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Chapter Five

Three years passed by quickly. Naruto learned a lot from training by himself as well as with others around him, like Kakashi and Jiraiya. Now it was time for him to put his training to good use. He stood in the Hokage's office, looking out the window at the bright sunlight that shined over the Hokage's personal rose garden.

"I have never had an A rank before," Naruto commented lightly. The Hokage nodded behind his desk, and put his hands on an old scroll.

"I'm so tired, Naruto," he said, breathing heavily. "Now with the war starting I am forced to give missions to those unprepared for them. For that, I'm sorry, but the village needs you."

Naruto flashed blue eyes as he turned to the Hokage, angrily snapping, "I'm not unprepared. I can do this, Sarutobi-sensei and it would be nice for you to have some faith in me."

The Hokage shook his head, wrinkled eyes narrowing. He put a pipe to his mouth, and lit it with a match. "I'm afraid you're wrong. I've seen your progress. You've trained hard, albeit with eccentric inspirations, but you are still not ready to kill a man."

Naruto gulped, "Perhaps you are right." He stared down the window at the roses and sighed, all anger leaving him. "I guess I'd better get going."

"Naruto," The Hokage called. "Although Orochimaru is weak right now, he is still an elite shinobi, and you must be careful."

"Who is my partner on this mission, anyway?" Naruto asked. "You said I'd have to accompany somebody."

"Her name is Mugiko Arassi, and she's an ambassador from the Sand."

"The Sand? They sent an ally for us?"

"Orochimaru needs to be eliminated and the Sand village agrees with me on this matter," said the Hokage, "So they've sent someone to help us out."

"Okay, good bye," Naruto said and walked out of the Hokage tower, his footsteps ringing in the empty desolate halls. Outside, he raised a hand to block the harsh sunlight on his eyes as he ran down Konoha's alleys and streets to his small one room apartment he had lived in all his life. He entered, opened the fridge and poured himself a glass of milk.

He raised it to his lips, swallowed and immediately choked on it. His throat stared to swell, and his eyes stung. He had been poisoned!

Someone knocked on his door, three rapt knocks that echoed within his house as he felt himself being strangled as the poison worked it's way through his veins. Red chakra started to pour out of his eyes, and then suddenly all pain was going, fading away, receeding in the back ground. His demonic energy started to heal him at a rapid rate, and all he felt was a tingling in his fingers and toes. His entire body was numb.

He opened the door, feeling quite normal, and gave a smile as he saw the strange figure at his door. Mugiko Arassi was a well built athletic woman, with curvy breasts and luscious red hair. Her eyes were chocolate brown with a tinge of light blue or green. She nodded to him, her fair skin glowing in the sunlight. Face flushed, she looked as if she had run a marathon, though she wasn't sweating in the least despite the hot summer day. "May I come in?" she asked, and her voice had a musical tone that made Naruto lean closer.

"What's your name?" murmurred Naruto, opening his door wider.

"Mugiko Arassi," she said, her eyes sparkling with amusement. "You're Naruto, aren't you? I can tell by your eye colour. You have brilliant eyes." She licked her lips. Naruto was entranced. "What's the matter, let me in," she said playfully.

Naruto swallowed, and opened the door, inviting her in. He went to prepare a pot of tea for her, and she sat on the kitchen table, talking about the mission, her life, Orochimaru, and the Sand village. Naruto didn't say much, he just listened to her. He found out that she was a daughter of a very respected ninja in the Sand, Yuvio Arassi, who had saved the Hokage from a murder plot by Orochimaru. She liked to eat fish, loved playing on a stringed instrument she called a sitar, and liked to watch sunsets.

Naruto wondered if he was falling in love, but suddenly to break his illusion she revealed a secret. "I'm not a good ninja," she admitted with a laugh. "My father sent me away to save his reputation, and the Hokage agreed as a favour to my father. So even if I don't survive, it won't be a big loss." She was mournful.

"You're not a good ninja," said Naruto, "Why not?"

"I injured my chakra coils," she explained, "A drunk driver hit me and dislocated my chakra channels." Her voice turned sad.

"It's okay," said Naruto with a wry smile. "I'm strong enough for the both of us."

They had tea with no milk, Naruto explained it was because the milk was poisoned. She had a good laugh at that. Naruto wasn't joking however, but he didn't want to spoil her mirth. They went out for a walk by the lake a few klicks from his apartment. He caught her a fish and she squeeled in delight. They made a bon fire and roasted the fish, had dinner on the lake. The sunset's golden light glowed in the sky and they watched it together, holding hands.

Then they went back to his apartment and made love that night. It was slow and awkward at first, just sitting beside each other on the couch holding hands, but they leaned into each other for a fumbling kiss. Naruto groaned in his throat, moved deeper into her soul and she responded eagerly, desperately almost. He rubbed her shoulder, let it fall to her breast and molded the firm flesh with the touch of an artisan creating a sculpture out of clay. They went to the bedroom, and ripped their clothes off each other in haste. Naruto stared at her naked body, and started to kiss her jaw line, her neck, her breasts, his erection hanging out in the open. She touched it slowly, nervously, with awkward shyness but grew in confidence as Naruto moaned in delight. She pleasured him a bit, and Naruto inserted his member into her vagina with a grunt. They squeeled in delight and enjoyed a night of love making that grew more passionate, more intense as the night passed. Four in the morning, completely exhausted yet very happy, Naruto took her hand and led her into the kitchen.

He pulled out some candles, lit them, and told her of his life story, how he had found those comic books. They sat hand in hand and looked at the candles on the kitchen table, just staring into the flame in the darkness, it's haunting hypnotic sensation making the moment romantic and mysterious.

"So you learned your ninja skills from comic books?" She said, disbelievingly, a slight smile tugging at her lips. "How's that possible?"

Naruto didn't tell her about the Kyuubi, but he told her, "Anything's possible if we believe."

"I-I suppose," she said.

"I'll help you," he said, "I'll help you with all my heart and soul to make you the best possible ninja you can be."

"Thank you, Naruto, you're really sweet." She kissed him delicately on his lips and Naruto closed his eyes, eagerly leaning into it. They went to sleep happy. When he awoke she was gone and he wondered if it was a dream.

She was in the kitchen table, looking at the burnt out candles. Her eyes had an unfocused glazed look, and she was staring into the distance as if remembering something sad. Naruto moved behind her, hugged her and she leaned backward into his chest, sighed delightfully and said, "Orochimaru won't be taken down easily."

"We'll do it together, love." Naruto said. "We have all the time in the world. We'll go slowly, patiently, one step at a time, and spring our trap when he's least expecting it."

"Patience is a virtue," she murmurred, "With patience, we can do anything."

"It will take time, but the Hokage hasn't set a time limit on the mission. He's given me years if I need it."

"And my father doesn't want me to return," she said, hope raising her spirits. "I suppose we might stand a chance after all."

"The hunt is on then," said Naruto, "Let's go get breakfast. I know a good ramen stand we can go to."

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