Yoshi Tennis

By Yoshizilla

Yoshizilla: All right, I'm shocking all of you who read this - I'm doing a baseball AND a tennis fanfic! Even though they're both different fanfics respectfully, I'm using this same note for both of them, and it might surprise you that these are the only similarities. Why? Because it's July, the prime of summer, and sports are the big thing! And plus, I LOVE baseball and tennis. XD And since it's the weekend, it's also the perfect way to get into the FUN angle, so sit back, relax, and enjoy Yoshi Tennis!

Disclaimer: (sigh) All right, here we go to clear this off my back. All of the Super Smash Brothers related characters, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Yoshi, Birdo, and Boshi belong to Nintendo. All other fan-characters in this story belong to Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus.

It was a peaceful morning in Dinosaur Land. All of the prehistoric life peacefully minded their own business. But on little Yoshi Island, things were about to get different...

"Dear Yoshi," Yoshi the First, the green Yoshisaurus who saved Dinosaur Land from the ruthless King Morton Senior Koopa and the evil time-changing King Kong, read the letter as he paced back and forth, with Dr. Hoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus sitting at a table, drinking some herbal tea, "It's me, your good old friend, Master Hand. After you have helped me send King Kong back into the future and rid of the time crisis that Dinosaur Land could face, I have decided to hold a tennis competition, with fourteen competetors."

Peppy spat out his herbal tea at Dr. Hoshi's face. "Fourteen competetors!? Who does he think he is!?" He angrily exclaimed, turning to face Dr. Hoshi, and blushing nervously. "Ehehehe...sorry, doc."

Dr. Hoshi sighed and wiped his face with a napkin. "Sometimes I'd wish you could just drink tea for ONCE without spitting it at me when you hear something..." He muttered angrily, and then resuming sipping his tea.

Yoshi nodded as he continued reading the letter. "I have already invited all ten of you dinosaurs who helped defeat King Kong in the Yoshi Kart grand prix. Of course, there will be four more, but you won't know who they are until you arrive at the Wonder Fields tomorrow. Best of luck!" Yoshi looked at Peppy and Dr. Hoshi. "Well, that sounds like fun!"

"'Fun' is a bit too exaggerating, shall we say?" Dr. Hoshi replied as he stood up and walked over to Yoshi, "Let's just say...interesting." He grabbed the letter, folded it, and placed it on the shelf.

Peppy also got up, hoping up and down excitedly on his four legs. "Well, what are we waitin' for!? Let's go back to the Wonder Field and play some tennis! Woo!" He then rushed out of Yoshi's House and started running down the dirt-paved path leading towards the yoshi Village.

Yoshi chuckled. "Good ol' Peppy. He just can't seem to sit still for a few minutes." He placed his hands on his hips and watched Peppy run through the Yoshi Village in the horizon.

Dr. Hoshi sighed, putting his left hand on his forehead. "That's his problem, these days. You'd think he would calm down after he got a chance to give that monstrous ape what he deserved. But I guess you can only figure." He grabbed a purple tennis racket from his back lab coat pocket. "Well, I haven't used this in years. Now would be its best time to use it." He said with a smile, as he exitted the house.

Yoshi's jaw opened in disbelief. "Well I be...Dr. Hoshi, you're a pro?" He asked with high enthusiasm.

Dr. Hoshi turned to Yoshi and nodded, smiling. "Of course I am, my dear Yoshi boy. I was the Tennis Champion of '14, and I've been homing my skills secretly since." He turned around and started walking again. "I suggest that you should hurry up and get your tennis racket too, Yoshi."

Yoshi nodded. "Right!" He ran into his closet, opened a chest, took out a green tennis racket, and ran outside to catch up with Dr. Hoshi.

Meanwhile, in the dark corridors of King Morton Senior Koopa's new castle (miles away from DInosaur Land in the ocean), Kamek comes up to his lord, King Morton himself.

"Your Magesty," Kamek begins, explaining with the guard Primi Koopas listening, "It appears that Yoshi and his friends are being invited to a new tennis tourtament run by the magic fellow named Master Hand...should we go there and investigate, or should I send someone?"

King Morton pondered as he placed his right arm on his face, tapping his throne with his left finger. "Hmmm...well, I'd reckon sending someone would be better than going there in person...remember what happened the last time we reappeared in Dinosaur Land?"

Kamek shuddered. "Yes...it wasn't a pretty sight." He admitted, frowning.

King Morton nodded. "Good to know that you remember. Now..." He rubbed his chin, and snapped his fingers. "That's it! I know just the one to send..." He started to chuckle evilly, as did Kamek as the camera panned out of the castle and faded to black.