The Creation of Evil



Must be homeless.

Filthy addict.

Oh dear, she's with child!

A short, plump, straggly-haired woman staggered through the muddy streets, oblivious to the murmurings and vicious comments the bystanders threw at her. She was used to it, anyways. It wasn't the first time she had been treated cruelly. And, with the way her life was going, it wouldn't be the last.

A carriage thundered by her, splashing her already dirty skirts with more mud. She stumbled on, determined to reach her destination before this demon found its' way out.

Finally, she tripped up the stairs of a building marked "Orphanage", and knocked weakly on the wooden doors. Her knocking became more frantic as the sharp pain in her abdomen increased. Finally, she collapsed on the cold cement steps, gasping for breath.

Moments later, a young girl opened the door.

"Miss?" She kneeled down and shook the woman's shoulder. "Miss? Can I 'elp yer? Miss!"

The girl felt hot wet seeping through the soles of her shoes. She looked down at the growing puddle of blood.

"Ms. Nethrop, you be'er come quick!"

Ms. Nethrop, presumably the matron of the orphanage, popped her head out of her office.

"What is it now, girl?"

"This lady's bleeding all o'er the place! She's in a righ' bad state, she is!"

Ms. Nethrop walked curiously to the doorway and gasped.

"Dearie, what's your name?"

"Nellie Cole, miss!"

"Not you!" She turned back to the stranger. "What's your name, dear?"

The woman looked at her with bloodshot eyes.

"Please," She croaked in a hideous, frightening voice, "Please get this demon out of me!"

Ms. Nethrop attempted to lift the woman up.

"Nellie, help me with her!"

Together, Ms. Nethrop and Nellie half carried, half dragged the woman into the "infirmary", which consisted of two small beds, a nurse's desk, and a carton of bandages. The woman sitting at the desk bustled over and positioned the stranger on one of the beds.

"Nurse Halan, have you ever delivered a baby before?" Ms. Nethrop asked.

"Only once miss, but I think I can manage."

The woman on the bed gasped in pain and cried out.

"Don't worry, we'll get the child out quick as you please!" Nurse Halan exclaimed, spreading the woman's legs. "Now push!"

Nellie and Ms. Nethrop watched, slightly horrorstruck, as blood pooled out along the floor.

"I see the head! Keep pushing! You, girl, go get water and some towels!"

Nellie rushed off to collect the desired items.


With one final grunt, the baby was free. Nellie and Nurse Halan rinsed the blood off the child and wrapped him in a towel.

All was silent for a moment. Finally, Nellie asked timidly,

"Ain't he s'possed to cry?"

Nurse Halan shrugged and turned to the woman.

"Well, miss, what would you like to name your son?"

The woman glared at the child.

"Name him after his father, and mine," she said, "Name him Tom Marvolo Riddle."

And then she died.