Chapter 2 Hello Hell


"fuck..fuckfuck fuck fuck." Sly said.

"Let's lets let us...rob somethitng..-bank...get our minds off Murry."

"Yes, Shit!! We fucking killed Murry!" Sly said as they left.

They made it to the bank.

"We wish to rob you." Betnly said. Sly shot a gun into the air.

"Sly? What the fuck?" Bently said.


"GIVE US THE MONEY!!" SLy said.they didn't do anything.

"NOW!!!!" he screamed. they gave him some money.

"Sly, we don't need guns, put the gun down now." Bently said.

""FUCK YOU!!!" Sly said. Carmelita walked in to get a Rate.

"You criminals look awfully suspicious. Have you done something?" Carmelita asked.

"Um...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sly said as he grabbed Bently and ran out of the bank.

"What the fuck is wrong with them?"she said." I will not investigate."

"Ok." Someone said.


4 hours later they came back to the safe house to find Murry's rotting maggot infested corpse.

"GAH!!!!" bently said as vomited on Murry's corpse.

"Oh my god...we need to destroy the body...NOW!!!!" Sly said.

"Ko...I mean OK!!! TO The toilet!!!!!" bently said. they went to the toilet and tried to stuff murry in.

"He's too fat. Let's cut him up." sly says."his dick should be easy. it was so small to begin with,"

they began ripping off pieces of murry and easily flushed them down the crapper. the only thing left was his gut.

"that's not easy," bently said.

"Jusy bury it." sly said. then the door bell rang,

"Oh fuck my shit." sly said. "bury that quick bent. I gotta go." sly ran to the door. he open it. it was carmeliat.