The Final One

prologe: It has been 30 years since the events of Sly 3. Sly is now a detective and Carmelita is dead. He has been assigned to find out who has been behind the grisly murders of lately...

Sly opened the door. For a second, sly prayed that there wasn't a dead corpse behind it like every door he had opened lately. Slowly, he twisted the knob and what he saw was instantly disturing.0.o "No..." Sly said. He saw the pieces of the body and rescognized that it was his old friend Murry. "M-m-m-murry...WHY!?!!" What Sly was looking at didn't even resemble his friend. Just pieces of limbs and body parts and purple skin. Sly left the room. He thought he was used to seeing these murders but they got worse each time. Then he saw something across the hallway. Sly saw bently in the hall eating an office workers brain. he was a sikly grey. his head was really big ;) He had eyes and ears on his arm. He had mury's arms. and legs. He had a big haircut.

"So Bentley." Sly began. "It was you who killed all those people and mutilated their corpses." Bentley grinned.

"You forgot something Sly. I also ate some of their organs and used their brain tissue to expand my already vast mind."

"That would explain your freakishly huge head."

"Shut the fuck up, wanker. At least I have a life. An unusual one, yes. But it beats the shit out of yours." That set Sly off. He charged at Bentley and tackled him to the ground. He began violently punching Bentley in the skull, spilling some of his blood. Bentley felt around for something so defend hismelf against Sly. He felt a pair of painfully sharpened scissors and jabbed it into Sly's limber arm. "GAAAHHH!!!" Sly cried in pain as blood ejaculated from his arm. Bentley now had an opening. He searched the nearby file-cabinent and found something deadly; a ballpoint pen. He pinned Sly on the floor and started violating him with the pen. "Oh, ow!" Sly cried as something pulsed through him. "What the hell are you doing?" Sly kicked Bentley in the face and the self-proclaimed genius ran off. "Hey you pussy!!!" Sly yelled as he followed him. "Show some balls and fight me!!!" Bentley ran down the hallway in terror. Sly tackled him. "Werhg!!!" Bently said. "You're gonna say that a lot more after I defeat you. END THIS REIGN OF TERROR." Sly said as he broke bentlys nose with the cane. "Warhhhh!" Bently cried. "You broke my fucking nose!" Bently was down but not out. He used his telekinetic power to shove Sly out the window. "AAAAAAHHHHhhhh!" Sly said as he fell. He landed on the fire escape. Sly turned around, and bently was there. "Wuh??? How???" Sly asked. "TELEPORTATION!!" Bently screamed as he picked up Slys cane. "You can't" Sly said as Bentley prepared to stab Sly. "I can." Bently said as he thrusted the cane down. It never hit his target. Bently froze, a glazed look in his eyes. Sly noticed blood coming out of his mouth. As Bentley fell off of the fire escape to his death, he saw carmeliat on the other side of the building with a smoking gun. Sly was about to thank her until he was crushed to death by mury's corpse. Bently used his telekinesis and teloportation one more time and escaped back into the shadows.

The end