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The Simpsons: Bart Is Dead

Bart Simpsons walked through the corridors of Springfield Elementary. It was quiet in this darkness.

"Heheheheheheh...now to plant my special antrhax in Skinners office. HA HA HA HA HA..." Bart Simpson said.

"SIMPSON!! What are you doing?" Skinner said.


"You know the penaltly for when Bart Simpson uses anthrax? I get to murder you."

"Uhhhhhhhhhh. NO!" Bart said as he was picked up by Skinner.

"Skateboards aren't allowed on these premises." Skinner said as he nailed Bart to Bart's skatboard.

Skinner shoved a gallon of hot sauce down bart's throat.

"Ow man. That fucking hurts."

Skinnner took a pole wrapped in sandpaper and shoved it down Barts throat as well.


"Yes, mother will be pleased."


Skinner then plucked out Bart's eyes with the pole after pulling it out of Bart.

"Would you like a meatball?"


"I hope you like your scalp pulled off you annoying bastard." Skinner said as he jabbed a steak knife into Bart's skull, cutting off the top of his head.

"Now to eat your brains." Skinner said as he ate Bart's brains.

"Duuhhhhhh!?" Bart was retarded.

Skinner smacked Bart with a bat. He put him in a bag. He grinded Bart up in a meat grinder.


The doorbell rang at the Simpson home.

"Who is it?" Homer said as he opened the door.

"Hello, Simpson father. Bart has moved to Washington D. C. to live with the president. He sent you this special package of fresh meat." Skinner said as he handed the family the meat.

"WOO-HOO!" Homer said.


"DINNER TIMME!!" Marge said.

"MMMMM!" Homer said as he ate the grilled meat.

"MMM! I also enjoy this!!!" Lisa said.

"Delicious!!" Marge said.

Maggie took out her pacifier.


"YAY!!!!" The family collectively cheered.

The end.