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Chapter 1- The Offer

Star light, star bright

first star I see tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might

have the wish I wish tonight

"What is a wish, Hideki?" Chi asked, bewildered by the enchanting rhyme.

"Well, a wish is something you really want that you ask for, though it's a secret. If you believe in your wish, it'll come true," Hideki smiled, clasping his hands together and peering out the window. Chi followed his example and they both looked up to the soft glows of the diamonds in the sky just starting to emerge. "We'd better hurry."

'A wish...something I want..' she pondered, looking over to Hideki beside her. His eyes were closed and scrunched, and she knew he was making his wish. She suddenly knew what she wanted and repeated the chant to herself. She threw her wish into the heavens just like all the children did and hoped that somewhere, somehow, she too would be granted her wish.

He snuggled close to the cascade of blonde hair, breathing in the sweet scent emitting from her head. He didn't know how exactly she could smell, but all the same he was glad. He felt the silky material of his shirt beneath his fingertips on her back, remembering he would have to buy her her own nightclothes.

He blinked as he opened his eyes, realizing he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. He had finally bought the blinds for the window, but he was so used to getting up at this time that it didn't matter if the room was semi-dark anyway.

Hideki sat up with a yawn, feeling Chi stir as well. She cooed softly, amber eyes opening to meet with his own. A soft smile naturally crossed her lips. "Hideki...good morning."

It was their ritual, and he felt the warmth spread from his heart throughout the rest of his body. "Good morning," he smiled back, basking in the warmth. They snuggled but only for a few minutes. Chi arose, dressing herself in shorts he had bought with one of his paychecks. She busied herself with preparing breakfast with food she had bought herself along with handouts from her boss.

He stood, stretching his back and peering down at a slumbering Plum. Her alarm had not sounded yet and it was due at any moment. He wasn't willing to wait and climbed into a pair of jeans and sneakers. A sweet aroma wafted from the kitchen and his stomach growled. He marveled at how quickly she had picked up cooking and especially how well everything turned out.

He was tying his sneakers when he heard the humming from the kitchen and looked up at the source. He had heard her hum it before and it sounded strangely familiar, though he was sure he'd never heard it until now. He was amazed at how in-tune she was, probably due to the fact that she was...no. Those were old thoughts. That was then, this was now. He had promised himself that he wouldn't doubt anything anymore. She was his Chi, after all.

"Good morning, Master!"

He cried out as Plum began cheering her alarm. As usual, she made him perform various exorcises. Kotoko leered from the other side of the unmade bed, moving before the hyper laptop could engage her as well. At that moment, Chi came in with his breakfast and a paper bag with his lunch inside. When Plum was sure he had worked out enough, he was released for breakfast. He panted a little and ate his breakfast while Chi went over his lunch one more time to ensure that she hadn't forgotten something.

He finished and looked up at her, "Um, I'm going in early today for some makeup. I'll be staying late at work, too."

She nodded and he saw disappointment written all over her face. He stood and she handed him his lunch. Her small arms wrapped around his waist and he hugged her back. He felt his heart race and wondered if this was finally the day that he would kiss her. He had wanted to for the longest time, but he was always too nervous. He didn't understand why; people in love did so all the time, didn't they?

Chi felt him tense and let go. "I'll miss you, Hideki. Have a good day." She smiled and he found his confidence.

"Hey, don't worry. It won't always be like this. Besides, I bet Plum and Kotoko will keep you company. Right?" He looked to the two laptops and they nodded.

He was out the door in minutes, feeling Chi's eyes on him until he disappeared behind the corner. Once he knew she couldn't see him, he kicked himself. Why was he such a coward? it was just a simple task, but he couldn't pull it off. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' he thought and opened the front doors to the dorm.

It was comfortable outside and as usual Miss Hibiya stood sweeping. She looked up and smiled when she saw him.

"Oh, good morning, Hideki. I wasn't expecting to see you this early."

"Morning. I have some work to do at school, that's all. Um, I was wondering, um..." his voice trailed off, stopping himself from asking her if she thought it to be okay for him to kiss her old daughter.

She cocked her head, leaning on her broom. "Is Chi okay?"

"Oh, yeah, she's fine. Mr. Ueda gave her the day off." He saw her grip tighten on her broom.

"Hideki," she started strangely," You know that if you ever need anything or need to talk to me about something, you can always talk to me. I really do appreciate all that you've done for Chi."

He was surprised and nodded, waving to her, "Okay. Thanks, Miss Hibiya."


Chi sat with her hands folded in her lap looking out the window. She had watched Hideki as he walked down the street until he turned a corner, and yet she had not moved. She could not rid herself of the haunting thought that he was not happy. Lately he had been acting strange, and when she dared to ask him, he turned bright pink and changed the subject.

Kotoko watched her with intense eyes, looking over at Plum as the tiny persocom's eyes turned light and she stood up. "Miss Chi, you have a message."

"Chi?" She took the laptop in her hands.

Plum played the message and a cool, calm woman's voice began speaking:

"Persocoms- our own life-sized accessorized computers. They are the most popular item on the market, some beginning to look more realistic. This had been man's lifelong dream: to make a machine that was human. But what if that dream were a reality? What if machines could become real? Now, for a limited time, Blue of the B.L.U.E.F.A.I.R.Y Mechanical Agency will choose one lucky grand prize winner to become a real person! Congratulations, Chi, you're our winner! Please collect your prize at the following address..."

The message continued on for several minutes, though she had stopped listening after learning that she was the winner. Was it really possible? Or was it one of those things Hideki said to be a "hoax"? She found it strangely coincidental that it was around the time that she had made her wish...

But what would Hideki say? She withered a little, wondering if he would still love her if she was real. They both had done so much, made so many sacrifices and gains to stay together. She knew he was happy with her, but she also knew he wanted more out of their relationship. She could sense it when she touched him and see it in his eyes. She felt the familiar heavy feeling where her heart would be.

Plum, having returned to normal, hopped up on Chi's knee. "Miss Chi, are you okay?"


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