ...Who am I kidding, this wasn't long-awaited...it was predictable from the last match! Well, anyways, I just want to let you all know that I did more preperation with this round, so I hope you enjoy! Oh, and Jigglypuff points goes to Hoogiman for suggesting a score tally when the teams switch, as you may have recently noticed in the updated version of Team Yoshi vs. Team Kong. That is all! Enjoy!

Match-Ups: Round 1

Team Yoshi vs. Team Kong (Yoshi Island Field)

Team Mario vs. Team Pikachu (Lethal Lava Arena)

Team Zelda vs. Team Kirby (Icicle Fields)

Team Spacers vs. Team Sonic (Ankylosaurus Desert Field)

Game Rules: Whoever team gets the most points in the First Inning before striking out wins the game.

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Princess Daisy, Toadette, a Koopa Troopa, a Pianta, and a Noki (Team Mario) all ran out to the fiery Lethal Lava Arena field while Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Chad the Charmander, Machop, Buizel, Kirlia, Munchlax, and Ledyba (Team Pikachu) all went into the dugout. Peach served as the pitcher, while the Koopa Troopa served as an umpire. Machop was the first up to bat. Flames can be seen sprouting in the background.

"And so, another match begins," Announced quietly a Lakitu in a British voice, recording the match with his camera for the viewers at the stadium, "Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom will be pitching the ball, and first to bat at home plate will be the common, powerhouse Pokemon, Machop."

Machop flexed his muscles and Peach started winding up her right arm. She then tossed the ball, and Machop hit it with the swing of the baseball bat, frowning as the ball fell to the sidelines, right by the lava flow.

"Foul Ball!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, as Luigi ran to it and tossed it back at Peach.

Peach started winding up the ball again. Machop got into a focused position.

Toad chuckled, rubbing his hands together enthusiastically, and he started calling out, "Here, batta batta! Here batta batta! LOOK OUT!!!"

Machop shook his head. "Huh?" He forgot to swing as the ball passed him and went into the Koopa Troopa's glove.

"Stttttrike two!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, throwing the ball back to Peach.

Machop growled. Griping the baseball bat tightly, Machop waited for the ball to be in his sight as Peach winded it again and tossed it. Machop then whacked it hard with the baseball bat, and he dropped it as he started running. Sadly, it was not to last, as the ball came back down to the right field, and Daisy caught the ball in her glove, throwing it back to Peach.

"Out!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, pointing to the dugout.

Machop frowned, and he sulked back into the dugout.

Kirlia was next, and she twirled around to home plate as she grabbed the baseball bat. Peach winded up the ball, and she tossed it. Kirlia swung at it, and she started running as the ball went into the air and fell into the fiery pit nearby in the left field. Toadette ran towards the fiery pit and picked up the ball using her glove, and she grabbed it, throwing it to Peach, who threw it at Mario (standing at first base) tagging Kirlia out.

"Out!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, pointing to the dugout.

Kirlia started to quietly sob, and she walked back slowly to the dugout, crying her eyes out while Jigglypuff comforted her.

Pikachu, the team's mascot, was the next to bat. He looked at Peach, and then the sky, grinning as he picked up the baseball bat. Peach started winding the ball, and she tossed it. Pikachu allowed it to pass him.

"Ball," The Koopa Troopa shouted, throwing the ball back to Peach.

Peach moved a bit to the left, and she winded the ball again, this time making the ball go slower. Again, Pikachu allowed the ball to pass right by him, without even picking up the baseball bat.

"Ball," The Koopa Troopa shouted, throwing the ball back to Peach.

Buizel slapped his forehead. He then shouted from the dugout, "Pikachu, will you swing at the ball already-" He was then pushed back by Chad the Charmander.

"Let Pikachu be. He knows what he's doing," Chad assured, turning to face the field with a smile.

Pikachu chuckled. "Now to give them a realy shock..." He started charging up his small, red cheeks with electricity as Peach winded the ball again and tossed it, this time at a fast rate. Pikachu then swung the baseball bat and fired a thunderbolt at the flying ball, electricuting it, and then the small, yellow mouse Pokemon started to run towards first base. As the ball fell to the hot ground at the left field, Toadette ran to get the ball, but she got electricuted as she touched it. A Noki ran by and managed to grab the ball without being shocked, tossing it to Peach. Pikachu was already approaching second base, and he stopped before Peach tossed the ball to the Pianta (who's standing at second base). Team Pikachu started to cheer loudly as Pikachu blew kissed to them. A huge fireball can be seen hurtling down to the field.

Jigglypuff floated out of the dugout and landed on the home plate, picking up the baseball bat. "Now to show them what I'm made of," She said, positioning herself as Peach moved to the right, and started winding up her right arm.

"I'll give that cute, pink puffball a curve ball!" Peach giggled to herself, spinning around and tossing the ball in a spining fashion. Jigglypuff swung at the ball, but missed as the ball passed by Jigglypuff (and spinning her around as a result) and landed in the Koopa Troopa's glove.

"Stttttrike one!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, throwing the ball back to Peach.

Jigglypuff stumbled for a few seconds, but got the hang over it as she got into position. Peach winded up the ball, and tossed it at Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff swung the ball, and she started running to first base as the ball landed in the hot, burning spot left by the giant fireball. Toad and Luigi both ran to get the ball, but jumped up in pain as the flames burned them, and both landed back on the field, dazed. While Team Mario waited for the hot, burning spot to expire, Pikachu and Jigglypuff both ran through third (and second as well for Jigglypuff) base and passed the home plat, both of the Pokemon hugging each other as Team Pikachu cheered.

"And it's amazing, ladies and gentlemen!" The British-speaking Lakitu stated, focusing the camera at Pikachu and Jigglypuff, "Jigglypuff managed to strike a good hit, and both she and Pikachu both managed to get two points for their team!"

After a few, seemingly long minutes, the hot, burning spot expired at last, and Mario grabbed the burning ball and tossed it to Peach, who caught it in her glove, of course.

Batting up next was Pichu, who was struggling to get a grip on the baseball bat. Peach spun around in the air, and then released the ball, spinning pass Pichu as the young, electric mouse Pokemon attempted to swing. The other teammates of Team Pikachu gasped.

"Stttttrike one!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, throwing the ball back to Peach.

Pichu tried to pick up the bat, but he fell back down. Getting up, he held the bat at a lower position, and Peach stood a bit back and tossed the ball, going fast. The ball zoomed right pass Pichu (who swung the bat before the ball could come into contact anyway), and went into the glove of the umpire Koopa Troopa.

"Stttttrike two!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, throwing the ball back to Peach.

Pichu gulped. As Peach started winding up the ball again and tossing it, Pichu cried out and swung the ball with the baseball bat as it came into contact. Dropping the bat, Pichu started to run towards first base, with Team Pikachu cheering loudly. The ball started to fall towards the middle field, and the Noki jumped into the air, grabbing the ball with her glove and tossing it to Peach, before Pichu could reach first base.

"Out!" The Koopa Troopa shouted, taking off the umpire gear and dropping the glove as he ran into the dugout, followed by the rest of Team Mario, who also dropped their gloves on the fiery field for Team Pikachu to pick up.

Team Mario: 0, Team Pikachu: 2

Team Pikachu moaned in disappointment as they got out of the dugout and all ran to the field, with Kirlia being the pitcher and Munchlax being the umpire (although it wasn't a good idea as he started to nibble on the glove). Ledyba screamed girlishly as he fluttered all over the field, his wings caught on fire from the tiny, jumping flames.

Mario stepped up to home plate, grabbing the baseball bat and holding it tightly. Pikachu winded up the ball, and he tossed it at Mario. Mario swung right into contact, and the ball was sent flying over the left field, giving Team Mario a two home run. Mario cheered as he ran past all of the bases, and stopped at home plate, blowing kisses to Team Mario, who cheered loudly. Machop ran over to the lava flow, and carefully picked up the ball with his glove, tossing it to Pikachu, who tossed it back to Kirlia.

Luigi went up next, and he picked up the baseball bat. Kirlia winded up her left arm, and she spun around, tossing a curve ball. Luigi attempted to swing, but the ball spun him around, and bumped into Munchlax's stomach.

"Muuuuunchlax (Stttttrike one!) !" Munchlax bellowed, kicking the ball back to Kirlia.

Luigi fumed. As Kirlia spun around and threw another curve ball, Luigi swung, and hit the ball. As he dropped the bat and started running to first base, the ball fell down close to Kirlia, and she picked it up and tossed it to Jigglypuff (who's on first base), tagging Luigi out.

Munchlax pointed at the dugout as he started to biting into his glove. Luigi cried, and he sulked back to the dugout, where Toadette comforted him.

Peach was up next. Blowing a kiss to Kirlia (who shuddered in disgust), she picked up the baseball bat and moved a bit back. Kirlia started winding her arm, and she tossed the ball, a flame surrounding it as it got hotter by the second. Peach swung at the ball, and as it fell in front of the pitcher mound, Peach ran to and managed to stay save at first base. Kirlia picked up the ball, but as she noticed Peach was already on first base, she growled and turned to face the home plate.

Toad was up next, and the young mushroom boy ran up to home plate, grabbing the baseball bat and grinning with confidence. As Kirlia pitched a fast ball, Toad swung the bat, and started running to first base as the ball went flinging into the air. Ledyba started fluttering up to get the ball, but a giant fireball pinned him to the ground, as well as burning him. The ball landed next to him, in the middle field. Peach ran towards third base while Toad followed by running to second base. The two teammates stopped as Buizel slid towards the flaming ball and hurled it to Kirlia, who growled as she eyed Peach and Toad.

Daisy stepped up to home plate. Picking up the baseball bat, she looked at Kirlia and shouted, "Come on! Give me your best shot!"

Kirlia started winding up her left arm. Tossing the ball, Kirlia watched in disbelief as Daisy whacked it and started running to first base. The ball landed into the lava flow in the right field, and Peach managed to make it to home plate, as did Toad. Daisy grinned confidently as she ran pass second base, and slid down to third base. Team Mario cheered as they got two points from Peach and Toad, while Pikachu zoomed over to the lava flow and picked up the ball, throwing it immediately back towards Kirlia as he took off his glove and started blowing his right hand, which started to burn.

Toadette came up to home plate, holding the baseball bat with a tight grip. Kirlia twirled around, and she tossed the curve ball. Toadette swung after the ball passed (hitting Munchlax in the stomach), and the Munchlax shouted, "LAAAAAAAX (STTTTTRIKE ONE!!!) !!!"

Toadette gulped, and she then heard "Hey, batta batta...SWING!!!" She swung the baseball bat, and twirled around, getting dizzy (and her eyes replaced with swirley eyes), and the ball passed her again, hitting Munchlax in the stomach.

"Muuuuunch munch (Stttttrike two!) !" Munxhlax shouted, looking at the ball and started to nibble at it. Kirlia then shouted at him, and Munchlax tossed it back to her.

Kirlia shuddered in disgust as she placed the ball into her glove and started to wind up her left arm. Toadette grabbed the baseball bat after shaking off her dizzyness, and she prepared to hit the ball. As the ball came towards her, Toadette hit it, but Kirlia managed to catch it from the air, thus, making Toadette out.

Toadette started to cry as she sat down in the dugout. Toad comforted her as the Koopa Troopa got up to home plate, picking up the baseball bat. Daisy started stretching her legs while Kirlia stretched her arms.

"One more out, and Team Mario will win, no doubt," Whispered the British speaking Lakitu, "But even if it is an out, if Princess Daisy of Sarasland manages to pass home plate, then Team Mario will be with five points, whilst Team Pikachu have only two points."

Kirlia started winding her arm, and blowing her gum (which she placed in as the Koopa Troopa came to home plate), she tossed the ball. The Koopa Troopa hit the ball, and as it flew into the left field, Daisy managed to run past home plate, accepting the cheers and congrats from her fellow teammates. The Koopa Troopa run as fast as he could to second base, but Pikachu tossed the ball to Buizel, who tagged the green turtle out. As the buzzer sounded, Team Mario all got out of the dugout and cheered loudly (with the Koopa Troopa joining them), while Team Pikachu all frowned and tried to encourage each other to be happy (which it didn't turn out well).

The British speaking Lakitu cheered, throwing his camera several times into the air, and then shouted, "Team Mario has done! Five to two, they managed to beat Team Pikachu! Now they proudly celebrate while Team Pikachu tries to remain calm. See you all in the next match!" And with that, he flew out of the fiery baseball field.

Team Mario vs. Team Pikachu: Team Mario Wins!

Scoreboard: 5 to 2

Yoshizilla: Well, that's it for Team Mario vs. Team Pikachu. I hoped that you all enjoyed that baseball match, and be sure to look forward to Team Zelda vs. Team Kirby next time!