Master Hand reappeared in the announcing booth, waving to the audience before announcing, "Ladies and Gentlemen, after our short break, it is time again for the Dinosaur Land Tennis Tournament to continue! Now Round 3 shall commence!"

The audience cheered loudly and clapped as the fourteen tennis contenders from before - Yoshi, Peppy, Dr. Hoshi, Birdo, Boshi, Heppy, Zirdo, Shelia, Bronto, Chad the Charmander, Koopa, Shy Guy, Ptery, and Petey Piranha - all got on their places on the seven mini-courts, and prepared for the tennis match to start up as the tennis balls were tossed onto the courts.

"Good luck," Yoshi told Shy Guy, who only nodded his head back.

Dr. Hoshi grinned while Peppy was moving his right thumb in his right ear drum, trying to get something out. Birdo and Zirdo sent each other air kisses for sisterly love, while both petey Piranha and Chad the Charmander had a stare down. Boshi simply folded his arms and didn't care, while Koopa was smiling and brimming with energy. Shelia gave Ptery a friendly, competitive look, who gulped nervously. Bronto and Heppy both smiled at each other as they went to the ends of their sides.

And thus, Round 3 has begun, and commenced as planned. The audience clamored loudly as they cheered on their favorite competitors.

Yoshi tossed up the green, fuzzy tennis ball, and served it towards the red-colored Shy Guy. Shy Guy ran towards the ball and spun around, smacking it. Yoshi ran towards the right and gently padded the ball back, while Shy Guy spiked the ball right directly towards Yoshi. Yoshi dodged to the left and he smacked the ball towards the right, watching the Shy Guy running over to it. Yoshi clenched his right fist and smiled while the Shy Guy looked down at his feet with disappointment.

As Yoshi received another tennis ball from the right side of the Shy Guy did a strange dancing pose as he moved towards the left. He then smacked the ball hard, and as the tennis ball was thrown to Yoshi, the green Yoshisaurus gently tapped it with the tip of his green-colored tennis racket, causing the Shy Guy to run towards the front. As the Shy Guy smashed the ball towards Yoshi, Yoshi ducked to the ground and gently tapped the ball back, causing it to gently bounce back onto Shy Guy's side. The Shy Guy ran towards the ball and jumped towards it, but he missed, and he shook his head as Yoshi clapped for himself.

Dr. Hoshi concentrated, holding the green tennis ball in his right hand, and his purple-colored racket in his left hand. He then moved to the right and served the ball, where Peppy struck back with a defensive shot. Dr. Hoshi switched the tennis racket into his left hand, and he tapped the ball back, while Peppy jumped into the air and spiked it down. Dr. Hoshi was deterred, but he shrugged it off as he went back to his side, getting another tennis ball.

Peppy prepared himself as Dr. Hoshi shot the tennis ball towards the middle with a swift shot. The yellow, sturdy Ankylosaurus ran over to the ball and whacked it back towards Dr. Hoshi, who gently tapped it towards the right. Peppy's jaw dropped as he whirled towards the right and shot the ball up into the air, while Dr. Hoshi walked closer towards the net and simply tapped the ball down. As Peppy tried to reach the ball in time, he tripped over himself and landed right as the ball made its second bounce. Peppy muttered angrily to himself as Dr. Hoshi chuckled, grabbing the tennis ball and preparing to serve again.

Birdo twirled around on the concrete court, and served the ball. Zirdo got ready, and she smacked the ball, causing it to head towards the left on Birdo's side. Birdo ran towards the ball and she tapped it upwards, with Zirdo coming a bit closer to the net to strike the ball back towards Birdo. As Birdo then performed a defensive shot, Zirdo got ready, and she curved the ball towards the right, which went around Birdo. Birdo was in shock as the ball bounced two times, glancing at her younger sister, who giggled with glee. Birdo, however, couldn't help but giggle herself, and as she grabbed the ball and served it again to Zirdo, she remembered that there's more to tennis than just winning.

Zirdo got into a defensive position as Birdo tossed the ball towards the left. Zirdo smacked the ball upward, and Birdo ran towards it, gently tapping it. Zirdo moved towards the right and smacked the ball with a swift tone, which Birdo replied by hitting it towards the left. Zirdo skipped to the left and smacked the ball gently, while Birdo hit the ball into the air. Zirdo ran towards the right spot, and she jumped up, smacking the ball over Birdo with a swift shot. Birdo shrugged as she returned to her spot and grabbed the tennis ball, serving again to Zirdo, who shot the ball towards the middle with another swift swerve.

Boshi moved towards the middle, and he struck the ball with a swift smack. Koopa moved in swiftly within his green-colored shell, and he popped back out, hitting the ball towards the right. Boshi dashed towards the ball, and replied with another swift shot towards Koopa. Koopa prepared and shot the ball overhead Boshi, who ran towards it and smacked it under his tail. Koopa then smacked it over the net, while Boshi gently tapped it. Koopa tapped the ball back, and then Boshi caught Koopa by surprise by hitting the ball swiftly towards the right, around Koopa. Koopa's jaw dropped in disbelief as Boshi chuckled, getting another tennis ball.

Boshi held the ball in his right palm, and then tossed it into the air, shooting an aggressive shot to the left. Koopa ran towards the ball and smacked it with a gentle stroke, but Boshi was being aggressive as he shot a powerful one to the right. Koopa shot back a defensive shot, towards the middle. Boshi jumped up, and he smacked the ball downward, watching it bounce once. Koopa then ran towards the ball and smacked it to the right, watching Boshi attempting to get it, but having no luck as the ball made its second bounce. Boshi slapped his forehead and muttered to himself while Koopa smiled, the audience cheering loudly as they clapped in support.

Petey Piranha swerved the tennis ball towards the right. Chad the Charmander tried to get it, but he slipped, and fell flat on his face, causing Petey to get a score. Chad fumed as he stood up and awaited for Petey, who swerved towards the middle. Chad smacked the ball hard, while Petey smacked it upwards into the air. Chad fired an ember attack at the ball, setting it on fire as he then sent the ball curving towards the right. Petey tried to get it, but the net within his racket was burnt upon contact with the flaming ball.

Chad was on the ground laughing as Petey tried to fix up his net. The gigantic walking Piranha Plant growled angrily as his mouth foamed, glaring straight at Chad. Chad sweatdropped nervously as Petey fixed up the burnt net in his tennis racket with a new one, smacking the ball aggressively towards the right. Chad attempted to get it, but it went right by him, causing Petey to laugh. Chad rubbed the back of his head with embarrassment as Petey served again, this time going towards the middle. Chad struck with a gentle swerve, but Petey flapped his way towards the net and struck towards the right with a swift shot. Chad gently stroked the ball again with his tennis racket, but Petey aggressively slammed the ball towards the right, casing it to go out. Chad pointed at Petey and laughed heartily, who fumed with rage as another tennis ball was tossed to him.

Shelia smacked an aggressive shot towards Ptery. Ptery started to flap his wings, and he smacked the ball into the air, watching Shelia run towards it. Shelia attempted to jump up, but she didn't, and instead, allowed the ball to come back down. She then struck with a defensive shot towards the left. Ptery glided towards the right and struck back the ball, but Shelia used this to her advantage and shot back another aggressive shot, which hit Ptery in the stomach as he attempted to block the ball from bouncing two times. As Ptery quickly recovered from his injury, Shelia did a victory pose as she went back to the corner on her side of the concrete tennis court.

Shelia, a smirk across her confidential face, served another aggressive shot, although Ptery managed to block it with a defensive shot towards the middle. Shelia ran on her four legs towards the middle, and gently tapped the ball, while Ptery glided behind towards the right and smacked it towards the right into the air. Shelia ran back towards the back on all four of her legs, and she stood on her two hind legs, shooting back a defensive shot. Ptery smacked the ball towards the middle, and Shelia moved towards the left, smacking the ball back. Several seconds of the ball being whacked between the middle of the court conceded, and Shelia then served a power, aggressive shot, watching the ball bounce to the left of Ptery two times. Ptery was in disbelief as Shelia jumped up and down, cheering like a schoolgirl.

Bronto grinned with confidence as he swerved the ball into the air, awaiting for Heppy to get it. Heppy moved a bit back, and he then smacked the ball towards the right, forcing Bronto to run over towards the right and smack it back towards the purple Ankylosaurus. Heppy spun around the tennis ball as it made its first bounce, and he then made a swift shot towards the right, with Bronto running towards there and shooting back a regular shot. As the ball approached Heppy's side, Heppy got into position and shot a swift shot, but Bronto replied with an aggressive shot, knocking the purple Ankylosaurus down on his back. Bronto grinned, and he turned to face the cheering audience, laughing as he gave them all a thumbs up sign.

Heppy let out a bummed out sigh as he waited for Bronto to charge up. The blue Brontosaurus did, and he tossed the ball towards the left with a power shot. Heppy noticed this, and he ran towards the left, hitting back with an aggressive serve. Bronto gulped, and he ran a bit back, smacking the ball hard towards the middle. Heppy got closer to the net as he gently tapped the ball back, while Bronto lunged towards it and sent it into the air. Grinning, Heppy spun around into the air and smacked the ball downwards, hitting Bronto on the back. Heppy laughed as he got back in his position, while an annoyed Bronto stood up and held the tennis ball, swerving it towards the left, where Heppy replied with a swift smack.

After three minutes and seventeen seconds, all of the seven matches were completed, and the audience grew quiet, all of them eagerly awaiting for the results of the matches.

Master Hand cleared his throat and announced loudly to the entire audience, "Game, Set, and Match! We have ourselves seven winners and seven loser!" He then pulled up a results chart, and the results were:

Yoshi: 1 Win, Shy Guy: 1 Loss

Dr. Hoshi: 1 Win, Peppy: 1 Loss

Birdo: 1 Win, Zirdo: 1 Loss

Boshi: 1 Loss, Koopa: 1 Win

Petey Piranha: 1 Win, Chad the Charmander: 1 Loss

Shelia: 1 Draw, Ptery: 1 Draw

Bronto: 1 Win, Heppy: 1 Loss

Match-Ups: Round 4

Yoshi vs. Dr. Hoshi

Peppy vs. Koopa

Birdo vs. Shy Guy

Bronto vs. Ptery

Shelia vs. Chad the Charmander

Boshi vs. Petey Piranha

Zirdo vs. Heppy